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Open innovation platform for Marketing and Strategy

Modern-day business strategy and marketing tactics involve any activity that gets and keeps customers. Today’s organization’s strategy and marketing activities defines the course of action a business should take to create real value and benefits for the consumer.

But how do you know what your customer wants or needs? In days past, you could use focus groups and market research to try and get answers from small groups that are as similar as possible to your customers. However today, you can open direct channels of communication to anyone showing interest in your company, and invite them to join an active brainstorming and contribute ideas for your company’s innovation process. This method is known as “Open Innovation”.

Open innovation software also allows you to evaluate your business strategy and practices in light of other real-world examples. Then you can measure whether and how to adjust your strategy or perhaps even develop entirely new ways of doing things.

Open innovation also allows you to evaluate your business strategy and practices in light of other real-world examples.

Qmarkets open innovation software

With Qmarkets’ software you can launch a portal to locate, capture, and commercialize your business ideas, as well as create a tailored business strategy to promote both innovation as well as collaboration. The large number of stakeholders you can reach through open innovation provides new ways for people to be creative together.

Qmarkets’ platform is the best open innovation platform to facilitate communications with stakeholders within and without your company, asking for their ideas and opinions, alongside creating open dialogue which enables them to discuss and develop the ideas as a community.

Some open innovation examples – the platform can be easily integrated with common social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, allowing users to share your idea campaigns with a larger audience using those networks. It also helps you spread the word and enhance your brand even more.

However, unlike social networks,  the discussion is managed by a moderator that ensures you receive structured ideas and feedback to your concrete business challenges and that the discussion stays focus on your goals.

Managing open innovation software end-2-end

The Qmarkets platform offers your audience an intuitive, dynamic and engaging experience as they collaborate. While offering a graphic and intuitive user interface is critical for the success of such initiative – it is normally not enough. This is why Qmarkets enables you to define a structured & effective process that will help you effectively collaborate with a large number of participants without getting overwhelmed with information.

At each stage of the ideas funnel we provide powerful capabilities for analyzing the information and recognizing the best ideas. These include:

  • Qmarkets similar content engine 
    Recognizing duplicate ideas
  • Intelligent Search, Tagging & Classification tools
  • Community Rating & structured expert evaluation
    to easily identify the most popular ideas
  • Automatic idea clusters and mind mapping
  • Reports and analysis 
    Statistical and in-depth analysis of the idea management process

Open Innovation software that encourages and engages

Although the main goal of the open innovation process is developing a business strategy that is inspired by the costumers’ ideas, the process achieves another goal that is just as important: Customer engagement. To take the engagement one step further, it is also recommended that participants will gain recognition for their participation and success in the process.

Qmarkets have developed various unique tools to assure an exciting user experience and encourage users to keep contributing:

  • Gamification techniques 
    Such as: Prediction Markets, Token Voting & Idea Tournaments
  • Rewards and Incentives 
    Users gain points for their participation and success in the process. The points can be later used for buying prizes using an online shop, view leader boards, or receive badges for contribution.
  • Personalized pages – Every user has a personal page to easily track all activities that are relevant for him.
  • Share Video & Rich Media
  • Communication & Email Alerts 
    You can configure newsletters, notifications and email alerts to be sent upon request and according to the user’s area of interest

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