Virtual Innovation Roundtable: Building Your Ideal Enterprise Innovation Ecosystem

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In this new series, we’re inviting you to join the discussion! Join us as we dive into the most critical questions and dilemmas impacting innovation leaders today. In our first roundtable we’ll moderate the topic of ‘Innovation Ecosystems’ and together try to build a picture of the ideal ecosystem to aim for in 2025 and beyond. Join us live to learn from your fellow innovation leaders and share your own insights.


What To Expect?

Innovation Ecosystem Solutions

Hear about the tools and methodologies that can help create a self-sustaining innovation engine for your company


Discover first-hand best practices and lessons learned from your fellow innovation professionals through interactive discussions

Collaborative Problem Solving

Bring your real-world dilemmas and challenges and leave with actionable recommendations to enhance your program

The Speakers

Ilona Gochman
Director of Customer Success

Ilona is a dedicated and talented customer success leader with unmatched experience supporting innovation teams at leading companies around the globe.

Elliott Wilkins
Marketing Manager

Elliott has spent the last decade totally immersed in the world of corporate innovation. In this role he has focused mainly on delivering strategic resources to support innovation professionals, including articles, guide books, webinars, reports, and events.

Emma Sendra
Account Manager

Emma is passionate about all things innovation and works closely with enterprises around the world to help them achieve their innovation goals.

The Schedule


We’ll start by giving everyone on the roundtable the opportunity to introduce themselves. If you prefer to join only as a ‘spectator’ that’s fine too!

Background & Definitions

To give context we will briefly communicate our vision of the innovation ecosystem and cover the concepts and terminology that will be fundamental to the discussion.

Challenges & Best Practices of Ecosystem Building

We will examine the high level process behind an innovation ecosystem, and discuss some of the key challenges and best practices at each stage.

The Ecosystem of Tomorrow

We will look ahead to the future and try to forecast how the concept of an innovation ecosystem will develop in the years to come, including trends, AI, and more.

Key Takeaways

And finally we will attempt to distill the discussion into 3 key takeaways to help all of us understand and prepare for the journey ahead.

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