Qmarkets Secured Hosting

At Qmarkets we are committed to protecting your data security.
As an enterprise-grade service provider, we are hosted by the most reliable and secure hosting providers in Europe.

Our data centers are hosted using the scalable and secured Amazon AWS service in USA & Europe (Germany). These data centers offer the highest level of security standard and are SOC 1 compliant, ISO 27001:2005 certified across all business operations and PCI DSS compliant. In addition the data center is also certified for ISO 9001:2008 (for quality), ISO 14001:2004 (carbon foot print), and PAS 2060:2010 (reducing environment impact).

Information security is a top priority for us, and we take every effort to verify that your information will not be compromised in any way. Rest assured your ideation management platform is secured at the highest level.




Physical Security

Our data centers are all equipped with the following physical safety measures:

  •  Building and Perimeter: Ballistic glass enclosed security check-in, front window areas and loading dock.
  • Security Guards: Staffed 24/7.
  • Access Control: Electronic Security features with card key access and dual authentication with biometric readers.
  • CCTV: 24/7 surveillance of the interior/exterior of the facility.


Network & Server Security

Our network is fully protected, including these main measures:

  • All internet traffic is always encrypted using 256 bit SSL encryption (HTTPS / SSH)
  • Firewalls protect all access to our servers from the internet
  • All IP ports to internet are closed, aside for HTTPS and SSH
  • We can limit access to your users to your intranet/VPN IP addresses (optional).
  • Strong password policies are used by all equipment and servers




Application Data protection

  • Authentication SSO (Single Sign On) is a de-facto standard for Qmarkets, with 95% of our customers employing one of 7 different SSO methods supported by Qmarkets (including Standard SAML or Kerberos, and non-standard like SAP, LDAP based and others)
  • Strong password policies are used as fallback, in cases where SSO is not available for the customer, or in case of involving end-users that are outside of your network
  • Powerful roles & permissions mechanisms make sure that users will only have access to see data they are allowed to see

Security Policy & Procedures

All the above are of course derived from the Qmarkets security policy, managed by our CSO and reviewed by our management.

All our personnel are highly aware of security issues, and the security policy is incorporated into all aspects of the company – our development process, our delivery process, our QA, new employee training and more.

We perform penetration tests and security audits twice a year to make sure we are always in the front of the highest industry standards.


On-Premise Installation (Behind Your Firewall)

For those customers that would prefer not to use our SaaS service, we offer our deployed server model – installing the Qmarkets software on your servers managed by your IT personnel. 

This provides the highest level of data protection available, as security is fully controlled by your network specialists.  

Ask your account manager for a copy of the Qmarkets Security Q&A document, that covers in details all frequently asked questions about our security.


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