Process Improvement

Business process improvement methodology

Business Process Improvement serves as a framework for analyzing and improving the ongoing nature of a processes as part of organizations’ business models. It provides new policies and procedures, helping to ensure that your business operations deliver optimal results and meet the market’s needs and expectations.

When effectively designed and implemented, business process improvement, can deliver significant benefits to any organization, including:

By definition, business processes cut across functional and organizational boundaries. Therefore, effective business process study and improvement can be best accomplished by involving cross-functional teams actually working within the system and who know it first-hand. This is where the Qmarkets’ innovation management platform enters the picture.


  • Cost reduction
  • Continuous Improvement (CIP)
  • Greater strategic value
  • Utilize resources more efficiently
  • Increase products and services quality
  • Improved customer satisfaction.
  • And more…

Using Qmarkets for Process Improvement

The Qmarkets idea management software allows you to gather business improvement & cost reduction ideas from specific teams in the organization or from all employees. You may also involve in the process other stakeholders across the value chain, such as partners, suppliers or third party consultants.

The Qmarkets platform enables you to ask users for ideas related to different business challenges. For example: achieving higher productivity, improving the customer journey, or reducing the supply chain logistics costs. The users may suggest ideas or comment on and rate other users’ ideas – helping you to identify the most popular and valuable suggestions.

By using the platform, you do not only benefit from the knowledge and experience of employees who actually perform the processes on a daily basis, you are also gaining the significant benefit of engaging them to the goal of improvement  at a very early stage.

Idea evaluation lifecycle

Qmarkets – focus on YOUR results

At Qmarkets we understand that at the end of the process you expect to see the bottom line. Therefore, we are 100% focused on creating a structured and systematic procedure for ideas evaluation, that will help you effectively manage the process and get maximum results.

Qmarkets solution enables you to predefine a workflow for the progression and evaluation of ideas  in the system – this workflow determines the phases each idea will go through from creation to implementation. The workflow may include evaluation by experts, review or approval  by relevant managers, and advanced rating of the more matured ideas by specific workgroups, using our collective intelligence rating tools.

Workflow Sample

  • Stage 1: Collect ideas, Rating, Discussion
  • Stage 2: First analysis, Selecting top ideas
  • Stage 3: Experts / Management review
  • Stage 4: Second round of rating by smaller work groups
  • Approval and execution

Innovation and process improvement

Qmarkets will help you set the workflow and configure the platform, according to your requirements. Our products experts will be there for you, to walk you through the process and provide recommendations based on our experience and best practices. Qmarkets also partners with world class consulting firms that specialize in building these processes and can provide you with strategic business analysis and range of tools for improving performance and enhancing profitability

The workflow will be defined to fit your exact needs, and can be aligned with your organizational structure (i.e. ideas get routed automatically to supervisors or departmental manager according to the context), and can include as many stages and approval gates as needed.

Qmarkets benefits

  • The most flexible platform available in the market today
  • Working with you to achieve ROI
  • Proven track record with different process improvement methods:

                  Continuous improvement
                  Kaizen / Best practices
                  Cost reduction
                  Customer service improvement

  • End-2-end management of each idea life cycle, based on the client’s needs.
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