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Crowdsourcing and Smart Cities: A Winning Combination

The evolving trend of Smart Cities is one that governments should be wholeheartedly embracing, but as with many government initiatives, seems to be having a hard time getting off the ground. Embedding crowdsourcing and innovation management into the Smart Cities initiative could be what makes the difference. At first glance, the term “smart government” appears to be oxymoronic. And no...

Solving the Problems of Government CIO Citizen Engagement

The concept of “Digital Transformation” has been gaining steam in the business world over the last few years, as the benefits of facilitating digital business communication within large organizations are abundantly clear. However, in the world of governance, the move towards digital engagement for the purpose of civic innovation has been much more gradual. Now it looks like things might...

Make America Innovate Again – Digital Transformation, Citizen Participation, and Government Efficiency

As a general rule, we hold our governments to a higher standard than that which we hold private businesses and corporations to. Private sector businesses are expected to only look out for themselves, but the government is meant to look out for us. Why is it then that we’ve reversed the roles, castigating businesses for not showing involvement but accepting...

Brexit, Switzerland and Wind Turbines – The Difference Between Direct Democracy and Citizen Involvement

Are polls and public referendums on decisions affecting the future of a country actual portrayals of citizens being involved in the running of their country? The People Voted In late June, the United Kingdom held a public referendum, the United Kingdom European Union Membership Referendum. The referendum had but one question: “Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the...
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