How to Crowdsource Civic Engagement in the Digital Age

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Crowdsourcing is a technique which has been employed extensively within the private sector, but public sector institutions are lagging behind in the adoption of this powerful ROI-driving technique. Crowdsourcing civic engagement can offer incredible benefits for both public sector officials and the the constituents they serve. To learn how this would fit into community engagement initiatives within your organization, be sure to check out this webinar!

What Will You Learn?

How crowdsourcing can drive civic engagement

Best practices for crowdsourcing from the public

Real world examples from public sector institutions

Webinar Speakers

Brian Worrel
Research Program Manager at Iowa Department of Transportation
Steve Reed
VP of North American Innovation

Webinar Schedule

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Overview of Speakers and Agenda
Why is Crowdsourcing so Critical?
Key Best Practices to Crowdsource Civic Engagement
Q&A Session

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