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Online Suggestion Box - 4 times more employee engagement

Employee suggestion boxes at work have been around for a long time – they offer employees the opportunity to take part in the organization decision making processes, by encouraging them to submit suggestions and ideas for challenges the company is dealing with.


…So what’s missing?

The advantages of implementing ideas for employee suggestion boxes are self-explanatory; however if done incorrectly, the use of employee suggestion box ideas can eventually cause more damage than provide real value. Without a structured process and innovation management software tools, business owners may find themselves struggling with obstacles such as: bottlenecks, caused by more data than they can handle, sporadic ideas with no real focus and no means to evaluate and recognize the best ideas that can bring value to their business.

Luckily Qmarkets’ innovation management software will help you avoid these difficulties and successfully manage your employees ideas in an optimal way.

Online suggestion boxes at work offer employees the opportunity to take part in the organization decision making processes, by encouraging them to submit suggestions and ideas for challenges the company is dealing with.

Qmarkets Next Generation of Web Suggestion Box

Qmarkets software enables you to run a structured and successful online employee suggestion program that includes ongoing communication with the employees, flexible end-to-end management tools, integrated rewards and incentive plans and intelligent & customer-specific screening and evaluation processes.

The Qmarkets solution is designed to make sure that the ideas you collect from the employees get to the right person or people, and are streamlined through your pipeline and company processes.

Online web suggestion box software

Company Suggestion Box – How does it work?

Qmarkets intelligent web suggestion box enables employees to contribute suggestions and ideas for various challenges, according to your specific definitions. From improvements in the distribution process or the customer experience to a theme for the company’s annual party.

However, our employee suggestion box ideas platform does much more than just collecting employees ideas, it also allows users to vote and provide feedback on other users ideas and manages the complete life cycle of each idea, ensuring the ideas are seriously evaluated by the relevant people until the best ideas are recognized and implemented.

The software allows you to define automatic and semi-automatic rules for routing the ideas to the relevant stakeholders and experts within the company, keeping your process as distributed and effective as possible.

The result – ideas for suggestion box

A well constructed program for employee suggestions, one launched with constant communication, clarity and organizational commitment, will positively affect your company’s bottom line and increase your employees enthusiasm and motivation.

Qmarkets’ Online Suggestion Box Software Benefits

  • Engage any number of employees in any location.
  • Improve organization’s processes, products and services.
  • Implement an effective company-wide process.
  • Increase employees engagement and motivation.
  • Implement an idea life-cycle to fit your company processes and needs.
  • Rich reporting, measurements and ROI tracking.
  • Rich Gamification techniques (incentive points, leaderboards, badges etc).

Use Cases

Suggestions include topics such as:

  • Improving processes and systems
  • Enhancing customer satisfaction
  • Reducing costs
  • Identifying new products and services to generate new revenue
  • Helping achieve any other of the organization’s goals
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