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Is White-Collar Gig Economy the Secret to Faster Innovation?

Sifted share how tapping into a marketplace of professional skills, corporates could go from running 3-4 experiments to running 40. Here they explore the secrets to this faster innovation.

How Apple Is Organized for Innovation

HBR discuss why Apple don’t have a conventional structure for an organization their size, and how this has provided many innovation benefits. It’s all about experts leading experts.

Ideating at Enexis – Driving Operational Innovation in Dutch Energy Sector

In this interview with Enexis, one of the Netherland’s largest energy suppliers, they share how they have overcome innovation stagnation and how they have managed to engage their workforce in the fight against this issue. This has resulted in millions of Euros in cost savings and improved company wide safety. Check out the full interview to discover the strategy behind...

Anonymous Innovation Inspiration

This week’s innovation inspiration comes from an unknown farmer’s wife, Susan McCord. She carried the same character traits of some of the most famous innovators including curiosity, tendencies towards problem solving, and tenacity. She applied these to her everyday life on a farm and created extraordinary quilt patterns and is today known as a quilt making genius. By adopting these...

How six companies are using technology and data to transform themselves

In this study from Mckinsey & Co, they talk to six companies including Goldman Sachs and Levi Strauss on winning the digital transformation battle, and share the key to their success.

To Foster Innovation, Cultivate a Culture of Intellectual Bravery

In this article from Harvard Business Review, find out how leaders can promote intellectual bravery and bring about the qualities required for innovation – boldness and creativity.

From innovative to invincible: how successful companies blend startup spirit with corporate management

New book ‘The Invincible Company’ by consultancy Strategyzer, which shares descriptions of successful business models and lessons  for cultural transformation in business. Find out more in this article from Your Story

Digital transformation: 5 proven ways to get skeptics on board

Throughout this year, industries have had to completely change how they do business. To foster buy-in for large scale digital transformation, consider these techniques in this article from The Enterprises Project.

What’s Your Recommended Innovation Read?

Join our new weekly feature on social where we’ll be asking the Qmarkets’ community a ‘question of the week’. We want to hear from you, the innovation leaders, practitioners, and tinkerers that follow us…

The Role of Innovation in New Product Development: Three Approaches for Success

In this Qmarkets’ blog we share three approaches that can make the Fuzzy Front End innovation stage of the New Product Development process more efficient and cost effective. We also dive in to how top brands such as Apple, Dyson, and Lego have adopted these approaches to become leaders in their fields.

Are You Really Innovating Around Your Customers’ Needs?

Companies usually believe they are customer-centric yet just tend to enhance their offerings. In this article from HBR they describe three ways companies can come up with truly customer centric innovative ideas.

The committed innovator: An interview with Kellogg’s Nigel Hughes

Nigel Hughes, the head of R&D at Kellogg company  shares his insight with McKinsey on how to capture opportunity and why recapturing the energy of a start-up is key to innovation in the CPG industry.

Why Big Companies Can’t Scale Up Innovation

Large companies now  innovate but often the results aren’t always as good as they could be, and innovation projects tend to lose momentum. In this article from Sifted, Capgemini share the three key reasons why this could be.

Building a Faster, Smarter, Safer Digital Transformation

COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 has forced companies to fast-track digital transformation to support the dramatic shift in the way we work. CIO share the three critical capabilities IT needs to develop to accelerate DX initiatives.

The Ultimate Guide to Help Large Organizations Manage Open Innovation

In this handbook we’ve gathered all our expert knowledge to break down open innovation for you. We’ve defined the various methodologies, specified a range of open innovation partners you can target, and illustrated the Top 5 Best Practices to help you implement this growth driving strategy.

IT Evangelist and Digital Creator at 81

Meet our new innovation inspiration, Masako Wakamiya from Kanagawa Japan! Three years ago she noticed the lack of fun game apps for senior citizens and created her own, inspired by a traditional Japanese doll festival, at the age of 81. Watch this video to see how she has become IT evangelist and digital creator, who now empowers other senior citizens...

3 Ways to De-Risk Corporate-Startup Innovation Like Volvo and Samsung.

Corporations are under extra pressure to innovate with tighter budgets. Opportunities today may be gone in 30 days. Sifted discusses how to make corporate innovation efforts less risky, faster and more cost-effective.

How Agile Transformation is Different From Digital Transformation

Customer Think explains how it is necessary for every organization to undergo business transformation to compete effectively but to adopt the right approach, find out the difference between digital and agile transformation.

Killing Innovation in the Pharma Industry

Why do big pharma incumbents buy startups? LBS research finds major players may be acquiring targets simply to shut down potentially threatening and competitive projects, and pre-empt future competition.

How Innovation Is Helping Fight Global Hunger

Innovators are joining forces to alleviate suffering caused by hunger in ingenious and unexpected ways. From utilizing iris scanning technology to pay for food, to engineering low-tech hydroponics kits, Forbes explores more.

Self-Disrupting to Drive Transformation at Philip Morris International

In this insight-packed case study discover how innovation at Philip Morris International led the American transnational cigarette and tobacco manufacturing company to recognize the critical importance of adopting a more customer-oriented strategy, supported by Nova – PMI’s idea management platform powered by Qmarkets’ technology.

Rügenwalder Mühle Sees 50% Increase in Meat-Free Sales

We’re taking innovation inspiration from German meat producers Rügenwalder Mühle, who have innovated their products to meet the needs of the growing market of customers who are looking for sustainable and ethical food. The 186 year old company started to create the veggie and vegan options in 2014, and are now more profitable from these products than their traditional meat...

Is the CFO now Digital Transformation’s Biggest Ally?

According to research CEOs now depend heavily on both the CIO and CFO to effectively drive digital transformation. As technology evolves at an ever growing pace, so must the C-Suite to keep up with digital transformation.

What Really Prevents Companies From Thriving in a Pandemic

Harvard Business Review explores how readiness to respond to crisis can be essential in thriving throughout a pandemic, and discusses why this isn’t always so easy.

4 Ways to Design Employee Experience in the Remote Era

Firms in the top 25% for employee experience are more agile, have higher customer satisfaction rates, and are more profitable. MIT shares 4 ways you can implement good EE.

How one community improved COVID-19 nursing home care with collaboration and communication

Read about a team who has developed a collaborative care model for nursing homes in their community. Bringing together hospitals, physician groups, community agencies and health departments to figure out how they can work collectively to improve outcomes for care home residents during the pandemic.

The Inventor of the Pixel – Russell Kirsch

Read the incredible story of Russell Kirsch, who recently died at the age of 91. Kirsch was a computer scientist who worked with the first programmable computer in the US. In 1957 he started experimenting with digital images and through his experiments created the world’s first digital photo – and with this, he invented the pixel!

Growing Strong: How A Dedicated Continuous Improvement Process Can Nurture Corporate Innovation

In this article we explore why using dedicated tools for your continuous improvement strategies can benefit your innovation ecosystem by creating tailored workflows that can be automated and more efficiently implemented, all whilst supporting your bigger innovation strategies.

Gearing up for Radical Post-Covid Innovation

Throughout the pandemic innovation has never been so important and called for breakthrough thinking. But what changes will be sustained? Marketing Week explores what the post-covid world will look like.

Is a ‘Hesitancy Gap’ Stalling Digital Transformation ?

A new report suggests that digital transformation projects are falling onto the back burner due to a ‘hesitancy gap’, but as the pandemic has forced companies to adapt quickly, businesses need to embrace change.

IT Giants Intel Launch Ideation Platform

Intel Business Innovation Team has launched Qmarkets’ idea management platform to collect innovative ideas and solutions from employees of specific internal business units.

Changing How We Think About Change…

Innovation is not in itself a strategy but the mechanism for achieving change. A major challenge is knowing when to stay the course and when to change direction.

Civic Engagement in the age of COVID-19, BLM & Economic Recovery

Global lockdowns, Black Lives Matter protests, and economic downturn have given communities and public sector institutions much to dwell on. In this blog we explore how digital civic engagement is crucial in finding solutions to the critical challenges that 2020 has presented so far, by helping tap in to the wealth of knowledge that constituents hold.

The Inspirational Story of the Inventor of the Super Soaker!

Watch the inspirational story of Lonnie Johnson – the inventor of the super soaker. Whilst the toy may have raked $1 billion, that’s not Johnson’s only achievement. He has worked for the Air Force Weapons Lab and NASA to name a few, but today he wants to encourage black children to get into engineering and technology and says that ‘determination...

Idea Management Comes of Age in the Corona Conscious World

Qmarkets’ speak to Raconteur on why idea management is booming, as businesses look for new ways to engage employees, and for new business opportunities

Ericsson Shares How to Grow your Hackathon Culture

The success of Ericsson’s early hackathons, relied on the company having a healthy desire to try new things. Start from the beginning and see how the company took their hackathons global.

Coca-Cola to Streamline its Innovation Process

Coca-Cola are to focus on ‘fewer, but bigger and stronger’ products. The plan is to fine tune their most disruptive brands, to get back on the right level of investment and drive top line growth.

The World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies

Discover the world’s most innovative countries, ranked by financial performance, industry disruption, and how they are viewed by their peers. How does your company compare?

The Innovative ‘Green Shoots’ Emerging from COVID-19 Crisis

Finally, some positive news! All over the world, companies are facing the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic with an unparalleled wave of innovation. The crisis has revealed groundbreaking new ways to manage decentralized work, adapt supply chains, and leverage cutting-edge technologies. This inspiring PYNTS article highlights some of the major innovation opportunities brought to the fore by the crisis.

How Scientists are Crowdsourcing a Coronavirus Treatment

Although there’s currently no cure for COVID-19, scientists are rapidly working on drugs that could help drastically slow its spread. Better still, thanks to crowdsourcing initiatives, everyday citizens have the opportunity to get involved in the process and join medical researchers in their fight against this invisible enemy. Find out more in this article from ‘The Fast Company’.

A Deep Dive Into Remote Work For Our Future Of Work

This insightful Forbes article explores how the COVID-19 pandemic will indelibly change the nature of corporate operations throughout the world, as well as highlight the innumerable benefits of working from home. The shift will also present innumerable opportunities for online innovation collaboration. 

Activating Business Continuity Planning Strategies Globally

In this article from Thrive Global, the Chairman and CEO of Goldman Sachs David Solomon weighs in on how companies support one another and strengthen contingency efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Why Digital Transformation Doesn’t Stop with Technology

In this article, Oracle’s VP of innovation offers key insights on the company’s holistic approach to digital transformation, corporate innovation, and data management.

How Apple & Other Companies Sustain Competitive Innovation

This ITB article explores 5 field-proven ways you can nurture creativity at your enterprise to drive innovation and achieve disruption on the corporate landscape.

Why Coronavirus Will Stimulate Innovation

The COVID-19 pandemic is set to cause an unprecedented wave of innovation, designed for a new way of living and work. Find out how this will impact your business in this Forbes article.

8 Steps for Designing a Coronavirus Crisis Management Plan

Discover powerful strategies that can help safeguard your business during the course of the COVID-19 pandemic in this insight-packed article from Compliance Week.

Fighting the Climate Crisis with Innovation

Businesses large and small are racing to come up with solutions to lower emissions and slow planetary warming. The recent ChangeNOW conference in Paris showcased how companies around the world are tackling the threat of global warming with cutting-edge sustainable innovation projects – from solar-powered ships, to machines that recycle clothing, to bricks made out of fish scales. Find out...

Turning Air Pollution to Art in Ikea’s Indian Innovation Lab

All global, hard-charging companies have secret innovation labs employing thousands of people to research and develop the next breakthrough product. Ikea’s “future-living” lab Space10 in Delhi is running a sustainable innovation project, designed to transform rice straw  – normally burned as leftover waste from the paddy fields – into artistic homeware products for IKEA’s Förändring collection. Find out more in...

5 Ways to Optimize a Hackathon

Running hackathons is a great way to break down silos, foster collaboration around key innovation projects, and improve employee engagement. This insightful blog from TechRepublic covers 5 powerful ways you can optimize your hackathon strategy to unlock more lucrative ideas.

Innovate or Die: What to do as Every Company Becomes a Tech Company

The 2020s are a tough time to be a business leader. Not only do you have to worry about keeping the business running, you also need to ensure you understand how a suite of new technologies will utterly reshape the business landscape. In this CEOworld Magazine article, acclaimed author and business strategist Steve Brown discusses how companies can leverage new...

5 Corporate Innovation Tools and Tactics: How to Choose the Best Option for Your Company

Want to gather groundbreaking ideas that will fuel innovation at your company? We understand it can be difficult to know which approach will work best. That’s why in our latest blog – from our VP of Marketing Eran Tsur – we explore five tools and techniques you can use, regardless of what stage of the innovation journey your enterprise is...

Is Open Innovation Key for the Future of Connected Vehicles?

Software has eclipsed hardware as the main performance driver in today’s car industry. To fuel cutting-edge software development, and achieve greater vehicle connectivity, major auto brands are harnessing the power of open innovation. Find out more in this TechHQ article.

Is Your Innovation Process a Corporate Illusion?

Despite their visual and PR appeal, many innovation labs have generated poor results and low investment returns. As such, some companies have started to question their real value. This INSEAD knowledge article covers six common blind spots that severely constrain the performance of innovation labs, as well as how they can be overcome.

Why Large And Powerful Companies Embrace Open Innovation

Even the largest, most well-established companies tend to appreciate the enormous potential of open innovation. The approach is ideal for ensuring new products and services are truly customer centric. It also offers a way to capture creative and potentially market-disrupting ideas. This Forbes article takes a closer look at why major companies favour open innovation strategies.

A New Model for Crowdsourcing Innovation

Although crowdsourcing can be an effective way to gather groundbreaking ideas, often times logistical difficulties, internal politics, and other impediments prevent these ideas from being brought to life. This Harvard Business Review article explores how major organizations like the Red Cross  are adopting a new crowdsourcing model to amplify innovation ROI.

Innovate, Adapt, Overcome: How to Beat a Recession with Idea Management & Continuous Improvement

In this volatile economic climate, a global recession is an ever-present danger. If your current innovation strategy isn’t propelling your business in stable market conditions, it likely won’t keep you afloat during a financial crisis. But don’t panic! In our latest blog, we provide 5 powerful strategies that will help your business generate major ROI during trying times, and emerge...

5 Lessons George Lucas Taught Us About Innovation

“Do or do not, there is no try,” is a forceful motto that any innovator should adopt. However, the innovation lessons that can be gleaned from George Lucas – the creative genius behind the Star Wars saga – extend far, far beyond the silver screen. This InformationWeek article provides a rundown of 5 winning approaches embodied by Lucas that you...

The Coolest Sustainability Innovations of 2019

From using cockroach farming to reduce food waste, to planning the world’s first 3D-printed neighbourhood, 2019 saw the development of some truly unique and creative innovation endeavors designed to promote sustainability. This Eco-Business blog highlights 19 of the most outstanding examples of environmental innovation projects that emerged worldwide last year.

New head of Airbus BizLab: “We need to take better bets”

Discover how multinational aerospace corporation Airbus is taking innovation to new heights with their BizLab accelerator programme. Since being founded in 2015, the BizLab  has nurtured more than 72 external startups and 54 internal projects – which have raised a collective €23.5m. However, Christian Lindener – New head of Airbus BizLab – is currently looking to take the company’s innovation...

How and Why to Keep Innovation Management on Track

According to Gartner, 85% of growth stalls stem from factors that are avoidable — including a breakdown in innovation management. These breakdowns are often caused by lack of funding, slow product development, and even excessive innovation. This article from Gartner details four powerful tactics you can deploy to help safeguard your enterprise from innovation management stalls, and maximise your ROI...

When Individuals Are More Innovative Than Teams

Although teams tend to outperform individuals when it comes to creating impactful innovations, there are circumstances when lone inventors can give an enterprise a critical creative edge. This Harvard Business Review article explores how ‘modular’ innovation, complemented by expert knowledge, can help an enterprise break new ground.

Digital Transformation: 9 ROI Factors When Upgrading Legacy Systems

Many companies put off modernization efforts due to the complexity and cost involved. However, the ROI that can be gained from digital transformation – as well as the competitive edge it can afford – should not be overlooked. This blog from The Enterprisers Project explores 9 ROI factors companies should take into account, as well as strategies for managing digital...

How open innovation can help make smart cities a reality

To create sustainable smart cities that meet the needs of the populace with cutting-edge technology, governments will need to look beyond think tanks and laboratories. By leveraging open innovation campaigns, governments can gain unique insights from non-traditional partners. Find out more in this SmartCitiesWorld article. You can also check out Qmarkets’ smart city innovation page here:

10 Consumer Trends That Will Spark Innovation In 2020

The current pace of new technology adoption has never been higher, and consumer behaviors are changing just as rapidly. In order to remain competitive, companies will need to adapt their innovation strategies to incorporate new capabilities that meet customer needs. To help you anticipate approaching challenges, this Forbes article lists 10 major consumer trends set to shape the innovation landscape in...

2020 Vision Webinar: Innovation Best Practices for the New Year & Beyond

Are you desperate to boost innovation at your company, but not sure where to start? This quick-hitting webinar course will prepare you to get the most out of your corporate innovation efforts – from developing your initial strategy, to bringing new ideas to life. It will also prepare you to deliver ongoing, repeatable value for your company. Register Now!

How Salesforce, Google, others use tech as a ‘force multiplier’ in sustainability innovation

Want to discover how some of the world’s leading tech companies – including Google and Salesforce – are tackling tpressing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) challenges with pioneering innovation? Be sure to check out this insightful GreenBiz article.

5G and edge computing innovations offer a glimpse of our digital future

Two landmark partnership initiatives – the first from Verizon/Amazon, the second from AT&T/Microsoft – illustrate the extent to which 5G mobile communications and edge computing, is shaping the digital future. Discover more about this fascinating trend in this article from Verdict.

5 Retail Innovation Trends the Reshaped 2019

Want to gain an insight on what forces will shape the retail landscape in the decade to come? From transformations in customer service technology, to social media shopping and advances in the delivery and brick-and-mortar experience, this SMARTERCX article explores the innovations reshaping retail in 2019 and beyond.

Cities need to innovate to improve transportation and reduce emissions

To ensure that the smart cities of the 21st century are sustainable, substantial innovation efforts need to be made towards reducing emissions in public transport. This article from ‘the conversation’ explores where innovation initiatives – designed to locate and implement greener alternatives – can best be concentrated. 

Why AI won’t replace human inventors

In the fast-paced world of AI development, the stuff of science fiction is increasingly becoming standard practice. Advanced AI can process complex data to unify innovation with automation and create new tools for invention. However, as Edd Gent points out in this Raconteur article, AI will never be a substitute for human ingenuity – but rather, an important catalyst for...

Digital transformation: 3 people pain points

Regardless of project size and complexity, the primary challenges of digital transformation always boil down to people. By setting clear goals, empowering team members, and establishing transparent communication, you can help ensure your digital transformation initiatives are primed for success. This blog from The Enterprisers Project highlights the three pain points that frequently hinder digital transformation.

What Companies That Are Good at Innovation Get Right

How can you ensure that your technology scouting initiatives, accelerator programs, and ideation campaigns lead to something substantive – rather than just ‘innovation theatre’? Find out in this comprehensive article from Harvard Business Review, detailing the best practices implemented by the world’s most innovative companies.

Ford Motor Company and McDonald’s USA give vehicles a caffeine boost

Could the powerful properties of coffee soon be put to use in the transportation sector? McDonald’s USA and the Ford Motor Company will soon be putting this to the test, using coffee beans and chaff in vehicle parts such as the headlamp housing, hood components, and more. Find out more in this BP&R article.

How to fight rare diseases with radically open innovation

After being diagnosed with a mysterious and likely terminal disease, medical student David Fajgenbaum refused to give in. He relentlessly pursued a cure from his hospital bed and, after assessing a wide array of sources, developed an innovative treatment that led to his recovery. Today, David is pioneering a new approach to fighting rare diseases through open innovation. Discover more...

Adding Eye Candy: 4 Visual Best Practices to Boost Engagement on Your Idea Generation Platform

When it comes to boosting engagement on your innovation platform, it’s crucial to ensure that you are making use of all the visual options at your disposal. After all, it’s estimated that the brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text. In our latest blog, we share some visual configuration best practices that are used by the world’s most innovative...

Toys to Tackle Climate Change

During a 2017 trip to a remote coastal community in Northern Canada, young inventor Ann Makosinski was horrified by the levels of burnt trash and pollution she found there. The following year,  she hit upon an idea of creating a range of toys to teach kids about renewable energy. The cute, brightly colored characters would make sounds, spin, or light...

Celebrating the ’12 innovations of Christmas’ – a Festive Infographic from Qmarkets

Ever wondered why Santa wears a red suit or where candy canes originated from? The beloved traditions of the Christmas season are so well-established that it’s easy to forget that they resulted from incremental innovations. This holiday season, we’ve created an infographic celebrating 12 of the most creative (and unusual) innovations of Christmas. Click the link below to check it...

Want to Innovate Like Netflix? Boost Your Data in Three Steps

A major driving force behind the monumental success of Netflix has been the company’s skilful use of consumer data to drive innovation. By gleaning insights into customer preferences and usage habits in real time, the company has been able to inform effective strategies and amplify continuous improvement. This article from ITProPortal explores how you can leverage Netflix’ winning strategy to...

Innovative Lessons from the Miracle Mets of 1969

The rise of the New York Mets, from worst team in the league to 1969 World Series winners, is one of the great sporting triumphs of the last century. It also presents a wealth of continuous improvement lessons that translate into the world of business. In this article, Len Ferman explains how companies can hit more innovation ‘home runs’ by...

“Kill Zombies” and 5 Other Top Tips on Innovation, by 12 Leading CEOs

What are the 5 key traits that distinguish innovation leaders? Find out in this insight-packed article from Computer Business Review. In it, Edward Targett explores how focusing on speed, customer-centric thinking, data-driven decision making, and other important factors can amplify successful corporate innovation.

What Kind of Chief Innovation Officer Does Your Company Need?

Hiring a new Chief Innovation Officer (CINO) for your company can be daunting. However, by clarifying your expectations and developing a clear overarching innovation strategy, the process can be made much easier. This Harvard Business Review article examines the five major “types” of CINO’s and their areas of speciality to help you in the hiring process.

5 Common Digital Transformation Misconceptions to Avoid

Digital transformation often involves making radical changes to accommodate emerging trends. As such, it’s important for decision makers to avoid misreading or misinterpreting trends when developing their strategies. This TechRadar article highlights 5 common myths about digital transformation that can stymie progress.

This is the Golden Age of Innovation

In a recent experiment undertaken at the University of California, a 53 quantum qubit computer solved a mathematical problem that would take the next fastest computer 10,000 years to calculate… in just three minutes! Discover the major implications this quantum leap has for corporate innovation in this article from ‘The Hill’.

Qmarkets Fall Product Release 2019: Making Innovation Engagement Easy

At Qmarkets, we know better than anyone that even a single strategic change or optimization can have a huge impact. After all, this is what we’ve been helping our customers to achieve for over a decade. Naturally, this approach also informs our R&D strategy; we invest a lot of time to ensure that we make the right changes and not...

Amazon Shares 6 Ways It Creates a Culture of Innovation and How You Can Too

Want to gain actionable innovation strategies from the world’s largest retailer? This Inc. Magazine article explores how Amazon empowers employees to think outside of the box, embrace experimentation, and sustain productive ideation. It also examines Amazon’s long-term approach to innovation, and how the company is investing in education to cultivate more groundbreaking ideas.

Honey, I shrunk the R&D cost: How ‘open innovation’ can sharpen competitive edge

To accelerate growth and keep disruption at bay, companies across all sectors must leverage external resources – be it research, intellectual property, or financial channels. This is where open innovation can prove invaluable. This Economic Times article examines how SMEs can benefit from embracing a collaborative open innovation strategy.

Digital transformation: 11 emerging lessons

Without implementing the right techniques, digital transformation can quickly lapse into digital stagnation. This blog from The Enterprisers Project details 11 cutting-edge strategies that will help you take your transformational efforts from strength to strength, as well as open your enterprise up to lucrative opportunities.

The Art Of Innovation Management

Having a repeatable means to uncover great ideas is fundamental for driving innovation. However, it’s just as important to have a system in place for developing, testing, and implementing these ideas for maximum effect. This BW Businessworld article explores how enterprises can achieve this through innovation management.

Combine AI With Crowdsourcing and What Do You Get? Turbocharged Innovation

The traditional approach to corporate innovation has involved relying on intermittent ‘Eureka!’ moments to drive disruptive change. However, recent studies have shown that the implementation of AI has the potential to uncover deep structural patterns that inform lucrative ideation. You can get the whole story in this SingularityHub article.

These Worm-Like Robots Could One Day Build Spaceships

From little things, big things grow! This piece from Popular Mechanics zooms in on how small, flexible ‘worm’ robots could one day be programmed to assemble large and complex structures. NASA and Airbus SE are sponsoring research into the construction and repair applications of this kind of innovative technology – which has the potential to be much cheaper and simpler...

Qmarkets #1 in Fall 2019 Idea Management Software Report from G2

Qmarkets was highlighted as both a Momentum Leader and a Grid Leader in the most recent idea management software report from G2 – the world’s largest tech marketplace. Taking into account a sophisticated combination of KPIs and data points across hundreds of user reviews, G2’s Fall 2019 Report™ provides the most accurate possible overview of the idea management software landscape.

Innovation: How to Get Your Great Ideas Approved

To drive disruptive, sector-leading innovation, strong support from corporate leadership is vital. After all, the leadership team should play a pivotal role in deciding how ideas are assessed, improved, and ultimately implemented. This ZDNet article explores how a top down approach to innovation can lead to sustained ideation and substantial ROI.

Digital Transformation: Companies are Either Too Scared or Not Scared Enough

Most companies fail to embrace digital transformation for one of two reasons. They either fear the prospect of altering their fragile/complex corporate ecosystem excessively, or not enough. This article from Verdict explores why overcoming these barriers is integral for futureproofing your enterprise.

Watch Elon Musk Unveil His Latest Plan For Conquering Mars

Elon Musk and the team at SpaceX have made a giant leap towards building cities on Mars with their paradigm-shifting Starship rocket project. With a test flight scheduled in just a few months time, this rocket is the prototype for the kind of vehicles that could be sending humans to the red planet in just a few short years! To...

Goldman is Crowdsourcing Ideas from its Employees to Find the Next Billion-Dollar Start-Up

Even major multinational investment banks like Goldman Sachs are feeling the pressure to harness employee innovation in order to withstand disruption. The company recently launched a major crowdsourcing competition, harnessing the input from 500 worker teams to find lucrative startup ideas. The competition has resulted in several breakthrough results for Goldman Sachs, including the launch of a new cybersecurity automation...

How to Spot an Intrapreneur at Your Company: The 5 Essential Traits to Look for

When it comes to attracting profit-driving ideas to your enterprise, intrapreneurs are an invaluable resource. This Entrepreneur blog covers the top 5 traits that distinguish intrapreneurs and how to make the most of their talents for innovation.

5 Things Leaders Do That Stifle Innovation

To keep innovation efforts productive in the long term, corporate leaders need to be mindful of the pitfalls that reduce ROI and disengage employees. This new article from Harvard Business Review takes a closer look at what these pitfalls are, how they can be avoided, and what enterprises need to do to prime their innovation strategy for success.

5 Corporate Innovation Trends of 2019 Set to Disrupt the Business Landscape in 2020

2020 is right around the corner, and companies across all industries can’t afford to ignore the major innovation trends set to dominate the new decade. To help you gain a ‘2020’ perspective of the emerging corporate landscape, our latest blog highlights 5 major trends in technology, management, and business model development that will set the pace for innovation in the...

Generating Innovations from the Most Unlikely Places – Ted Talk

In this TED tal, Aisa Mijeno – a faculty member of Engineering and the Innovation Labs Director of De La Salle University – discusses the importance of ’embracing the unexpeceted’ when it comes to innovation in order to cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit and uncover outstanding ideas.

5 Essential Books for Spurring Innovation

There’s no exception! If you want to be a great innovation leader, you’ll need to be an extensive innovation reader. However, due to the sheer amount of corporate innovation books available, it can be hard to select the works that will be most worth your time. Fortunately, this article from Big Think lists 5 essential books that will spark your...

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