The Challenge of an Effective Brainstorm Session

Brainstorming can be an effective way to come up with new creative ideas on specific topics. When managed properly, brainstorming can be a powerful technique for finding and discussing ideas, solving problems and motivating the groups involved.

However, when a large group of people are required to take part in a brainstorming session, it can be quite difficult to manage. Gathering a big group of people in one room, dealing with many different opinions and making sure each person in the room will have the opportunity to express himself, are only part of the challenges you have to face. In addition, you have to manage the information and keep track on all the ideas that were raised, so you can analyze it later and identify the best ideas.

In order to deal with these challenges, Qmarkets has developed the Q-live Workshop Software, a unique and user friendly software, allowing you to run an effective half or full day session of virtual brainstorming, with dozens or hundreds of participants, all logged in at the same time focusing on one challenge.

When managed properly, brainstorming can be a powerful technique for finding and discussing ideas, solving problems and motivating the groups involved

Q-live brainstorming software

Q-live innovation workshop – Step by step

Qmarkets has spent years of design and planning along with leading consulting firms and customers, to create the ideal innovation workshop process, that will enable you to get from a business challenge and into the best 5 ideas within a 4-8 hours workshop.

Step 1: Collect ideas
The moderator presents the business challenge and participants submit ideas and solutions.

Step 2: Fast rating session
The participants rate and evaluate ideas, using 5-stars, thumbs up/down or a score-card, providing a clear view of the best ideas

Step 3: Ideas selection 
The moderator along with a small group of participants select the top rated ideas plus some high profile ideas that should continue to the next stage.

Step 4: Working in groups
the software splits your participants into groups, each receiving a different idea to develop, by filling in a simple online form (like a mini business-case). It is possible to allow the moderator to rotate the ideas between the groups – each group receiving an idea that was developed by another group, and fine-tuning it.

Step 5: Detailed Evaluation
The top selected ideas, after they were developed in groups, are evaluated by the entire group using a score-card based on a predefined rating criteria (defined by the moderator).

Step 6: Summary & Action Items  
The final ideas are shown to the entire audience using visualization tools (like quadrants and spider diagrams) and the results of the session become evident.

At the end, participants are presented with a feedback survey form, collecting important information about the effectiveness of the whole workshop.

Need a custom process?

There are many different ways for running a virtual brainstorming session, given the Qmarkets’ powerful idea management capabilities. If you want to fine tune the above steps or create your own, we can easily formalize your requirements into an efficient process, based on your requirements.

This is especially useful for large organizations who would like to assimilate such workshops into their ongoing processes across the company.


Q-live workshop advantages:

  • Variety – More ideas and opinions are gathered by reaching out to a wider range of participants
  • Structured and managed process – Using the platform assures that every stage in the session, is managed according to the your plan.
  • Transparency – The system provides full process transparency to all participants
  • No Politics – The software focuses everyone on the goal, and reduces group bias effects  (Option to keep the discussion anonymous)
  • Results  oriented – The structured and focused process provides tangible results quickly
  • No ideas are lost – Documentation & results are exported automatically at the end of the event in a digital form.
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