Enhancing Citizens' Engagement

Citizens' Engagement (Democracy 2.0)

In our increasingly social culture, citizens’ input is a critical resource for any democratic government. Good decision-making often requires the knowledge, opinions and values of the public. Implementing controversial decisions depends on citizens’ consent and support. Unless citizens understand and are engaged in the decision-making process themselves, trust may be easily lost.

The best way to ensure citizen’s engagement is to allow them to take a more active role via crowdsourcing – in defining the issues, and considering solutions as well as in identifying priorities for the government’s policy and decisions. This significant involvement can occur at a number of stages in the planning, research, or implementation stages of any project or policy.

The best way to ensure citizen’s engagement is to let them take part in defining issues, considering solutions, and identifying priorities for the government’s policy

Qmarkets Software – Systematic Solution to Citizens’ Engagement

The concept of collaboration and ideas management is quite common in organizations and enterprises in the private sector, and it is used as a tool for employees engagement, as well as an engine for growth and innovation. Lately this approach is rapidly being adopted by municipal and national governments that understand that in today’s reality the opinions and ideas of the citizens cannot be ignored and they must create an effective communication channel with the citizens.

Using the Qmarkets innovation management software allows public organizations to adopt the concept of ideation, which embraces some basic principles from the web such as: interactivity, collaboration, and the ability host and present multiple voices and opinions.

The platform enables governments and municipals to ask citizens for suggestions, ideas and solutions related to public challenges, from solutions to general daily problems like lack of green areas or parking problems, to large-scale problems like crime, unemployment, racism, poverty etc…

The main goal of Qmarkets software is forming an open dialogue with large communities in a structured and systematic way. Unlike social networks, the platform is designed to ensure that each discussion has a clear goal and a predefined process, aimed for making decisions and achieving results.

Citizen engagement

End-to-end ideas management

Qmarkets software is a comprehensive solution for idea management, using collaboration, analytics and various crowd voting methods. The platform enables public organizations to source ideas from the community and manage the complete lifecycle of the ideas stage by stage, until the best ideas are recognized and executed.

The first stage of the process is collecting ideas. The platform administrator defines a challenge and asks for the public’s help in finding solutions for this challenge. Those challenges are usually open for a limited period. During that time citizens can suggest ideas, rate or comment on other users’ ideas or develop and support existing ideas.

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Once the challenge is closed for new suggestions, the next phase is screening and analyzing the ideas. The platform offers various unique tools for managing the information flow and identifying the most valuable ideas. The evaluation and analysis process is very flexible and can be easily configured to fit the requirements of the organizations’ culture and policies.

The evaluation process may include review of ideas by workgroups and experts, additional voting and rating by smaller communities using advanced rating methods, and approval of the ideas by senior officials prior to execution. This complete lifecycle is managed entirely online within the Qmarkets software and provides full transparency of the process to the community.

Citizens Engagement Benefits:

  • Enable the governments and municipals to include more voices and opinions
  • Strengthen citizens trust in their public representatives
  • Improving the information available to citizens
  • Enhance creative problem solving
  • Increase transparency of the government’s actions


Why Qmarkets?

  • Systematic and structured process that yields results
  • User friendly and intuitive interface
  • Wide range of voting and rating tools
  • Flexible workflow of ideas
  • Opportunity to involve the community in variety of stages in the process

Citizen engagement

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