Scaling Innovation Success Through Decentralized Management at Intel

Webinar Idea Management Innovation Portfolio Success Story

In this exciting live webinar, we shared how Intel successfully delivered brilliant innovation results in less than 18 months by engaging a distributed network of catalysts and intrapreneurs. You will hear directly from the program leader behind this success, Viki Almog-Ayzenberg, including lessons learned, pitfalls, best practices, and more!

What Will You Learn?

Cultivating a company-wide culture of innovation and intrapreneurship

How to secure leadership buy-in and define your innovation strategy

Creating a ‘Catalyst Network‘ of Innovation Leaders to boost engagement

Webinar Speakers

Viki Almog-Ayzenberg
Business Innovation Leader at Intel

Viki is a business development and innovation expert who has spent the last twelve years living and breathing the Israeli tech ecosystem across multiple sectors.

Ilona Gochman
Global Director of Customer Success

Ilona is a dedicated and talented customer success leader with unmatched experience supporting innovation teams at leading companies around the globe.

Webinar Schedule

All of our webinars are packed with actionable insights and best practices to help you deliver strategic innovation results for your company. Here is a breakdown of the key topics that were discussed in this session.

Overview of Speakers and Agenda
Qmarkets at a Glance
Insights for Scaling Innovation
Q&A Session

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