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How to Crowdsource Civic Engagement – 2020 Innovation Webinar​

At a time like this, when our communities are facing so much disruption from so many different angles, it’s more important than ever for citizens and constituents to be given a voice, to build trust and to improve the dialogue between governments and their citizens. To learn how this would fit into community engagement initiatives within your organization, be sure to check out this webinar!

Innovation in the Time of Adversity with Ford Otosan

Innovation in the Time of Coronavirus: Business Continuity Webinar It is becoming increasingly clear that the COVID-19 pandemic will result in one of the most disruptive economic episodes of our generation. Innovation management software provides one of the most effective ways to tackle disruption, but only if you use it correctly. This Q&A session with Qmarkets’ VP Product (Sivan Leshem), and Head of Customer Success (Ilona Gochman), will help you to understand how you can leverage the wisdom of your crowd against the challenges posed by this crisis.

Hitting Home Runs: Ferman Innovation Leadership Webinar

Hitting Home Runs: What Baseball Can Teach Us About Leadership and Innovation What can the historic 1969 victory of the New York Mets teach us about corporate innovation? Find out in our exclusive webinar with Ferman Innovation! This webinar featured hard-hitting innovation insights from Len Ferman – acclaimed author, academic, and founder of Ferman Innovation. Drawing on the lessons derived from the great American pastime, the webinar covered Len’s powerful methodologies for championing innovation leadership to create a culture of change. Over the course of the webinar, Len reveals 9 innovation methods the New York Mets used to overcome their

2020 Vision: Innovation Webinar Series

2020 Vision Webinar: Innovation Best Practices for the New Year & Beyond Are you desperate to boost innovation at your company, but not sure where to start? This course can be your perfect launch pad to start your innovation journey. Presented by Qmarkets and JM2 Capital, this three-part webinar series offers practical insights to help you successfully launch your innovation program, develop and sustain an innovative company culture, and motivate ongoing ideation through rewards and recognition. This quick-hitting course will prepare you to get the most out of your corporate innovation efforts – from developing your initial strategy, to bringing

SPARQ360 Webinar – How to Engage Leadership & Employees with Your Innovation Management Initiative

Discover how leading organizations from across the globe are employing cutting-edge strategies to engage their employees and leaders with a companywide culture of innovation. With market disruption threatening the existence of more corporations than ever before, it’s becoming increasingly crucial for large organizations to implement a robust but agile employee innovation program.

Innovation Webinar – Crowdsourcing Fintech Operational Excellence at TSYS

See how TSYS, a market-leading payment solutions provider, is amplifying process improvement with crowdsourcing and implementing revolutionary digital services. The webinar also covers how Above + Beyond consulting has helped TSYS achieve their innovation objectives via the'War on Waste' (WOW) project - fuelled by Qmarkets software. The webinar panel includes James Addis and Jessica Burch from TSYS, Andrew Levison and Sebastian Apelt from Above + Beyond, and Michael Stilger - co-founder of Qmarkets.

How Philip Morris International is Driving and Leading “Self-Disruption”

Discover how Philip Morris International, the world’s most successful cigarette company, is transforming to succeed in today’s CPG market in this insight-packed webinar. It also features insights from Enterprise Development Group on initiating a successful project launch. The webinar panel consists of Vincent Ducret – Head of FastForward Communities at PMI, Laszlo Gyorffy - President of EDG, and Michael Stilger - Qmarkers Co-Founder.

Matchi Master Discussion: Switching Innovation “On”

Learn key strategies for creating a thriving innovation culture that will help secure the long-term success of your enterprise in this Matchi webinar. The panel features Susie Quirk - Executive Director of People and Change Advisory Services at KPMG, Freda Gray - COO of Matchi, and Michael Stilger - Co-founder of Qmarkets.

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