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Qmarkets Partners with Youtopian to Expand US Innovation Support Offering

Qmarkets is happy to announce a partnership with Youtopian, a global innovation services provider with proven solutions in remote collaboration, remote schooling, AI engines, and IoT Edge. Youtopian has experience in a wide range of industries – from semiconductors to pharma – and hosts a worldwide innovation network with 24×7 innovation support. Youtopian brings a diverse wealth of innovation leadership experience and best practice knowledge to Qmarkets’ customers.

Tel Aviv,  Sep 30, 2020  Youtopian – a US-based innovation services company with a mission to accelerate digital transformation and enterprise education in the innovation economy, has announced it will be joining forces with leading idea management software platform provider, Qmarkets. The goal of the partnership is to allow clients across industries to ideate and strengthen their innovation portfolio to deliver competitive advantage at COVID-pace.

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Dr. DP Prakash, Co-CEO of Youtopian

Today, organizations are facing a much higher rate of change compared to previous decades, which has contributed towards a greater demand for help with orchestrating corporate innovation. Using AI and extended Reality (AI XR) technologies, Youtopian brings a cross-industry perspective, and aims to enable superior business outcomes with both effectiveness and efficiency.

“Through our excellence in innovation management infrastructure and expertise in leveraging cutting edge AI XR innovations, Youtopian and Qmarkets can bring huge benefits to many organizations”, shared Co-CEO Dr. DP Prakash from Youtopian. “From our experience in running tournaments with Qmarkets’ platform, we have observed how effective this tool can be at bringing out the wisdom of crowds. This partnership will create an end-to-end innovation ecosystem that can provide an outstanding creative experience to bring out the best in firms.”

“The domain experiences of Youtopian put them in a unique position to help our customers and prospective customers to ensure they deliver results from their innovation project” says Qmarkets’ VP of US innovation, Steve Reed. “We’re certain that with our end to end approach, combined with Youtopian’s diverse network and wealth of experience this partnership will be very valuable to our combined customer base.”

About Youtopian


Youtopian, an innovation services company, orchestrates Digital Transformation in enterprises for faster time to value. With proven solutions and deep expertise, Youtopian helps clients understand how emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and eXtended Reality (XR) can be applied to address pain points in their business. Serving as an extension of the innovation arm of firms, Youtopian guides clients quickly through the fast changing and competitive landscape and identifies best fit solutions for use cases. Youtopian also helps install innovation labs for IP creation and runs innovation tournaments that get every brain in the game. Youtopian ultimately serves as a lighthouse for clients and illuminates pathways to greater Safety, ROI, Competitive Advantage and Happiness of stakeholders in the clients’ ecosystem. 

About Qmarkets


As an established leader in the idea and innovation management landscape, Qmarkets has developed a reputation over the last 10 years for delivering the most comprehensive crowdsourcing software solutions in the world. Recognized by leading analysts such as Gartner, Forrester, and Info-tech, Qmarkets offers unmatched technical and design flexibility to their extensive list of leading global clients, including Nestle, Ford, Lufthansa, Ab InBev, Philip Morris International, UniCredit, and many more.

Qmarkets’ software offering extends beyond innovation management to include products focusing on process improvement, continuous improvement and operational excellence; open innovation with customers and business partners; technology scouting for enterprise M&A opportunities; and digital employee engagement.

To find out how Qmarkets can help you uncover growth-driving ideas for your enterprise, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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