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5 Tips to Avoid Innovation Myopia

Innovation will remain little more than a vague concept at your company if it isn’t backed up with key practices. These include collaborating on practical solutions for business challenges, making the most of core competencies, and ensuring that the culture, people, and processes within your enterprise are aligned. In this Entrepreneur article, Dr. Sayem Hossain provides 5 tips for ensuring...

How to Build an Innovation Hub that’s Actually Innovative

Want to discover how leading companies like Google Amazon and AT&T manage thriving innovation hubs? Check out this TNW article, covering the powerful techniques you can deploy to keep your innovation lab responsive, inclusive, and productive in the long term.

Most Innovation Originates from Customers, Not Companies

Never underestimate the power of customer-driven innovation. Groundbreaking inventions – from the mountain bike to the GoPro camera – can be attributed to this flexible, ROI-driving open innovation strategy. This blog from ‘The Conversation’ explores how companies can leverage customer-focused innovation to access a reservoir of creative potential.

Things People Do to Speed Up Innovation that Slow It Down

The field of corporate innovation is littered with buzzwords which, although they sound good in theory, have the potential to hinder your endeavours and reduce your ROI. This Industry Week article explores how you can avoid key pitfalls and generate lucrative ideas by adopting a holistic approach to innovation management.

Cities must plan ahead for innovation without leaving people behind

To remain viable, the cities of the future will need to combat an array of challenges – from increased traffic to problems posed by climate change. This is where transparent, collaborative, and people-centred innovation will play an important role. This Tech Crunch article examines why city planners should concentrate on this kind of innovation now to avoid leaving citizens behind.

Feasting on the Five Layers of Innovation

To keep corporate innovation productive in the long term, it’s important to get the balance of elements rights. Aside from new technologies, companies need to focus on customer experience, media, commerce, as well as organizational structures. This Ad Age article explores the five key ingredients of an effective innovation strategy.

What Holds Back Corporate Social Innovators?

Despite their best intentions, many corporations fail to achieve innovations that have both business and societal payoffs. This Harvard Business Review article explores the factors that lead to these failures, as well as how they can be overcome via a range of techniques. The major conglomerate Philips is examined as a case study in the piece. If you want to...

How Airbnb and Salesforce Are Leading the Way When It Comes to Employee Engagement

Want to leverage powerful employee engagement techniques to enhance your company culture and uncover lucrative ideas? Check out this inc article, detailing the strategies used by Airbnb and Salesforce to encourage employee feedback, develop effective engagement programs, as well as foster collaboration around important projects.

Digital Optimization Isn’t Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is critical for keeping disruption at bay. Think of Uber’s effect on the taxi business, Netflix changing the nature or movie rentals, or AirBnB challenging the hotel industry. However, many companies mistake digitally optimizing –  adopting new tech to streamline processes – for true digital transformation. This Forbes article explores the key differences between digital transformation and optimization,...

How could supplier-enabled innovation help you?

Driving supplier-driven innovation is a great way to tap into the R&D expertise of potentially thousands of different companies in order to generate ideas for new products, services, and streamlined processes. This insightful Raconteur article outlines the main benefits of supplier-driven innovation, as well as how they can be harnessed with the help of an online innovation management platform.

The Rise Of Crowdsourcing: It Gets The People Going

“Manufacturers predict that in 2019 alone, over 75 percent of consumer goods will contain innovation and development capabilities derived from the practice of crowdsourcing.” This International Business Times article takes a closer look at the benefits of corporate crowdsourcing, as well as how major companies like Pepsi have used the method to drive value and better meet customer demands.

The Top 10: Accidental Inventions

Not all breakthrough innovations happen by design. Many of the inventions that have helped to shape the modern world – including penicillin, Teflon, and even the microwave oven – emerged as a result of an accident or an unexpected byproduct. This article by The Independent UK lists the top 10 accidental inventions, and covers how each one came about. Check...

14 LGBTQ+ Innovators, Inventors and Scientists who changed the world

This article celebrates trailblazing inventors within the LGBTQ+ community – going back as far as the 16th century – whose achievements in the fields of agriculture, computer science, geology, economics, mathematics, and aeronautics have helped to shape the modern world.

An Innovative Culture Absolutely Requires This Unique Capability

What’s the secret ingredient that can take your company’s innovation culture to new heights of success? Discover the answer in this Entrepreneur Europe article, which also features a treasure-trove of best practices you can employ to foster engagement and streamline idea management.

How Leading Retailers Innovate In The Age Of Amazon

Learn the pivotal innovation techniques major retailers have adopted to withstand disruption in this insight-packed Forbes article. The piece also explores how enterprises can adapt the winning innovation techniques of Amazon (encouraging experimentation, breaking down silos, etc.) to drive success!

These Inventions Are Changing Farming

This satisfying Business Insider video showcases 7 cutting-edge innovations helping farmers complete their harvests with unprecedented speed.

Hyundai’s New Car Has Legs. Literally.

Although it looks like something out of Star Wars, the Elevate ‘walking car’ project by Hyundai Motor America is very real. Discover more about this revolutionary design, intended to help the vehicle navigate rough terrain in the wake of disasters, in this Fortune article. You can discover how Qmarkets has supported Hyundai with other innovation projects here.

15 Inventions That Will Make Your 2019 a Lot More Interesting

From gravity-defying jet suits, to electric-powered semi-trucks, to solar-powered jackets, 2019 is set to be a year marked by paradigm-shifting new inventions. This Interesting Engineering article by Donovan Barnett showcases 15 outstanding new inventions in transport, retail, science, and healthcare set to be released this year.

Three M&A Alternatives For Accelerating Your Digital Transformation

Want to fast track digital-transformation at your enterprise? This Chief Executive article , explores how major corporations are harnessing the nimble abilities of startups via M&A to boost their proficiency in emerging technologies.

Take 5: Make Your Big Idea a Success

Want to discover powerful techniques for detecting, developing, and promoting new business ideas? Check out this Kellogg Insight article, covering the best practices for fostering an innovation ecosystem geared towards addressing strategic marketing goals.

How Big Companies Can Innovate Like Small Startups

In this interview, acclaimed innovation strategist and author Gary Pisano discusses how large-scale – like Amazon, Goodyear, and Apple have harnessed platforms to facilitate idea generation and innovate at startup speed. It also contains key insights on how innovation can transition from a disorganized and ‘routine’ activity into a practice that can transform and future-proof a business.

Introducing Qmarkets’ Brand New Website – Offering Unprecedented Insights to Help You Reach Innovation Overdrive

In addition to offering an unparalleled depth of information on Qmarkets SaaS features and capabilities, the new website explores how the platform can be used to overcome industry-specific challenges. You can read more about our exciting new website in this news story.

The Power of Collaboration for the Digital Innovations of Smart Cities

Collaboration is playing an increasingly significant role in boosting digital innovation in large-scale smart cities, as well as smaller municipalities. This article explores how various communities interact in “geographies of innovation”, and gives five outstanding examples of public-private collaboration in major US and European cities.

4 Digital Transformation Hacks

Digital transformation is crucial when it comes to ensuring your business can compete effectively, and provide the optimal experience to customers. This CMSWire article covers four quick-win concepts for achieving digital transformation, improving your core business processes, and delivering superior outcomes to both users and consumers.

Your Company Needs an Innovation Culture, Not an Innovation Team

In the transformative age, it’s crucial to extend your company’s innovation strategy beyond the confines of a restricted, dedicated team. This article covers 5 key points for generating and maintaining a thriving innovation culture that will unlock hidden potential, and generate major value for your business.

3 Strategies For Developing Innovative Thinking

Want to enjoy more of those ‘eureka’ moments that add value and efficiency to your business? In this Forbes article, Bryan Collins covers 3 strategies for cultivating an innovative mindset, as well as how to implement these strategies for maximum results.

How Apple, Pixar and Polaroid fueled the Collective Genius of Innovation

Gleaning insights from Linda Hill – Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School – this article explores the key factors that make innovators successful. Hill also discusses the importance of collaborative environments, how corporate boards can be barriers to innovation, diversity in Silicon Valley, and the growing influence of Millennials in the enterprise workplace.

The Most Innovative Parking Structures From Around the World

The parking garage: a loveless structure as necessary as it is unpopular. It can be easy for the architecture to reflect the unfancied nature, but sometimes, amidst all the mediocrity, beautiful design shines through.

12-year-old engineer invents device to combat ocean microplastic pollution

Saving the planet’s oceans from plastic pollution isn’t on the agenda of a typical 12-year-old. However, sixth-grade inventor Anna Du is working to achieve just that. Du’s invention – an underwater vehicle that uses infrared light to detect an help remove microplastics – reflects her impressive environmental innovation accumen. As a result, Du – along with nine other middle-school inventors –...

Disruption vs. Innovation: Defining Success

No market is safe from disruption, which can occur across all industries. A PricewaterhouseCoopers survey of 1,379 chief executives found 60 percent said that their sectors have already been changed or reshaped. In this Entrepreneur Europe article, David Meltzer explores the key differences between innovation and disruption, highlighting how companies can optimally evolve to remain competitive in a constantly-shifting marketplace.

Scaling Up Startups in Corporate Settings

In recent years, an increasing intensity in collaboration between incumbent companies and startups has been observed. Meanwhile, close to 80% of corporations and startups have already been, or are, collaborating. This Innovation Excellence article explores the major implications and challenges for startup engagement in corporate settings.

Building the People-Centric City of the Future

At the recent Bloomberg ‘Sooner Than You Think Summit’, experts from a variety of sectors discussed the changing nature of smart cities, and the sustainability and governmental challenges that entails. In this video, Bloomberg’s Katrina Nicholas speaks with Jenny Bofinger-Schuster (Senior Vice President, Sustainability and Cities of Siemens), Dorte Bech Vizard (Ambassador to Singapore and Brunei of the Kingdom of...

What a scrapyard in Ghana can teach us about innovation | DK Osseo-Asare

In this TED talk, Designer DK Osseo-Asare discusses how urban miners in Ghana, who taught themselves basic electronics with recyclables found in scrapyards, were connected with students and young professionals. The result of this innovative collaboration is a steadily growing peer-to-peer maker community that is fuelling a grassroots economy.

Companies like IKEA and Accenture are following in Google’s footsteps to stay ahead of the curve

Home Depot, IKEA, and Accenture are among the major companies that are beginning to use innovation labs. In this article from Business Insider UK, Shana Lebowitz examines the kinds of labs being developed by these companies – specifically how they are being used to attract and retain new talent, as well as harness a spirit of value-driving ‘intrapreneurship’.

Time to Light a Fire: 5 Strategies for Building a Culture of Innovation

This Industry Week article covers effective strategies that contribute to the culture of innovation within the construction material manufacturing sector. These range from open innovation initiatives, to R&D strategies, to adopting reliable metrics supported by big data sets.

Transforming The Transformative: The CMO’s Role In Leading Digital Transformation

“By mastering the right balance of business and technology capabilities, Chief Marketing Officers can transcend their roles within their organizations to become next-generation digital transformation leaders.” In this Forbes article, author Kristin Hambelton explains how CMOs must adapt to meet the demands of the changing digital transformation landscape.

How to Design an Effective Digital Innovation Campaign

This incredibly insightful article provides you with a list of Dos and Don’ts in order to create an effective and smoothly run digital innovation campaign which will not only help you find answers to the strategic challenges you are facing, but will help you find the right answers.

How to create a vision for digital transformation at your company

“We used to talk about avoiding the Kodak moment. Now, we worry about our Uber moment—the day we realize we didn’t take advantage of these technologies and somebody else came along and did.” MIT researcher Jeanne Ross said this about incoming digital transformation, and also had a surprising comment to say to companies who want to embrace digital transformation: “Calm down...

HBR: Why Do Open Innovation Efforts Fail?

Open innovation promises to boost creative output, but we have not heard much about the successful launches of new tech, products, or services through open innovation. This article uses NASA as a case study to show why open innovation is good with finding answers, but not so good at implementing them.

Accenture & Bloomberg: Adapting to Digital Disruption

Accenture Chairman and CEO Pierre Nanterme speaks with John Micklethwait, the Bloomberg Editor-in-Chief, at Bloomberg’s Sooner Than You Think. They discuss how the private and public sectors can capitalize on the innovations that are changing the future of work.

Benefits of Incremental Innovation

This article outlines three types of innovation – the Moonshot (think Uber or Waze), the Pivot (Tiffany, Nintendo) and Incremental Innovation. The author goes on to explain why incremental innovation is his ideal pick for corporate innovation.

Digital transformation and the CIO: Everything you need to know today

Everyone knows digital transformation is incoming, and not embracing it can be disastrous for your company. This article goes into specifics, discussing the impact digital transformation can have on the world of IT and the role of the Chief Information Officer.

Think Innovation Isn’t Part of Your Day Job? Here’s Why It Should Be

Innovation is seen as the job of those in dedicated innovation groups, or tech workers. However, when you look at innovation as a part of your role, you can capitalize on big opportunities which others are missing. This article presents four questions you can ask which will help you decide whether innovation should be a part of your day job.

How Monsanto CIO talks about digital transformation

James Swanson, the CIO at Monsanto, the global leader in agrochemical and agricultural biotechnology, discusses digital transformation. He explains how Monsanto harnesses their employees towards the goal of digital transformation,and some of the benefits which have come from harnessing digital transformation.

How to rekindle your innovation culture

If you don’t innovate, your company will die. If you don’t innovate efficiently, your company will die. So what’s left? Building an innovation process and culture is not something that comes naturally, but the alternatives are good motivation for why you should do so. This article shows several ways you can foster innovation in your company, both internally as well...

Innovation Timing

Almost as important as your innovation itself is your innovation timing. When time to market takes priority over innovation quality, or when you ignore milestones in early stages of your innovation process, your innovation will suffer. Apple is a company that does innovation timing right. Tesla didn’t, and is now paying the price. 

The Bigger the Back End, the More the Pushback.

Creating a culture of innovation in your company is a necessity, as without innovation, your company will be left in the competition’s dust. But like every new step your company will take, this too will be met with resistance from those who have a stake in the game. This article provides you with some helpful advice on how to manage...

Innovation Sighting: Task Unification in Samsung’s New Smart TV

There is a term in innovation called Task Unification, which works by assigning an additional task to an existing resource. In essence, you are taking something around you and giving it an additional job. One example of this is Samsung’s new QLED TV, which is now able to smoothly blend itself into the surrounding decor when the TV is off,...

Productivity Limits and the Impact of Innovation – How to Beat Amazon

Gartner’s Information (or productivity) Yield Curve describes the relationship between investment and the efficiency with which a given output or performance is achieved. Amazon is not only on that curve, but in all likelihood, determines where that curve is for everyone else.  Now, Gartner writer Andrew White has come up with a way in which companies can beat Amazon at...

Digital Disruption and Your Workforce

Research by Accenture shows that 82% of business leaders anticipate their organizations will be digital within three years. Moreover, being digital is not just something that is a CEO’s fancy, a new buzzword to play around with. Employees also want your business to become digital. Read this article to learn six reasons why your employees want you to be digital.

IBM unveils ‘world’s smallest computer’ with blockchain at Think 2018

At Think2018, IBM’s flagship conference, IBM unveiled what they claim is the world’s smallest computer: the power of an x86 chip and smaller than a grain of salt. As an added bonus, IBM says each one will cost under 10 cents to manufacture. Working with blockchain, at the moment it seems that the computer’s main purpose will be to track shipments...

A simple artificial heart could permanently replace a failing human one

At any given point in time, there are approximately 4,000 people in the US waiting for a heart transplant. On average, they will wait six months to get one, though some of them will die waiting. Now, a team at Oregon Health & Science University have created an artificial heart with a single moving piece and no valves. Testing is...

Machine learning spots treasure trove of elusive viruses

Researchers at the at the Department of Energy’s Joint Genome Institute in Walnut Creek, California have used artificial intelligence to discover nearly 6,000 previously unknown species of virus. Other studies at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles and the University of São Paulo in Brazil are also taking advantage of machine learning to learn more about viruses than ever before. Derya Unutmaz,...

The two major factors driving digital transformation

There are numerous reasons why businesses choose to embark on a path of digital transformation, the simplest being because everyone else is doing it and they also should in order to remain competitive. The two main causes for digital transformation, according to this article, are increasing customer expectations, and the benefits digital transformation can afford large organizations. Do you agree?

6 reasons to host a design thinking or innovation event within your organization

There are many benefits to holding an innovation event in your organization, far beyond just the innovation output that is created at these form of events. When done right, an innovation event can have a uniquely positive impact on the culture of innovation at the organization, as well as on the employees. This article provides six benefits to going beyond...

The U.S. Drops Out of the Top 10 in Innovation Ranking

For the first time since Bloomberg’s Innovation Index came out, the US has fallen out of the top 10, while South Korea and European countries are taking control of the list. Why is this, and what is propelling the innovation drive in these countries?

Leadership Lesson: 5 ways to puncture stagnation and innovate innovation

Without innovation, business stagnate. But what happens when innovation stagnates? This article provides a set of steps you can use to reignite innovation in your organization. One example presented is Ford, which launched a company-wide innovation initiative in 2006, and as a result, was the only automotive producer who did not need a bailout during the 2008 financial crisis.

A discussion on Corporate and Startup Collaboration with the Global Innovation Director at Nestlé.

Gerardo Mazzeo is the Global Innovation Director at Nestlé, a company, with 335,000 employees and over 2,000 brands in almost 190 countries. In this article, hear him talk about their open innovation platform, HENRi@Nestlé, run on the Qmarkets Q-max platform, and how engaging startups on innovation projects has borne fruit for Nestle’s innovation processes.

How Israel’s Oldest Bank Is Engaging Employees to Become a Leader in Banking Innovation

In 2013, Bank Leumi embarked on a journey to make innovation one of its prime strategic goals. In order to achieve this goal, the Bank undertook an initiative to change their corporate culture, so every employee would see innovation as part of their daily work; an aim they should constantly aspire to. As part of the new corporate strategy, Leumi...

Mismatch between CEOs and investors could hold back transformation efforts

In the age of digital disruption, the classic market players keep looking over their shoulder as newcomers leverage new innovative technologies to cut into their market share. Traditional businesses know that transforming operations to meet these disruptors head on is the key to staving off the new competition. CEOs, however, are torn between staying the course or completely rethinking their...

Talent And Diversity Drive Barclays Digital Innovation

Barclays has been a bank for 300 years, and is one of the world’s leading innovative players in the FinTech industry. Read this interesting article which explores the culture of innovation at Barclays, Barclays Accelerator – the first FinTech accelerator to be run by a financial organization, and the steps Barclays are taking to remain an innovation powerhouse in the...

Why your innovation lab is failing

Innovation labs are a very popular way for companies to focus their innovation efforts and channel them into ways to move forward in an ever-changing and ever-disrupting digital climate. Some companies, like Google with their innovation lab, X, have done this quite successfully, but others see their labs flounder and fail. This article presents several reasons why these labs aren’t...

When it comes to creativity, are you a sculptor or a painter?

There are many different types of creators and innovators. Some, the painters, look at something and realize what is missing. They then set off to innovate, creating something from scratch. Others, the sculptors, look and see what the problem is, and what shouldn’t be there. They then set out to remove the things holding the innovation back from being a...

Finding Your Company’s Second Act

In July 2016, Pokemon Go became the latest hit to take the world by storm. At the height if its popularity, nearly 30 million people were spending at least an hour a day playing Pokemon Go. Three months later, the game virtually disappeared. FitBit, GoPro and TiVo all followed the same path, ballooning rapidly and then fading just as quickly....

The Coming Wave of Digital Disruption

Digital disruption is one of the hottest things occupying the thoughts of executives all over the globe, and every innovation expert worth their salt is spreading the word. However, as Canadian rock band Bachman–Turner Overdrive once said “You ain’t seen nothing yet!” It turns out that in the past 15 years, company value in 36 of the top 39 business sectors...

Lufthansa Technik Saves 40 Million Annually by Using Idea Management System

Qmarkets would like to congratulate Lufthansa Technik on generating 2000 ideas within the first year of using a digital idea management solution, and generating millions in savings for the entire Lufthansa Group. Qmarkets is proud to be Lufthansa’s Innovation partner of choice, and as we enter the third year of our relationship, we look forward to building on this foundation and to...

Open Innovation: The Cooperathon Approach

Open innovation. Hackathons. Collaboration. All innovation buzzwords, and all important. One company, however, decided to combine all three into an overall concept, the Cooperathon. In essence, it’s a hackathon on steroids, but in reality, it’s so much more than that, proving that by listening to your employees, your customers, involving experts and external stakeholders, you can reach innovative success. 

How Attention From Top Managers Impacts Innovation

Innovation often comes from an external source. In many cases, global enterprises will purchase an innovative company and bring them into the fold. In other cases, companies will partner with innovative companies, or just license their product. Intuitively we would think that of the last two, partnering with an external innovative company will by far create the better results, but...

How to Navigate the Politics of an Innovation Project

You would think that innovation is something that everyone in the company would strive for, until you encounter the first barrier put up by one of your colleagues or coworkers. Regardless of the reason, internal politics play an important part in getting innovation off the ground. This interesting article from the Harvard Business Review gives a quick guide in how...

The Disruption That’s Putting Bikeshare Into a Higher Gear

Bikesharing is something that has begun to spread to large cities all over the globe – New York, London, Paris, even Tel Aviv. The scheme is simple, and is growing, the definition of successful innovation. Now, companies are beginning to deploy their disruptive innovation, bikesharing programs without the familiar docks. This article provides four case studies, cities in the US...

Design Thinking 2.0 – Turbo charge how you innovate

While corporate innovation can be expressed or practiced in a myriad of different ways, it seems that a particular method, Design Thinking 2.0, has taken the innovation world by storm. This interesting, in-depth article provides a fundamental look at Design Thinking 2.0: the process, how it ties into the world of corporate innovation, and the human touch which seems to...

Lean Decision Quality: which skills to improve to be innovative?

“Be Innovative!” All you need to do is come up with the next great idea. No biggie, right? The core of innovation, and being innovative, is hiring someone with the skills to be innovative. This is why for your company to truly be innovative, change needs to begin in the HR department. From creating inter-departmental communication lines to hiring people...

4 Ways Leaders Can Get More from Their Company’s Innovation Efforts

Innovation is not linear, it frequently takes the form of an S-curve, advancing slowly until exponentially exploding. Because of its unique shape, many companies have a hard time managing their innovation, treating it in the same linear style they do their normal operations. This interesting article provides four tips to differentiate between the two and set your innovation program on...

Failure in Innovation, what does it really teach you?

Failure is a crucial part of innovation, some would even argue that failure is even more important than success. However, failure for failure’s sake doesn’t do anyone any good, and will just lead to an environment of mediocrity at your organization. Failure, just like success, needs to be channeled, funneled into the relevant areas, where failure will help advance you...

Google X and the Science of Radical Creativity

If a person were asked to name the most innovative company in the world, chances are their immediate, instinctive answer would be Google, followed by Apple. These companies have made global-scale innovation look easy. Now, we dive down to take a close look at X, Google’s innovation factory, where thinking outside the box is considered the norm, and thinking outside...

Why your company’s innovation process is broken (and how to fix it)

In the world of corporate innovation, the competition grows fierce and the consequences for those who fail are dire. With so much at stake, companies are doing all they can to stave off disruptive innovation, even if it means that every new thing is now an “Innovation”. Read this interesting article from a member of the Deloitte Venture Path team to learn how...

The Innovation Health Care Really Needs: Help People Manage Their Own Health

Until now, healthcare and healthcare innovation, have focused almost entirely on the provider, creating newer and more efficient tests, treatments and administration. Now, innovators have finally begun to take a look at the healthcare from the consumer aspect. With less than 1% of investments going towards helping the consumer manage their own health, companies which put power in the hands of...

In Financial Services Innovation, Disruption Isn’t Everything

Innovation is the lifeline of the finance industry. Without it, your customers will jump ship to the competition and your organization will begin to starve for oxygen to keep breathing. But before you innovate, you need to know what exactly innovation is. We take a look at the difference between invention and innovation, when the former becomes the latter, and...

Four ways to innovate for growth

Studies show that business which are the most successful will follow innovation strategies which mesh closely with their business strategies. This axiomatic-sounding conclusion, however, is anything but, as companies try to “reinvent the wheel”. This article outlines four ways to innovate for successful growth that can be paired with the current business strategy at your company. Which of these innovation...

Uber – A Story Of Destructive Creation

So much praise has been sung about Uber, the archetypical disruptive innovator, that it seems that they can do no wrong. Recent events, however, have shown us otherwise. The culture, leadership and business model at Uber have all come under the microscope recently, and Uber now needs to respond, and respond quickly if they are to stay at the forefront...

Historic heart procedure performed – in 19 minutes

When Max Morton’s heart began critically failing, doctors prepped for surgery. Traditionally, emergency open-heart surgery would be performed in order to replace the heart’s failing valve, But Morton’s risk of dying as a result of the surgery was “30 per cent … if not higher.” Instead, Dr. David Wood and his team at Vancouver General Hospital performed a procedure, called a...

BMW Says Its 2021 i Flagship Will Be Level 5 Autonomous

Autonomous cars are not new. Google, Uber and several others are now working on creating autonomous cars. Now, one of the world’s largest automobile makers is raising the bar. BMW has stated that their 2021 i-series car will not only be all electric, but will be capable of level 3, 4 and 5 autonomous driving, meaning that it will be capable...

Algorithm Predicts If Twitter Users Are Becoming Mentally Ill

We’re all familiar with Twitter, and even more familiar with the amount of data our social media profiles can reveal about us. Now, a team of American scientists is using Twitter as a tool to predict depression PTSD and other ailments. A supervised learning algorithm was able to detect markers of depression in Twitter users, as well as signs of depression,...

A four-action framework for blue-ocean innovation

When we look at disruptive innovation, we take a look at the current market offering and see how we can come up with something so radical, so game-changing, it will completely realign the market with your company at the forefront. Disruptive innovation is something we should all continue seeking to achieve, but this article provides a four-step program to achieve...

Tech Leaders Stress Adaptability and the Importance of Failure

Failure goes hand in hand with innovation. You can’t have  one without the other. However, rather than fearing and being worried about failure, true innovators should embrace it, as without running the risk of failure, they’ll never know what doesn’t work, using that to learn what does work. At the Gartner Symposium in Orlando, speakers from Reddit, Lonely Planet, the...

Recognising when the music’s changed

Tom Petty was one of the first to recognize the potential digital music had to disrupt the recording industry, and blasted record companies for scaring away fans instead of trying to attract them. Now, nearly two decades later, the same story is repeating itself, with managers fearing that organization leaders just don’t realize the potential digital disruption has to change, or even...

Innovating for the future of cross-border payments in collaboration with banks and FinTech startups

The financial world is at the forefront of innovation, and fintech is one of the fastest evolving markets, disrupting what is perhaps the world’s largest traditional market. Now, demands from customers as well as a push for transparency from regulators, alongside the incoming disruptive innovation from FinTech companies is transforming the conservative world of correspondent banking. Read this interesting analysis...

10 Powerful Innovation Principles for Market Disruption

Corporate mortality is on the rise, a frightening and yet inevitable fate for any enterprise that can’t keep up with the market and incoming disruptions. Continuous innovation, a difficult but effective method of innovation, can hold off this fate for companies that innovate properly. This article provides 10 principles of innovation to help your organization improve its chances of success....

Frankfurt Finance Innovation Leader Tour 2017

With only one week left to register, and with nearly all open spots taken, there is limited space left to take part in Qmarkets’ and Steinbeis’ Finance Innovation Leader Tour. Next Thursday, the 28th of November in Frankfurt, this gathering of innovation leaders and experts will present a rare opportunity to engage in discussions around the most important challenges faced...

What The Banking Industry Can Learn From Nokia’s Demise

There used to be a time when Nokia was the king of the cellphone, and the only question wasn’t whether you had a Nokia phone, rather which model Nokia you had. Ten years ago Nokia was valued at $100 Billion. Last year, Microsoft sold Nokia for $350 million. Why the drop in fortunes, how do disruptive and sustaining innovation apply...

A Stanford Professor Offered the Best Definition of Radical Innovation You Will Ever Hear

Radical, or disruptive innovation, are not new things. References to the concept can be found as early as the first half of the 1930’s. However, among all the drab, business-esque attempts to define radical or disruptive innovation, this one quote by Stanford Prof. Gary Hamel stands out from the rest:

Innovation lessons I learned as a chef – systematic experimentation

In his first article which we shared, Amdocs innovation expert Shachaf Snir listed the things he learned as a chef which serve him true as an innovation leader. In the next article in the series, Snir discusses why chefs and innovators both need a daily “Specials” menu, and what are some of the steps restaurants take to improve their menus...

7 Trends for Organizational Innovation and Learning

We recently shared an excellent article by Dr. Darin Eich, outlining themes in organizational innovation that were a result of interviews with over 100 innovation leaders at global corporations and organizations. The author hasn’t rested since then, however, and now shares several more trends used by innovation leaders to increase innovation at their organizations. How many of these are you...

What Your Innovation Process Should Look Like

One of the truisms which we keep repeating is that innovation is more than just brainstorming for a good idea, innovation is a process intended to help you not only find the idea, but bring it to fruition as well. Now, the Harvard Business Review supports this by releasing an “innovation process guide”:

Digital disruption is not a zero-sum game

The general assumption is that digital disruption has a clear winner and a clear loser, such as the case with Kodak: incoming disruption was too strong for to withstand, and Kodak suffered for it. At GIC Insights 2017, GIC (Singapore’s foreign reserves investment fund) reached a different conclusion – as long as customer experience is at the forefront of a company’s...

New Business Models, Disruptive Tech Driving M&A: Deloitte

It used to be that innovation came from within, a company came up with an idea, developed and marketed it. Now, companies are focusing more than ever on Mergers & Acquisitions, with Deloitte’s M&A Index 2017 report showing that spending on disruptive innovation-related sectors reached $291 billion in 2016, four times what it was in 2012.  73% of those asked agreed that M&A...

5 Ways to Drive Disruptive Innovation in Healthcare

Innovation in healthcare is a hot topic, and the healthcare field is one of the most quickly advancing fields today. Despite this, healthcare is considered an outlier when it comes to innovation, and the usual “risk taking” related to innovation is on the lives of living and breathing human people. In that case, then, how can the healthcare field innovate?...

Disruptive Innovation: 3 Key Takeaways From InterswitchConnect 2017

Is there anyone who has not heard of the term “Disruptive Innovation”? Today, it seems that even the most mundane of innovations are hailed as the next “disruptive” innovation. But what is real disruption? Innovation speaker and best selling author Brett King provides three key takeaways on disruption and disruptive innovation:

Innovation Trix You Can Learn From Breakfast Children’s Cereal

We all want to be at the forefront of innovation. We see a trend and we jump right on the bandwagon, thinking that if we conform to the trend, we’ll have a surefire hit on our hands. Unfortunately, innovation doesn’t always work like that, and for a perfect example of innovation not working, we need to look no further than...

​Thinking like a start-up: Oil and gas innovation needs to go beyond just cool new gadgets

BP once rebranding themselves as “Beyond Peteroleum”, investing heavily in wind and solar energy. Then the 2010 Deepwater Horizon disaster took place, and climate change slipped on the public radar, and so BP found themselves short on cash needed to pay off the fines related to the spill, and behind the curve, as all their investments in wind and solar weren’t as...

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