Energy and Utilities

The Role of Innovation in Energy and Utilities Companies

The Energy and utilities sectors are rapidly evolving: trends of cleaner and smarter energy, resource constraints and environmental restrictions, and the changing role of the customer – all of these elements change the structure of the market and effect the companies’ business models.

There is no argue that innovation must play a fundamental role in the business plan of companies operating in those sectors, if they wish to meet the challenges and needs of the 21st Century; Whether it is embracing new technologies, enhancing regulatory compliance or refining the operational efficiency across their value chains.

There is no argue that innovation must play a fundamental role in the business plan of companies operating in the energy and utilities sectors

Qmarkets idea management solution

With years of experience and many successful projects in the energy and utilities sector, Qmarkets is your perfect partner for implementing and executing a cross functional innovation process in your organization. 

Qmarkets idea management solution, is based on the philosophy of collective intelligence, allowing employees, customers and additional stakeholders to take part in the innovation management process. Energy and utilities organizations, are often big and spread across different locations, meaning the knowledge is spread as well. The Qmarkets idea management platform enables you to manage a companywide process – involving any number of users, starting from hundreds and ranging up to 100,000 users.

Every user, whether it’s an employee, customer, prospect, supplier or investor, can contribute ideas to the organization, as well as vote and provide feedback on other users ideas.

The platform’s administrator, can easily set up “challenges” and allow users  to brainstorm on specific topics. The challenge may be open for all the users, or only for specific departments or groups – depending on the topic. In parallel, you may use the platform as a  “suggestion box“, where users may raise ideas at any time.



Innovation process for the energy & utilities sector

Innovation process for the energy & utilities sector

Idea management lifecycle

End-to-end idea management

The Qmarkets platform enables you to manage the complete lifecycle of ideas, from generation to implementation, while making sure that all the appropriate functions within and outside the organization, will be involved at the relevant stages. It is extremely important, especially for the highly regulated energy and utilities sectors, that the innovation process will be structured and managed end to end.

The Qmarkets Platform is the most flexible solution available in the market today. It is the only platform that provides dozens of different workflows for ideas,  making sure the idea management is configured exactly according to the organization’s requirements.

The platform enables you to direct specific ideas to domain experts, create cross functional work groups for further evaluation, or setup a Review Committee that will use advanced rating tools for additional screening of ideas.

Qmarkets advantages

  • Benefit from Qmarkets’ extensive experience in the energy and utilities sector.
  • Work with one of our product experts to define the idea workflow and configure the platform accordingly.
  • Create an online community dedicated to innovation.
  • Ensure the right people are involved in the right stages of the process.
  • Design end-to-end process that is aligned to the requirements of your organization.
  • Engage employees and/or customers to your organization.
  • Take advantage of the collective intelligence, to find creative solutions for the organizations challenges.
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