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Click to Watch! Scaling Innovation at Intel Webinar

In this exciting live webinar, Viki Almog-Ayzenberg from Intel shares the process she employed to help the company successfully scale up their innovation program within just 18 months. This exclusive session includes best practices, lessons learned, potential pitfalls, and much more. Click here to view the recording immediately!

Five Digital Innovation Trends That will Dominate the Decade Ahead

In this excellent article from EY, Strategy Lead Jim Little shares five major trends which will underpin the next decade of digital innovation. Including some surprising statistical findings, this is a great read for innovation leaders as we head into 2022.

Seven Myths and Missteps of Innovation Culture

The most successful innovative companies are often those with a strong innovation culture at the foundation. However, as Sifted recently shared, there are some important myths and missteps that must be avoided in order to achieve that. Take a look and see if you recognise any from your company!

The Top 25 Most Influential Innovators of 2021

Here’s a fascinating list of Innovation Leader’s top 25 most influential innovators. Including some well-known names (hi, Elon), as well as a few innovators you may not have heard of. It’s interesting to see what separates these leaders from the rest, and the dramatic impact that can have on the companies they work for…

How to Think About Measuring Innovation

As Peter Drucker famously said, “What gets measured gets managed.” In this excellent blog from Theos Stamoulis at Fjord shares some advice on the critical topic of building an agile measurement framework for corporate innovation.

A Simple Invention that Could Help 2.5 Billion People – and NASA

In our innovation inspiration article this week, discover how Prof. Moran Bercovici and Dr. Valeri Frumkin developed cheap technology for making optic lenses, with the potential to produce glasses for developing nations where many have no access to them. Now, NASA says it could be used to make space telescopes. Check out this interesting article from Haaretz to discover how...

How to Get Your Whole Company to Buy into Open Innovation

Open innovation is based on the idea that, in a world of distributed knowledge, companies can’t afford to rely solely on their internal research and development. Instead, they should open up. However, it can be difficult to get the whole business on board. Sifted share tips on how to charm the rest of the company into buying your innovation ideas.

Remote Work Can Be Better for Innovation Than In-Person Meetings

Scientific American discuss how extensive research shows that hybrid and remote teams can gain an innovation advantage and outcompete in-person teams by adopting best practices for innovation, such as virtual brainstorming. So, what explains this discrepancy between leadership beliefs and scientific evidence?

Microsoft: The Archetype of Innovational Software

R J Dailey dives into how Microsoft have penetrated multi-markets and have built a reliable reputation based on years of functional and exceptional products through innovation. Without the merit of new ideas and unique benefits, Microsoft would not be where it is today. So, how do they do it?

For Digital Transformation, ‘Mindset Matters Most’ say Siemens

Siemens digitalization lead Joan Mulvihill talks to SiliconRepublic and discusses why she prefers not to focus on the challenges that come with digital transformation. She advises that this it is no different to the challenges that come with anything to do with change. “The challenge is almost always mindset. Can you ‘do’ change?

5 Misconceptions to Avoid When Building Your Innovation Strategy

While innovation is pertinent, it is often misunderstood and as a result, many companies fail to reap the benefits of it at its best. However, by breaking down those common misconceptions, you and your team can begin to build a growth and innovation strategy that will sustain your business for years to come. So, to get started, here are five...

Microplastics are in everything. What if they were biodegradable?

Microplastics are everywhere, from Arctic snow and the deepest corners of the ocean to bottled water, table salt, and your baby’s poop. The source of the problem is sometimes less than obvious—laundry detergent, for example, is typically made with plastic microcapsules to hold fragrance. In Europe, these “added” microplastics will soon be banned in products. But until recently, there hasn’t been a viable alternative. The Fast Company...

Innovating in Existing Markets: 3 Lessons From Lego

Lego’s trajectory from industry trailblazer to the brink of bankruptcy to sustained recovery shows there’s more to innovation than sheer luck or a wholesale focus on disruption. “No innovation lasts forever,” said David Robertson, a senior lecturer in operations management. MIT shares innovation lessons from Lego, Apple, and Marvel Comics, including; have a variety of tools and don’t be afraid...

World’s Largest Tree Wrapped in Fire-Resistant Blanket as California Blaze Creeps Closer

The Guardian reports on California’s cherished sequoia trees as firefighters take an unusual step to protect them, wrapping the giant bases in fire-resistant blankets. The shiny material that helps quell flames, commonly used to protect structures, is rarely applied to natural features, but crews fighting the KNP Complex fire in the Sequoia national park said they are doing everything possible...

Why Digital Transformation Programs are Not About Technology

Innovation Leader discuss discuss how digital transformation programs emanating from an internal, endogenous impulse to capture a new opportunity, mitigate risk, sustain or grow a particular business line, or differentiate from a competitor – tend to have more executive buy-in, more organizational investment, and greater momentum & longevity.

How Conflict Drives Process Improvement in the Workplace

Process Excellence Network share why diverse thinking is good news when it comes to business process management because it is at the heart of continuous improvement. Effective business process management relies on people ‘picking fights’ and creating healthy dissent and disagreement that seeks to find a better way to work than the current status quo.

An Ancient Framework to Make Your More Innovative Today

Fast Company share how we often make the mistake of viewing innovation as a single occurrence. A “unicorn” product or service that takes off and changes the world as we once knew it. But, in reality, innovation is rarely a one-time event. Companies that intend to last long-term will survive through continuous reinvention.

Inclusion & Innovation: How to Design for all Realities

BBVA state that if you want your design to respond to customer needs and expectations, research is a fundamental tool throughout the process of creating a product or service. Companies must bear in mind that their activities are not only essential for economic growth, but also for the creation of social well-being and inclusion.

What is Innovation in Business and How Can it Build Business Longevity?

‘Innovation’ has become such a buzzword in the business world nowadays – but what does it actually mean? In our latest blog we endeavour to cut through the noise and give you a full overview of business innovation from how organizations innovate, why they choose to adopt particular approaches, and explore why it is a key component of business longevity. Read the...

Problem Framing is the Key to Innovation

Suzanne Balima argues that when most people think of innovation, they visualize the end result, that has come out of “trusting the creative process”. People tend to forget how important framing the problem is. If you don’t understand the problem, how do you even begin to solve it?

How to Stop Discarding Digital Innovation Projects Too Soon

If your organisation has a history of shelved digital innovation projects, have you looked at the true value of these projects. LSE suggests a shift in perspective to explore the extended and innovative potential of your technology pilots, before binning them prematurely.

Post-Disruption Innovation: The Path to Recovery

Supply Chain Management review discuss how Organizations must determine which needs are likely to revert to pre-disruption levels and which changes are likely to stay. Despite disruptions, organizations must be capable of innovating to improve their processes and meet the changing needs of customers.

Borrowing From Business: Continuous Improvement In Higher Education

Many higher education institutions lag behind on continuous improvement practices that drive success in the business world. Rigorous operational efficiency and bold, strategic innovation — both revered principles in business — should be viewed as sources of potential untapped power for colleges and universities.

Study Shows Lullabies Can Actually Improve the Health of Premature Babies in Hospital

Good News Network reports on how singing lullabies can not only improve the health of premature babies during intensive care but can lift their anxious family too, according to new research. Gentle music therapy slows down the heart rate of prematurely delivered infants—and also helps them to feed and sleep better, say scientists.

Dogs Trained as Lifeguards Rescue 14 People Swept Out to Sea

Good News Network reports on how Italy’s Lifeguard dogs rescued some swimmers who got into trouble off the coast of Sperlonga this summer. The dogs trained by the Italian School of Water Rescue Dogs, are part of an elite squadron of 350 dogs, who have been patrolling Italy’s beaches. On average, the dogs save up to 30 people a year...

Unearthing Nike’s Design & Innovation Strategy

According to Nike’s chief design officer, John Hoke, innovation and design go hand in hand, and it’s impossible to choose one over the other. “Innovation is paramount in our design solutions, without a doubt,” he stresses. Hoke explains that three pillars — design, innovation, and corporate responsibility — lie at the core of all of Nike’s products. Read more from...

Old Kids on the Innovation Block: 3M & 100 years of Innovation

John Bessant discusses how 3M has built a long-lasting innovation capability and what we can learn from their particular approach to innovation. Read how they have honed over their approach over the years, and their carefully thought out ‘routines’ for innovation.

6 Steps That Will Turn Your Company Into An Innovation Hotbed

In this article from Forbes, it lays out 6 steps that you can take to generate a sustained force of innovation. These steps include setting up a transparent framework for reviewing ideas and innovating in pre-defined areas of your business to pinpoint challenges.

3 Strategies for Rolling Out New Tech Within Your Company

Innovation is a critical component of any organization’s success. But what’s often less clear is how to translate new ideas into on-the-ground implementation. In this piece from HBR, they share three strategies to help R&D teams ensure their new tech is actually adopted.

How To Gain Traction with Your Continuous Improvement Journey

In this article from Industry Week, it shares how to gain traction for a more vigorous CI journey, and addresses the specifics required to sustain excellence. But first organizations must ensure that their leaders communicate their commitment and high expectations.

Idea Generation Process: The Various Approaches to Gathering & Implementing Employee Ideas

Employee ideas are the backbone of any corporate innovation initiative, and therefore a strong idea generation process is key. Your employees’ ideas have the potential to have long term impact on your business, so the process must be carefully tailored to ensure employee adoption. In this blog we outline the various approaches that you can adopt throughout the idea generation...

US Patient Receives World’s First Artificial Heart Implant

A team of surgeons has successfully completed the first human implantation in the US of an artificial heart device called the ‘Aeson’, developed by French company CARMAT. Made from “biocompatible materials” including bovine tissue, the artificial heart uses a combination of sensors and algorithms to maintain its pace and keep blood circulating through the body. Hopefully this invention will help...

Who Owns Innovation? Who Cares?

In digital innovation, a question often comes up -who owns the initiative? MIT Sloan share four strategies will help to create a culture of digital innovation with an eye to the future, no matter who’s in charge.

Can You Train Yourself to Innovate?

Can you actually train yourself to innovate? Yes, you can. Entrepreneur explores how everyone has innovative traits, and shares how to awaken these often dormant characteristics in your people.

3 Ways to Enable Continuous Improvement

To create high-performing teams, engineering leaders must embrace and enable a culture of continuous improvement. The Enterprisers Project share three ways leaders are creating change within their organizations and enabling high-performing teams to improve.

The Problem with Innovation Contests

New research shows that if not carefully managed, innovation competition can kill creativity. HBR share the steps that companies can take to avoid this and raise the overall level of creativity that their innovation contests can produce.

Innovation Webinar: Leveraging a Portfolio of Participation Mechanisms to Engage the Whole Organization

Join Qmarkets as we host Anthony Mills, CEO of Legacy Innovation Group, who will reveal the 20 different ‘mechanisms of engagement’, that will allow you to maximize your innovation program’s level of engagement over time. You’ll learn how to leverage these mechanisms, align to them to your innovation strategy and awaken the inner intrapreneur in your people to keep your...

Inventor Creates a Machine That Turns Any Alcoholic Drink Into Ice Cream

The Good News Network has reported on an inventor that has developed a machine that turns beers and other alcoholic drinks into a soft scoop ‘ice cream’ that maintains its potency. Developed with WDS Dessert Stations in Hinkley, Illinois, the drink is first de-gassed to remove the carbon dioxide, then it is mixed with a gel, put in the machine,...

How Uber Toes the Line Between Compliance and Innovation

Innovation, particularly when technology-driven, and compliance often do not play well together. Innovation pushes boundaries, disrupts existing industries, and even creates whole new ones. Find out how Uber manages to find the balance in this article from Compliance Week.

Innovation is More Important Than Ever: Here’s How to Measure It

It is important to recognize that innovation comes in many shapes and sizes. This means that the indicators used to measure it need to vary, too. Dan Toma discusses the underlying universal principles that could help companies to quantify innovation.

Idea Culmination: How the Past Fuels Innovation

Our conceptions of innovations give us the impression that innovation, comes from an original idea. An Idea that no one has thought of before. It is an idea that has been formulated out of thin air. Spoiler Alert: that’s absurd. Find out why in this blog from Amir Abi-Rafeh.

How Supply-Chain Innovation Can Bolster US Security

Taking a page from the commercial sector, military and defense organizations could fill an urgent need by investing in logistics. Yesterday’s supply-chain capabilities were linear; plan, source, make, deliver. Today, this needs to change, find out more from Fast Company.

The Corporate Innovation Engagement Toolkit

Engaging your users to understand, participate in, and promote your innovation initiative is vital to its success. Therefore, we’ve created this toolkit that includes 4 different assets, for you to gain actionable tips and advice on how to cultivate and sustain companywide engagement for your innovation initiative, using a robust communication strategy. Download your toolkit now.

Why Leadership Trust is Critical for Innovation

Trust is essential for creating an inclusive work environment where employees feel it’s safe to learn, to contribute and to challenge. Without it, your organization won’t innovate. Read SmartBrief discussing how cultures of inclusion become incubators for innovation.

The Art and Science of Gathering New Product Ideas

Tyler Mahoney explores the ‘innovators eye’. An innovator sees the opposite of what the photographer sees — the gaps, the things not there yet. They practice seeing the unseen, and then build the mental image before summoning it tangibly in front of them.

Why it is Essential to Get the Front End of Innovation Right

Urko Wood dives into how if your organization is struggling to innovate and grow, the answer is right in front of you in the fundamentals. There are many steps that must be executed well to succeed at innovation, but none are more important than mastering the front-end.

Harnessing Creativity & Innovation: The Value of Surprise

There’s a theory of being “cursed with (too much) knowledge.” This is where the frameworks of creativity and innovation can help break the paralysis of too much knowledge; and can instill a resilient usefulness in times of chaos. Tim Brunelle explores this concept.

Lego Develops Recycled Bricks Made From Discarded Bottles

Dezeen reports on how Lego have created its first prototype bricks using recycled PET plastic from discarded bottles. Created as part of the Danish company’s drive to make all of its products from sustainable materials by 2030, the brick prototypes were created from recycled polyethylene terephthalate (rPET), a common thermoplastic used for products such as bottles and clothing.

Webinar: Expanding Your Innovation Portfolio with Community-Powered Problem Solving

Join our webinar next week to discover how your company can benefit from leveraging the power of the crowd through open innovation, and show you how you can easily expand your idea campaigns to reach the an audience of over 2M solvers and innovators! Register now to join us at 12:00 EDT on Wednesday the 23rd June with HeroX.

Styrofoam-like Packaging Made of Popcorn—Not Plastic

Fast Company report on the hopes of researchers at the University of Göttingen in Germany, who have developed the plant-based packaging and are already in talks for its commercial use. Whereas polystyrene-based packaging like Styrofoam takes centuries to break down and is made from nonrenewable fossil fuels, popcorn is easily renewable, biodegradable, and could even be composted at home.

Innovation Fuels Stanley Black & Decker’s Transformation

Stanley Black & Decker’s CTO talks to IndustryWeek about the global manufacturer’s ongoing digital transformation.  The company has stayed on a clear journey of continuous improvement with dedication to innovation.

How to Connect Client’s Pains with Business Process Improvement

Wolox discusses why understanding your current business operation is the key to unveiling and prioritizing where the real aspects of improvement are in order to innovate – rather than solely focusing on internal processes.

Why Innovation Is ‘Even More Critical’ Than Ever

According to MarketingWeek, what innovation means to businesses has been completely flipped on its head by the pandemic. Overnight whole revenue streams ceased to exist, while new consumer needs are top of the agenda.

Why Business Leaders Should Commit To Open Innovation

Forbes discuss why instead of keeping information within company confines, open innovation encourages sharing information. A results of this is an unlocking of knowledge that can uncover new growth opportunities.

Idea Software: A Quick Guide to the Power of Idea and Innovation Management

Innovation has become a lifeline for businesses who have had to pivot and adjust to recent market changes. Yet, innovation doesn’t just happen, it starts with ideas. Ideas can result in new revenue streams, product improvements, enhanced employee engagement, and more. Yet to reap the true benefits of innovation, organizations must create a structured process whereby ideas are systematically collected,...

Radioactive Rhino Horns Set to Add to Anti-Poaching Arsenal

Bloomberg reports on researchers working on a pilot program to inject rhino horns with radioactive material, a tactic that could discourage consumption and make it easier to detect illegal trade. Thousands of existing sensors along international borders could be used to detect a small quantity of radioactive material inserted into the horns. “A whole new army of people” could now...

Find your Eureka: How to be the Problem Solver the World needs

SatisFind discuss why the art and science of problem solving remains to be a scarce resource in many organizations, and explore the most important characteristics of an excellent problem solver who can lead your organization to greater innovation.

How Brands Can Launch With Laser Focus To Propel Growth In ‘21

For brands wanting to harness the power of innovation in 2021 and launch new products, doing so will need a fine balance of precision and flexibility. Tech Bullion have assembled six of the most fundamental rules to which brands should adhere for success in 2021.

5 Effective Steps to Creating a Powerful Innovation Strategy

Innovation is a long and complex process that takes an abstract idea and converts it into a successful product or service. Creately discuss 5 steps to help you create a proper strategy that ensures that you execute innovation well.

Understanding Apple’s Approach to Innovation

Giles Crouch explores how Apple is innovative but not in the way we think. It’s important to understand that Apple is a business and has a duty to provide its shareholders with value. That means being profitable.

Diversity and Innovation: Benefiting from a Corporate Culture of Inclusion

Diversity is crucial when it comes to business innovation. Incorporating a diverse range of perspectives into your innovation efforts can bring about a wide array of surprising benefits for your organization. In this article, we will explore three of the most important diversity frameworks that you need to consider to get the most out of your innovation initiative, and show...

Floating ‘WALL-E’ Scarecrow Stops Seabirds from Diving into Fishing Nets

Looming Eyes Buoy (LEB), invented by scientists from the Bird Life International’s Marine Program, as part of a multinational effort to create innovative solutions to prevent seabird bycatch, a pair of googly-eyes mounted on a floating buoy was found to decrease the numbers of long-tailed ducks loitering around gillnets in Estonian waters by 25%. Yann Rouxel, lead author of the...

Why Big Ideas Are Only Half the Innovation Journey

Having a great idea is only half of the innovation journey. SSIR explore four contemporary innovation fallacies that any disruptive innovator must overcome as they try to bridge the gap from creativity to successful innovation.

An Innovation VBO Inspired By the Likes of Amazon

HBR examine the challenge of launching new ventures inside an existing business and shares a way that internal startups can overcome some of the disadvantages they face with a model we called venture buyout, or VBO.

Create Business Value With the Right Reinvention Strategy

CIO discuss creating value and agility by pursuing innovation with the right supports in place and explore the opportunities for value creation in CX, operations, greenfield, and in new business models.

The Power Of Yes: Why The Yes Mindset Leads To Innovation And Creates Great Leaders

Forbes dive into why the yes mindset leads to innovation and creates great leaders. Saying yes requires you to be bold, and this mindset can change your business — and your career — for the better.

Looop Innovation Recycles Clothes in a Day

Check out this amazing new innovation that recycles your old clothes and turns them into new a garment – in less than a day! The machine called Looop was developed by Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel, in collaboration with the nonprofit H&M Foundation. Looop cleans and shreds old fabric, spins it into yarn, and then knits into...

Want innovation? You need healthy conflict

In innovation teams, high performance is defined not by harmony, but by its opposite: conflict; more specifically, high-performance in creative teams is defined by positive, healthy conflict. By understanding how to foster and derive value from positive conflict, team leaders and members can create the foundation needed to solve hard problems, define their values, and create a sense of collective...

Culture of Innovation Drives 38% Growth at Atlassian

Atlassian has boasted 38% revenue growth by planting seeds for continued rapid growth. In this article from Forbes see what innovation strategies the company have adopted to facilitate a culture of innovation & drive growth.

CIOs Can Have Their Cake & Eat It Too

The pandemic has accelerated demand for innovation yet has forced companies to cut budgets. Check out this article from Intelligent CIO on how you can manage innovation on a shrinking budget.

How Low Tech Innovation Can Create Value For Customers

The power to envision a breakthrough requires acknowledging that while technology certainly enables much innovation, it need not be the driving force for creating value for customers.

How Covid-19 Has Effected Innovation Budgets

Despite many corporate innovators and strategists saying the pandemic was a catalyst to accelerate change, the brutal truth is that corporate budgets did completely the opposite.

Insurance Industry Embracing Innovation to Mitigate Risk

When it comes to product innovation, insurers have a reputation for being innately risk averse. But could making calculated bets on product innovation capture clients’ imaginations and tap hidden budgets? Find out from Raconteur.

Cross-Collaboration the Key to Driving Innovation?

As we look to head back to the office, collaboration within and between corporations will be vital – which is set to become more problematic with a hybrid working model. Read how ITProPortal suggests bridging the gap.

Three Vital Idea Crowdsourcing Best Practices from the 2021 Suez Canal Obstruction

In March 2021 when one of the world’s busiest trade routes became firmly blocked by a seemingly immovable container ship, it was another opportunity for crowdsourcing to prove its value. However, as we will see this concept was not effectively utilized. In this article we will share crowdsourcing best practices from the world of business, where this methodology is being...

PwC Prioritizing Unity Via Digital Transformation

Finding the unity between technological innovation and rethinking work processes is key for delivering better customer and employee experiences. Here’s how PwC are meeting this challenge through digital transformation.

Keep Up with Innovation’s Accelerated Pace

Technology has the potential to answer many of the world’s toughest challenges. In this article from Wired, find out what PA Consulting has learned from decades of experience in innovating at pace.

Machine learning could help slow down future pandemics

According to the Innovation News Network, researchers have determined that machine learning could be key to slowing down the spread of infection during future pandemics. Scientists at the University of Gothenburg have explored ways machine learning can be used to find effective testing methods during pandemics which could help control outbreaks! After the year we’ve all had, this is definitely...

Innovation Program Recipe for Success: The Three Essential Ingredients

At Qmarkets we have been working alongside organizations for nearly 15 years to help them build and implement effective innovation programs. Along the way we have seen a wide variety of approaches deployed and have witnessed first-hand what is vital to the success of any innovation program. Head to the blog to find out the three essential ingredients that contribute...

How Companies Can Prepare for Digital Transformation’s Long-Haul

Previous periods of technological evolution show change doesn’t happen all at once; it will grow in speed & scale over multiple decades. This means the seemingly rapid pace of digital transformation is now the slowest it will ever be.

Moon, Mars, and now… Earth.

NASA has formed an unlikely partnership with Earthbound California-based startup, the SMART tire company. The American space agency and SMART are developing the first consumer application of NASA‘s airless shape memory alloy (SMA) to create a futuristic bicycle tire called METL™. The revolutionary tech promises an eco-friendly alternative to traditional tires and reduces the need for elastomer or rubber sidewalls...

Innovation & Predictive Analytics: A Short Analysis of the Walkman

Predictive analytics is subject to whims of the marketplace & often produces dubious results. When it comes to innovation, particularly ‘disruptive,’ relying on predictive analytics can lead a company down a disastrous path.

Why Most Intrapreneurship Programmes Fail

The reality is that most intrapreneurship programmes have failed to produce results. Less than 1% of the ideas that come out of these programmes are useful. Sifted have put together 11 tips for increasing the success rate.

What Can We Learn From Jeff Bezos’s Tremendous Success

Jeff Bezos leaves his successor a set of rules that might be helpful to any entrepreneur bent on conquering the known universe. Here are the 11 principles every entrepreneur can learn from Amazon’s former CEO.

Success Story: How Small Scale Innovation Can Generate Large Scale Impact

Energy services company esolva ag are using innovation management to help fuel company growth and expansion. esova prove that the success of an innovation initiative is not dependant on a huge number of users, but rather a well tailored ideation process. Head to the blog to find out more on how esolva are implementing small scale innovation and generating large scale...

All-electric Spirit of Innovation Makes First Taxi Run!

Rolls-Royce has successfully completed the taxiing of its ‘Spirit of Innovation’ aircraft, the latest milestone on its journey to becoming the world’s fastest all-electric plane. For the first time, the plane powered along a runway propelled by its powerful 500hp electric powertrain and the latest energy storage technology developed to set world speed records and enable a new generation...

Digital transformation: 3 Driving Trends for 2021

The pandemic forced organizations to boost IT investment and prioritize their digital transformation initiatives. The three trends listed by The Enterprises Project will help continue the push toward innovation.

Diversity of Thought Breeds Innovation

In this article from Supply & Demand Chain Executive it shares how embracing the diversity of thought that women bring to the workforce will only hasten the pace of innovation and much-needed change in the industry.

Who Is ‘Credible’? Women Innovators Are Different

Women have not had access to the authority and/or resources to accomplish things in the normal course of business. Read this article from Forbes to find out women have had to adapt their approach to innovation.

Colgate-Palmolive on 2021 Design-Led Innovation

Personal care giant Colgate-Palmolive is shifting away from traditional line extensions, taking a design-led innovation approach that considers user experience and trends from start-to-finish. Read more at Cosmetic Design Europe.

Noam Danon Shares His Tips on How to Achieve Vast Innovation ROI

Last week Qmarkets’ Co-Founder & CEO Noam Danon joined Adi Mazor Kario on the Invincible Innovation Live podcast. Noam was invited to discuss how organizations can achieve vast ROI from their innovation initiatives and discussed the state of innovation today, including the effect of remote working and common obstacles that organizations face when innovating. Watch the Full Discussion.

Lab Grown Wood Could Spell the End of Deforestation

Today’s innovation inspiration is some good news for the planet and humanity! Scientists from Massachusetts Institute of Technology are looking into the possibility of growing wood in a lab, much like the concept of lab grown meat. The lab grown wood can be manipulated to take on any shape, much like 3D printing. That means that a fully formed table...

Instagram Co-founder Mike Krieger on Innovation and Managing Growth

Mobile Marketing interviews Instagram Co-Founder Mike Krieger on his tips for struggling businesses, building a culture of innovation, managing growth, and why listening to your users is more important than ever.

Maximize The Value Of Your Company’s Investments In Innovation

Throughout the pandemic many companies have invested in innovation to combat difficult times. In this article from Forbes it shares tips for maximizing the value you see from investments in innovation.

Could Alcohol Be the Answer to the US’ Idea Shortage?

Eugene Ivanov shares the controversial notion that alcohol might be the answer to stimulating creativity in the ideation process. As evidence suggests that the U.S. has a shortage of ideas, new approaches may be necessary!

How Taco Bell Is Becoming the World’s Most Innovative Franchise

Taco Bell, the fast-food chain, is quickly adapting for a new era of food culture. As trends shift in the ever-changing food market, the chain has developed several innovative new services to maintain its dominance.

The Top 4 Innovation Culture Best Practices from the World’s Most Successful Companies

Innovation lends itself to success by provoking organizations to continuously push for improvement and always be on the lookout for new opportunities. Amazon, SpaceX, Apple, and Salesforce are far better placed to innovate than others, but this is not by chance. These companies have hardwired innovation into their framework and have ingrained innovation into their organization’s culture.

Goats Zoom Farm to Success!

Today’s innovation inspiration comes from a very imaginative farm owner whose business was struggling – until she came up with the ‘Greatest Of All Time’ service. Dot McCarthy hires out her goats out for Zoom meetings and has said to have made £50,000! What started out as a joke to make people laugh during lockdown, has now become an innovative...

Digital transformation: 5 mistakes to avoid in 2021

The Enterprises Project discuss how organizations must recognize that the world has changed, understand the implications of these changes and identify opportunities to build resilience, fuel growth, & innovate.

13 Ways To Embrace Innovative Processes

Thirteen members of Forbes Business Council share some insight into how entrepreneurs can avoid getting attached to old business processes and embrace innovation instead, so as to offer their business a leg-up.

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