How to Engage Leadership & Employees with Your Innovation Management Initiative

Webinar Best Practices Idea Management

Discover how leading organizations from across the globe are employing cutting edge strategies to engage their employees and leaders with a companywide culture of innovation. With market disruption threatening the existence of more corporations than ever before, it’s becoming increasingly crucial for large organizations to implement a robust but agile employee innovation program.

What Will You Learn?

Field-proven solutions to the obstacles faced by companies deploying an innovation system

How to generate engagement and buy-in from across the organization

How to harness the collective intelligence of your employees and deliver results

Webinar Speakers

Gert Askes
Morgan Anderson
EVP Americas
Steve Reed
VP of North American Innovation

Webinar Schedule

This webinar will outline some the key features that facilitate and enhance teambuilding within the Qmarkets platform, before delving into some myths, research and facts about creativity, and why diversity is an essential characteristic of a successful team.

Welcome & Introductions
Case study in crowdscouring fintech operational excellence
Introducing the next generation of crowdsourcing technology
Q&A Session

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