Launching Innovation at Your Organization

Webinar Best Practices Idea Management

Are you desperate to boost innovation at your company, but not sure where to start? This course can be your perfect launch pad to start your innovation journey. Presented by Qmarkets and JM2 Capital, this three-part webinar series offers practical insights to help you successfully launch your innovation program, develop and sustain an innovative company culture, and motivate ongoing ideation through rewards and recognition.

What Will You Learn?

Best practices for starting your innovation journey

How to create and maintain a culture of ideation

How to promote ideation with innovative rewards and recognition

Webinar Speakers

Jimmy Cordy
Vice President of Consulting
Steve Reed
VP of North American Innovation

What’s on the Agenda?

This webinar series is split into three parts, each zeroing in on different aspects of launching an innovation program at an organization.

Part 1 starts off right at the beginning, introducing the key concepts and considerations that will help you to set off on your innovation management journey.

In Part 2, we explore the ways that a positive and effective culture of innovation than permeates every area of the business can be developed.

Part 3 focuses on how to reward and recognize your audience’s contributions to your organization’s innovation program, in order to consistently receive high numbers of quality contributions.

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