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Innovating HR: How Hackathons Foster Organizational Change

As an enterprise scales and its culture solidifies, it becomes increasingly challenging for innovation and creativity to flourish. That’s why we see a growing number of coworking spaces and accelerator programs, as part of a collective effort to figure out what we’ve all been wondering when it comes to 21st century business: Can companies be both large-scale and agile? Speed...

Innovation SOP: Using Hackathons to Advance Digital Transformation

Qmarkets’ Innovation Standard Operating Procedures (SOP): In this series, we will present different guidelines on how to bring innovation theory to practice. Most companies already know that a digital transformation hackathon is a useful tool for gathering ideas, but companies need to know how to do this right. This week, we look at how companies can use hackathons not as...

How to Run the Ultimate Corporate Hackathon

Hackathons are on the rise, and many leading enterprise grade businesses now participating in these events on a regular basis as a way of quickly generating innovative results to difficult problems. Hackathons can take many forms, but usually involve an intensive series of brainstorming, collaboration, and evaluation sessions with the aim of answering or overcoming a specific challenge. “Hackathons are...

Innovation Ecosystem: Bridging the Gap Between Digital and Offline Innovation

Innovation used to be something that would happen in a physical setting, be it in a workshop, a laboratory, research centre, etc. Now, with the advent of innovation software, the process of ideation and collaboration mostly happens online. However, there are innate benefits to innovating “in the real world”, benefits which a digital interaction will never be able to fully...

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