Advanced AI Features

Intelligent Strategic Analysis
AI Writing Assistant
Automated Image Generation
Automated Clustering
Smart Expert Recommendation
Smart Content Recommendations
Intelligent Strategic Analysis
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Intelligent Strategic Analysis

Create your own custom AI evaluation fields to automatically gather insights around a specific criteria or use-case:

  • Choose from our community library of best practice templates or create your own
  • The AI automatically uses all the system information about your company and challenges to improve context
  • Can be used for simple ‘One-Line-summary’ fields, or more complex analysis
  • Carry out SWOT Analysis, Idea Summaries, Novelty and Feasibility Assessments, Security/Privacy Assessments, Risk Management, and more…
AI Writing Assistant
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AI Writing Assistant

Help your users save time and effort with our built-in content writing assistant.

  • Automatically uses context of the specific campaign and wider system
  • Users can generate content from scratch, or use AI to proof and enhance existing content
  • Offer pre-set options like ‘shorten’ ‘elaborate’ ‘improve readability’ and more
  • Appears for any text field across the system, including emails and reminders
Automated Image Generation
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Automated Image Generation

Ensure your system is always packed with vibrant and engaging images to represent the innovative solutions and suggestions that you gather.

  • Automatically uses the context of the specific campaign and wider system
  • The user can add their own custom prompt or criteria to
  • Both idea images and challenge images
Automated Clustering
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Automated Clustering

Intelligent AI clustering helps group together related content.

  • Provides a helpful overview of topics raised on both a campaign and company-wide level
  • Idea clusters are displayed through a clear and dynamic dashboard visualization
  • The AI deploys powerful text mining give each cluster the most appropriate label/title
  • Once a cluster is created this visual makes it easy to identify the ideas within it that are generating the most ‘buzz’
Smart Expert Recommendation
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Smart Expert Recommendation

The system will automatically recommend the most relevant users to help  evaluate an idea.

  • Based on both past user activities and profile criteria
  • Appears instantly when selecting a user for a specific role
Smart Content Recommendations
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Smart Content Recommendations

The system recommends specific ideas or challenges that might be relevant for a user of the system.

  • Similar ideas highlighted live through the submission form
  • Popup appears at relevant points, for example after voting on an idea
  • Promotes engagement and encourages user activity
  • Content is recommended based on past activity and profile criteria

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Security & Privacy

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How can generative AI enhance our innovation processes?

Generative AI enhances innovation by automating content creation, improving idea evaluation, and generating visual representations. It can draft proposals, assess risks, and visualize ideas, saving time and promoting creativity across your organization. 

Can AI features be turned on and off?

Yes, AI features can be toggled on and off as needed. This flexibility allows you to customize the AI functionalities according to your specific project requirements and user preferences. 

Is there an additional cost for AI features?

Additional costs for AI features depend on your chosen package and specific needs. Contact our sales team for detailed pricing information tailored to your organization’s requirements. 

How secure is my data?

Qmarkets ensures robust data security through encryption, access controls, and compliance with industry standards. Your data is protected at all stages, from input to storage, ensuring confidentiality and integrity. 

Which third party AI tools is Qmarkets using?

Qmarkets integrates with different large language models and tools to offer AI capabilities. This is then combined with contextual data and insights to create highly relevant AI-generated output.

What training does our team need to effectively use the AI features?

Minimal training is required due to the intuitive design of our AI features. However, we offer comprehensive training sessions and resources to help your team maximize the benefits of the AI functionalities and streamline the learning process. 

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