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Ideate or Deteriorate – Why Companies Must Learn How To Be Innovative to Achieve Major Growth
“Innovate (verb): To Make changes in something established, especially by introducing new methods, ideas, or products.”  Just a buzzword? To many people, it might seem as though the business world has become over-saturated with innovation. This buzzword is now thrown around in conjunction with all manner...
Driving Innovation in the Workplace – Is Configuration Crucial?
Up until the turn of millennium, the world of business was stuck in a vicious circle of homogenisation. There was a traditional way of attaining success, and if you strayed too far from this paradigm, then you would lose all credibility and  any chance...
Three Reasons for your Company to Write an Innovation Charter
It’s one thing to realize that innovation is an integral part of the long-term viability of a business. It’s quite another to know exactly what kind of innovative practices will maximize ROI and minimize risk. Having a comprehensive innovation plan in place – detailed in a charter and supported by senior leadership – can help reduce uncertainty and ensure idea management projects tackles the most important objectives. In this article, our friend from Innovation Observer, Eugene Ivanov, explores why implementing an innovation charter should be a priority for any business. Using corporate innovation tools A lack of executive leadership is...
The Winning Formula – The Advantages of Combining Higher Education and Innovation Management
Ideally, a university should be an ecosystem in which ideas are developed, challenged, and experimented with. As such, it would be natural to regard both education and innovation as mutually compatible. It’s surprising, therefore, that many academic institutions still lag when it comes to implementing well-structured innovation processes. Invention DNA, Genetic Fingerprinting, CDs, Computers, and the Internet. This is just a short list of some of the greatest innovations that have been made within institutions of higher education. It is not surprising that universities regularly produce such brilliant discoveries. For over a thousand years, these institutions have provided society’s...
Unlocking Potential with an Innovation Pilot – 6 Reasons for SMEs to use Idea Management Tools
Typically innovation management is seen as the domain of large organisations who can afford to invest a lot of time and effort into pushing forward a company-wide initiative. While previously this may have been the case, smaller organisations are now discovering that they have got...
6 KPIs of Innovation Management Solutions
There are certain benefits to innovation software that are difficult to measure, and others that are quite obvious. This blog post will discuss the innovation KPI (Key Performance Indicator) examples for calculating the success of an idea management platform at 6 key stages within...
Need an Ah-Ha Moment? Why Crowd-Sourcing Can Mimic That Individual Flash of Brilliance
  Eureka!  When we have a problem, this is the ‘Ah Ha’ moment that we all hope for. A flash of brilliance that saves the day, the project, or even our job! Going back to Archimedes, innovation is replete with examples of this somewhat...
And the Oscar goes to…Prediction Markets – Harnessing Collective Intelligence to Anticipate Success
Once again the power of Prediction Markets was displayed last week, as it correctly predicted 19 out of the 24 winners at the 2015 Oscar awards; an accuracy level of 79%. This blog that tracked the predictions of 18 pundits, found that only three...
Welcome to the Qmarkets Blog – Gain Cutting-Edge Insights from the Innovation Experts
We’re excited to welcome you to the official Qmarkets blog! Here, you’ll find a treasure trove of readily-applicable tips and insights for maximising the effectiveness of your innovation management strategy. Our articles are contributed by our own team, as well as a variety of other innovation experts from a diverse array of fields.  We’re always looking for new ways to engage with both our existing customers and the extended innovation community, so we’re looking forward to utilising this space to that effect. You can expect to find a wide variety of thought provoking content here, as we share best...

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