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Beating Complexity with Flexibility: Corporate Innovation Insights and Inspiration with Dan Toma
How can global companies overcome major innovation challenges? Qmarkets interviewed Dan Toma – influential speaker, entrepreneur, and co-author of the award-winning book The Corporate Startup – to gain his unique perspective on ideation, business transformation, and the current innovation climate. Qmarkets: On the modern business landscape,...
Bringing Your A-Game: What Game Theory Can Teach Us About Innovation Management
If you were one of the approximately 3-4 billion people who tuned into the world cup last year, chances are that work took a backseat to football on more than one occasion… However, don’t start feeling guilty just yet. Beneath the excitement and panoply...
The Innovation Instinct: Inventions Inspired by Nature
Nature has long inspired visionaries to look beyond existing ways of living and thinking. Many notable engineers, architects, designers, and other creators have discovered unique adaptations between a species and its environment, and applied these insights to drive innovation across a huge variety of inventions, products, services, and industries. Known as biomimicry, or biomimetics, the concept is simple. It recognizes nature as the ultimate problem solver, and as such, entails gaining inspiration from the various structures and systems of biological entities to develop innovative solutions and designs. Renowned American natural sciences writer and innovation consultant Janine Benyus describes biomimicry...
Learning from Catastrophe, or Dying from it: The Value of the Business Failure Case Study
We frequently talk about how innovation is a crucial necessity for your enterprise company, and how the right innovation can be the difference between setting the market standards and being shunted aside as a new market leader makes the rules. We also frequently hear about the great innovation successes: Tesla, SpaceX, Uber, Amazon, and even the classic innovation failures, like Kodak and Nokia, who saw incoming disruptive innovation but didn’t do anything to face it. But what of some of the less familiar examples, of companies which tried to innovate, but put their eggs in the wrong basket? A...
Managing Change and Innovation: The Past, Present, and Future of 180° Business Transformations
With so much disruptive innovation happening so fast, it has become less and less rare for companies to be formed around a service or product that defines them for their lifetime. In almost every industry, the possibility of pivoting or even shifting the entire...
Crowdsourcing and Smart City Innovation: A Winning Combination
The evolving trend of smart city innovation is one that governments should be wholeheartedly embracing, but as with many government initiatives, seems to be having a hard time getting off the ground. Embedding crowdsourcing and innovation management into the smart cities initiative could be...
Innovating HR: How Hackathons Foster Organizational Change
As an enterprise scales and its culture solidifies, it becomes increasingly challenging for innovation and creativity to flourish. That’s why we see a growing number of coworking spaces and accelerator programs, as part of a collective effort to figure out what we’ve all been...
How Israel’s Oldest Bank Is Engaging Employees to Become a Leader in Banking Innovation
In 2013, Bank Leumi embarked on a journey to make innovation one of its prime strategic goals. In order to achieve this goal, the Bank undertook an initiative to change their corporate culture, so every employee would see innovation as part of their daily...
Choosing the Digital Transformation Strategy that is Best for Your Company
In one of the Sherlock Holmes stories, Dr. Watson remarks about a client and how attractive she is. “Is she?” says the detective. “I didn’t notice.” In response to his partner’s quip that he really is a human automaton – lacking of emotion – Holmes replies that he is taking emotion out the equation, since it might compromise his detective work. Similarly, when it comes to selecting a digital transformation strategy, one must leave emotion behind and base the decision on what is best for the company. According to Michael Wade, Professor of Innovation and Strategic Information Management, a...
Innovation SOP: Using Hackathons to Advance Digital Transformation
Qmarkets’ Innovation Standard Operating Procedures (SOP): In this series, we will present different guidelines on how to bring innovation theory to practice. Most companies already know that a digital transformation hackathon is a useful tool for gathering ideas, but companies need to know how to do this right. This week, we look at how companies can use hackathons not as a standalone idea-gathering tool, but as part of an overall comprehensive innovation process. Imagine you run a company that’s been around for decades, but competition, technology and radical changes in the way consumers act have put the company in...
Innovation SOP: Overcoming the Hurdles of Innovation in Digital Transformation
Welcome back to Qmarkets’ Innovation Standard Operating Procedures (SOP): In this series, we will present different guidelines on how to bring innovation theory to practice. Digital Transformation is something that everyone needs to do, but is not always carried out properly, for a number...
Innovation SOP: Tips for Today’s Leaders on How to Launch Successful Employee Innovation Programs
Qmarkets’ Innovation Standard Operating Procedures (SOP): In this series, we will present different guidelines on how to bring innovation theory to practice. Many times, trying to launch successful employee innovation programs at your company can entail encountering many pitfalls and stumbling blocks, as illustrated...

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