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Qmarkets Winter Product Release 2019: With Great Responsibility Comes Great Power

Attention all innovation project leaders, moderators, and campaign managers. Qmarkets’ latest product release is here to give you unprecedented flexibility and control over your innovation management system. It’s now easier than ever to not only achieve groundbreaking ideation, but also showcase the brilliant impact that these ideas are having on your bottom line!

Here at Qmarkets’, our mantra has always been that there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach when it comes to enterprise innovation. There are hundreds of unique ways to gather, develop, evaluate, and streamline idea management. The trick is finding the approach that fits perfectly with your unique enterprise requirements – the likes of which will naturally change and evolve over time as more departments and functions within your enterprise adopt the system.

Innovation Management System Screens
Qmarkets latest product gives power users almost total control over their innovation management system.

Continuously refining the system to match your strategy is crucial, however facilitating a network of individuals to drive engagement can mean the difference between success and failure. It’s due to this challenge that Qmarkets’ Winter Release includes a host of features that will help you to recruit and empower “innovation ambassadors” within your organization, who can now configure campaigns to suit their own needs easier than ever before.

This product release contains an unparalleled wealth of features which improve the experience and capabilities of every user in your system, from regular idea submitters through to power users and admins:

reporting functionality

Revolutionized reporting functionality
Allowing you to rapidly pinpoint KPIs, user data, and other key metrics.

better self admin

Enhanced self-admin features 
Giving you an unprecedented degree of control over your innovation processes, including “campaign-level” configuration.

uiUser interface improvements and social updates
Various new functions that will make your system more engaging and collaborative than ever before.

sec and integrationSecurity, integration, and back-end solutions
All of which deliver added value and increased power across an array of use-cases

All of these features combine to create a truly extraordinary release that will allow you to push forward the frontier of innovation within your organization…

Revolutionized Reporting Capabilities

You can’t manage what you can’t measure’ is an expression that rings true regardless of your industry or company size. Having a system in place that makes it simple to generate and analyze data, as well as communicate it in an engaging way, can help you ensure your innovation initiatives receive the recognition they deserve. Furthermore, having a means to analyze data in real-time – without having to rely on any 3rd party reporting providers – can help you pinpoint new areas for optimization and ideation with greater speed. With these factors in mind, we’ve given power users a broad remit of control over pre-defining and generating the reports they need on a weekly basis.


Refurbished Dashboard
In addition to coming pre-loaded with best-practice features and reporting capabilities automatically adjusted to your workflow, the new dashboard gives power users the ability to generate a filterable readout of all activities that have taken place on the system.


Enhanced KPI Generation
KPIs can be created automatically according to your workflow definition or defined to match your unique priorities, with complete control over how they are displayed:

Yes – it really is that quick and easy to configure new KPIs to appear on your system homepage!

reportImproved Custom Report Settings
Power users can now generate custom reports according to a wide range of criteria with dynamic new filtering options. These reports can be generated at a campaign, subsystem, or system level.

In addition to having unparalleled control over reporting, you can now ‘subscribe’ to any report within the innovation management system, allowing you to automatically receive summaries via email at intervals of your choosing.

better group
Need to generate reports and showcase data fast? The new product release lets you do this with just a few clicks!

Configure Your Workflow for Maximum Impact

To help you optimize your innovation workflow to complement your corporate infrastructure, we’ve added a whole new level of depth to our self-admin and configuration features. Many of these features can be adjusted on an individual campaign basis, so they can fit the various needs and use cases that vary according to campaign configuration or the campaign manager preferences.

eyeImproved Visibility Control
Moderators now have the option to restrict the visibility of fields, workflow states, user roles, and other data. While previously, most of this data was visible to all users, this can now be controlled to a precise degree.

category managerNew ‘Category Manager’ Role:
To divide the responsibility for large-scale innovation campaigns, you will now be able to assign dedicated category managers to oversee specific groups of ideas within a campaign. These can be assigned manually or automatically.

idea submission form

Idea Submission Form Improvements:
We’ve now added even more advanced field options, including multi-hierarchy/conditional options, formulas, links, and more. You can now even edit the title of submission forms and allow authorized submitters to contribute an idea on behalf of someone else.

Our idea management submission forms are now more customizable than ever before…

multi tenancyMulti-Tenancy Support: 
To empower tenant managers with even more independence and configuration, power users will now be able to maintain their own tenant settings, including the definition of a separate email address, logo and other branding capabilities.

immproved automationEnhanced Automation Features: 
Power users will now have access to an auto-transition rule menu, allowing them to adjust the conditions ideas will need to meet before they can automatically advance to a new state. These rules can be adjusted on the campaign level at a later stage to support the campaign scope, timeline, and volume requirements.

better auto transition
The time-saving Auto Transition Rule option allows ideas to be progressed to new states more efficiently.

workflow widgetWorkflow  Review Tool: 
Available as a floating widget in the Workflow Wizard, the tool allows actions that have taken place within various states (emails sent, fields added, roles allocated, etc.) to be viewed and filtered with the click of a mouse.

Engage Users with Enhanced UI & UX Features

Even though this new release delivers plenty of benefits for power users, that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about the end users. Here are just a handful of the exciting new UI and engagement-enhancing features you can expect to discover.

new colab team build

New Collaboration and Team Building Settings:
A ‘Join the Team’ button can now be added, allowing users to collaborate and leverage their unique skill sets in order to bring new ideas to life.

funnelImproved Idea Workflow Chart:
Users now have an improved graphic representation of which stage an idea is currently at on every idea page.


Smoother Self-Registration Process:
Users will have access to a simplified interface for signing up to your system.

icon libraryUpdated Icon Library:
Users can now communicate more effectively via enhanced social collaboration features.

preview iconCampaign ‘Teasers’
End users can now view the teasers of new campaigns in the idea screen.

Each of these UX and engagement upgrades will help end users better navigate the innovation management system, interact more productively, as well as contribute more towards the success of your initiative. Even more improvements in this area will be coming in in our next release….

More Back-End Security & Integration Options

Aside from focusing on delivering new features and functionality, our new product release will also give you and your IT personnel more peace of mind. We’ve made it simpler than ever to maintain the security of your innovation management system and integrate it seamlessly with external software.

gdprGDPR Compliance: 
A specific area of data security that we focused on was GDPR compliance. For example, to help clients ensure their innovation management system adheres to GDPR stipulations, we now make it possible to configure specific employee anonymization options.

integrationNew Integration Options: 
In addition to Qmarkets existing range of third-party integration options, you will now be able to integrate with SharePoint, CrunchBase and Google G-Suite. These new solutions will afford admins an even greater degree of control over user authentication and portal access.

An Innovation Engine for 2019 and Beyond…

Whether you want to enhance your campaign-level control, present your results through custom reporting, or raise engagement levels across departments for crowdsourcing projects, our new product release ticks all the boxes. This flagship release represents a huge leap forward in terms of the capabilities offered by an innovation management platform.

However, what you’ve read here is just the tip of the iceberg… if you want to discover the full details of this release and understand exactly how it can help you with your ongoing challenges, speak to a member of our team today! 

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