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Innovating HR: How Hackathons Foster Organizational Change

As an enterprise scales and its culture solidifies, it becomes increasingly challenging for innovation and creativity to flourish. That’s why we see a growing number of coworking spaces and accelerator programs, as part of a collective effort to figure out what we’ve all been wondering when it comes to 21st century business: Can companies be both large-scale and agile? Speed...
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Disruptive Innovations Highlight a Specific Dilemma for Legacy Financial Institutions

The innovator’s dilemma, across industries, is that in order to become great, a company has to do many things right. It must listen to its customers, direct its investments to the highest-return opportunities, improve the quality of its products, manage its relationships with suppliers, correctly assess and cope with competitive threats, all amongst many other time and resource consuming activities....
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Experimenting Your Way to Bolder Innovation

Colin Palombo, Managing Partner at Innovation Framework Technologies, explains how experimentation needs to be a key part of your innovation process. This coming April, IFT and Qmarkets will be hosting an enterprise innovation leader breakfast, which will explore a variety of topics around the themes of innovation challenges and collective intelligence (see below for more details). Amazon is one of the most...
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Can Crowdsourcing Help to Break Down the Biggest Obstacle in Market Research?

The Wall of Separation You can’t see it, but it’s there: a towering wall, stretching from horizon to horizon, that separates 90% of all workers from the customers that keep them in business. Since the dawn of the industrial revolution, right through to today, people who sell things plan and organize and execute their business inside closed organizations (they’re called...
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The Creative Process And How Idea Management Solutions Fit In

Hardly anybody still doubts that innovation is the biggest driving factor for success today. And most people know that innovation is more than just an idea. Innovation means having a new concept which is an answer for a need or a solution to a problem, and successfully transforming the idea into a solution which will lead to market success. But there are a lot of different...
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Learning from German Idea and Innovation Management Best Practices

In my years of consulting and visiting companies I realized that many companies have differences in understanding and implementing an Innovation Management system. So here is a short description of the Idea and Innovation Management landscape in Germany, as well as some “insider tips” on how to make the most out of your idea & innovation initiative: The difference between Idea...
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