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Learning from Catastrophe, or Dying from it: The Value of the Business Failure Case Study

We frequently talk about how innovation is a crucial necessity for your enterprise company, and how the right innovation can be the difference between setting the market standards and being shunted aside as a new market leader makes the rules. We also frequently hear about the great innovation successes: Tesla, SpaceX, Uber, Amazon, and even the classic innovation failures, like...

The EA Error (How Neglecting Customer-Centric Innovation Can Spell Disaster)

A Problem, there Is… In late 2017, video game company EA was in the final stages of releasing a long-anticipated game, Star Wars Battlefront II. One player was surprised to discover that it would take a total of 40 hours of gameplay to unlock just one of the main characters (such as arch-villain Darth Vader or ultimate hero Luke Skywalker) which...

Total’s Open Innovation Journey – How Partnership with Qmarkets Upgraded its Approachability and Accessibility

When Total, a global energy company that serves more than 4 million end-customers per day, was looking for a new Open Innovation (OI) solution in 2015, they turned to Morgan Ohayon, who became instrumental in choosing and implementing the Qmarkets innovation platform at both the company-wide and business-unit levels. Actively operating in more than 130 countries, Total is the world’s 4th...

How Innovation Management can Revolutionize the Video Game Industry

Art or Strictly Business? The Figures – A Growing Economy Since its introduction to the general public in the 70’s, the video game industry has become one of the most popular and engaging forms of entertainment, estimated to be worth $113 billion by 2018. To put this into perspective, this figure is almost $10 billion more than the gross domestic product...

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