Navigating the Three Horizons of Innovation Management

Webinar Best Practices Innovation Portfolio

By using principles of innovation portfolio management, organizations can structure and optimize their portfolios better over time. The three horizons model is one of the key models to provide this structure. It also helps to ensure your organization applies an innovation process that is tailored to your unique goals.

What Will You Learn?

Apply the three horizons model to decide which innovation process is most suitable

Create a more balanced innovation portfolio to scale and grow your innovation program

Leverage the three horizons methodology to deliver ongoing ROI for your organization

Webinar Speakers

Joyce Oomen
Innovation Consultant/Accelerator

Joyce is an experienced innovation- and portfolio management consultant/ facilitator in innovation management, portfolio management, service design thinking, innovation management software selection & implementation.

Peter Stooker
Senior Innovation Consultant, Qmarkets

Peter supports companies and organizations in developing innovative capacity resulting in more visibility, grip and results from innovation. In other words, achieving innovation excellence.

Andrew Corbishley
Global Partner Manger

Andrew has over 10 years of experience supporting organisations and partners in defining leading edge innovation solutions to support their varied requirements and methodologies.

Webinar Schedule

In this webinar we expand on the three horizons model and show you how Qmarkets can help support this principle. These insights are based on the successful implementation of Qmarkets by an international company based in the Netherlands, which operates in over 20 countries.

Intro and Agenda
The Three Horizons of Innovation
Where Methodology Meets Technology
Q&A Session

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