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Innovation SOP: Tips for Today’s Leaders on How to Launch Successful Employee Innovation Programs
Qmarkets’ Innovation Standard Operating Procedures (SOP): In this series, we will present different guidelines on how to bring innovation theory to practice. Many times, trying to launch successful employee innovation programs at your company can entail encountering many pitfalls and stumbling blocks, as illustrated...
How to Build the Ultimate Crowdsourcing Platform: Qmarkets’ New VP of Product Discusses Creativity and Innovation Management
Sivan Leshem joined Qmarkets in 2011 as a project manager, before going on to manage the product delivery department during a period which would see Qmarkets grow into a leader within the idea management market. Most recently Sivan has stepped into the role of...
How the Israel Securities Authority is Engaging Employees to Boost Innovation
Yael Weiss Efron is an Innovation Manager at the Israel Securities Authority (ISA). Earlier in 2017, the ISA approached Qmarkets regarding the implementation of Qmarkets’ platform in order to run an idea and innovation management program. Following the successful launch of the program and its advancement to the next stages, we sat down with Yael in order to discuss the ISA and its unique needs from their innovation management platform, the success of the ISA’s program, and the cooperation with Qmarkets in launching their platform. Qmarkets: What is the Israel Securities Authority? Yael Weiss Efron: The Israel Securities Authority (ISA) is a...
The EA Error (How Neglecting Customer-Centric Innovation Can Spell Disaster)
A Problem, there Is… In late 2017, video game company EA was in the final stages of releasing a long-anticipated game, Star Wars Battlefront II. One player was surprised to discover that it would take a total of 40 hours of gameplay to unlock just one of the main characters (such as arch-villain Darth Vader or ultimate hero Luke Skywalker) which have been used prominently in the promotion of the game. Users would need to spend more time playing in order to collect in-game credits which they could then use to unlock characters or upgrade other aspects of their game play...
When Disruption Becomes Destructive: How Can Financial Services Companies Close the Innovation Gap?
The financial services ecosystem is going through its most profound transformation since the invention of ATMs some fifty years ago. Small, fast-moving start-ups are revolutionizing the global landscape with creative market-responsive solutions that are becoming increasingly accepted and utilized. Given the highly fluid nature...
Disruptive Innovations Highlight a Specific Dilemma for Legacy Financial Institutions
The innovator’s dilemma, across industries, is that in order to become great, a company has to do many things right. It must listen to its customers, direct its investments to the highest-return opportunities, improve the quality of its products, manage its relationships with suppliers,...
How to Create and Scale an Employee-Centric Company Culture to Increase Profitability
The Pandemic of Engagement Employee engagement is a powerful predictor of business growth, productivity, and efficiency. In a study carried out by Canada’s Queens School of Business, data shows that organizations with the most engaged employees accomplish “65% greater share-price increase, 26% less employee...
Innovation Interview: Qmarkets’ CEO Appears on Leading ‘Tech-Talk’ Podcast
Noam Danon – founder and CEO of Qmarkets – recently appeared on an episode of the critically-acclaimed “Tech Talks Daily” podcast – hosted by renowned tech columnist and author Neil C. Hughes. Noam was the latest guest in a long line of illustrious CEOs,...
Innovation SOP: Does Effective Leadership Lead to Effective Crowdsourcing?
Qmarkets’ Innovation Standard Operating Procedures (SOP): In this series, we will present different guidelines on how to bring innovation theory to practice. This week, we take a look at Innovation Leadership – how has the role of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) evolved into the Chief Innovation Officer (CINO), and how important is leadership in the age of crowdsourcing anyway? The ongoing digital transformation has now affected every corner of enterprise business. The role of the Chief Information Officer is no exception, with many studies showing that the focus of this role is creeping every towards innovation rather than information. Technology infrastructure...
Innovation SOP: How Chief Innovation Officers Can Develop Trust Between Work Teams
Qmarkets’ Innovation Standard Operating Procedures (SOP): In this series, we will present different guidelines on how to bring innovation theory to practice. This week, we take a look at Trust Development – how to successfully develop trust among your employees, and why this should be one of the primary chief innovation officer responsibilities. One of the biggest factors for successful innovation within enterprises is increased collaboration. Breaking down barriers and building trust is vital for free-flowing innovation and process improvement. As many Chief Innovation Officers have discovered, however, forging positive bonds between individuals and teams is not as easy as...
Total’s Open Innovation Journey – How Partnership with Qmarkets Upgraded its Approachability and Accessibility
When Total, a global energy company that serves more than 4 million end-customers per day, was looking for a new Open Innovation (OI) solution in 2015, they turned to Morgan Ohayon, who became instrumental in choosing and implementing the Qmarkets innovation platform at both the...
Innovation SOP: Driving Corporate Innovation by Bettering Employee Engagement
Welcome to Qmarkets’ Innovation Standard Operating Procedures (SOP): In this series, we will present different guidelines on how to bring innovation theory to practice. This week, we take a look at innovative employee engagement practices – the benefits of harnessing staff expertise for innovation...

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