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Leverage the Power of Collective Intelligence for Market Research

Organizations have long used market research to learn about their market and try to predict their consumers behavior. There are quite a few methods for conducting market research: focus groups, surveys, personal interviews and field trials are just a few common examples.

However these methods can be quite expensive and biased, and the level of their accuracy is uncertain. Today, companies can communicate directly with their customers and can obtain, manage and measure comprehensive data on their target market. To keep the process simple and effective, the collection, management and analysis of the data can be all manage end-to-end by one platform.

Today, companies can communicate directly with their customers and can obtain, manage and measure comprehensive data on their target market.

Collective intelligence market research

Social Quantitative & Qualitative Research = Collective Intelligence

Qmarkets offers you a wide range of collective intelligence tools to enable you to run qualitative or quantitative research for acquiring information and insights directly from your customers or potential customers.  

Our range of crowd voting tools allows you to perform effective concept testing for any number of concepts. For example, you can use our token voting or prediction markets software for performing an accurate prediction of the success of new concepts or products, for selecting the best concept out of 3-25 concepts.

If you need to choose between a larger number of raw concepts, you may use our idea tournament software (pair-wise voting) or even a classic score-card approach for selecting the best concept out of dozens or even hundreds of ideas.

For more qualitative research, our idea management and collaboration tools offer an incredible method for running an online focus group with hundreds or thousands of participants – while incorporating a management, analysis and reporting tools that will allow you to easily identify the best ideas.

You can also combine more than one technique; for example, when developing a new product, you can start with an open but structured discussion  with a large audience about the possible products directions or features, and then gradually narrow down the ideas using the various crowd-voting methods we have to offer.

Qmarkets advantages:

  • Cost effective solution for market research
  • Wide selection of tools, which you can mix & match depending on your needs
  • Quick Turn Around
  • Use of Gamification techniques to increase engagement
  • Get insights directly from your potential market
  • Increase brand awareness
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