Deployment Models

Ideas Product - Hosted or Deployed?

We offer our customers a choice:

  • Secured Hosted Solution (SaaS = Software as a Service).
  • On-Premise / Deployed Server (inside your intranet).

Hosted Solution

Our SaaS solution is a highly secured and scalable idea management product for companies of all sizes, which prefer to reduce internal IT expenses to a bare minimum.

We host our services in a secured ISO 27001 certified hosting center in Europe- to assure the highest level of services and security for our customers.

In order to provide complete customer separation and a high level of service, there is no multi-tenancy for our enterprise customers – this means that every customer receives a separate instance running on a separate Database scheme and user, so only physical resources are shared between customers

Our SaaS solution can scale up to 500,000 users for single customer, and allows you to gradually grow your solution.

Please refer to our security page for more details. 

On-Premise / Deployed Server

If you prefer deploying our software on your servers (inside your intranet), rather than using our “SaaS” model, you are not alone. ~20% of Qmarkets customer have selected the Qmarkets on-premise solution for its scalability and simplicity of use.

Qmarkets software is deployable on all common hardware & OS platforms using either Windows or Linux OS. 

Our deployed servers will follow your IT department’s guidelines, using the hardware & OS preferred, and even on your virtual servers.

Our staff will guide your IT through the installation and on an ongoing basis, providing professional and timely tier 2-4 support. 

Installation itself is very simple using standard tools.

Easy Migration

In many cases our customers prefer to start with our hosted solution, and migrate to the deployed version later, in order to allow their IT department enough time to prepare and allocate the necessary internal resources. 

This mode is completely seamless, as we can easily migrate the exact environment and data from our SaaS to your servers within a day or two.

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