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Qmarkets’ Advanced Crowd-Voting Tool-set

Effective Crowd voting tools are crucial to the success of any innovation management initiative. All Qmarkets platforms come with built-in community rating functionality for initial filtration of ideas, however when further evaluation is necessary we have a variety of powerful options for you to choose from. Score-Card Rating is an evaluation process that is familiar to many, however with our...
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Qmarkets V6.3 – Core System Update

A Major Update We are excited to release Qmarkets V6.3, a major upgrade to our core system which includes a sleek overhaul of our visual design, an upgraded idea interface, and updated campaign management functionality. One of the biggest challenges for our design team, is ensuring that our system is inviting and user friendly, without compromising on features or functionality....
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Qmarkets’ Spring 2015 Innovation Tour

Qmarkets’ Global Solutions Team has just returned from a successful conference tour which included events across Western Europe and North America. At some of these events we had the pleasure of being joined by our clients, who provided case studies and insights into our solution. As official sponsors of the Chief Innovation Officer Summit in London we were very proud...
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Idea Campaigns

Campaigns are arguably the most powerful tool within an Innovation Management system, so it’s important to know how to utilise them effectively. An Idea Campaign is basically where a moderator within an organisation asks an audience a question. However it is important that you ask the right question, to the right audience, for the right amount of time. Defining the...
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Introducing Q-start

Ready. Set. Innovate! Innovation Management software is usually the domain of large corporate organizations who have the resources to purchase and utilize complex and sometimes expensive solutions. However at Qmarkets we know that small and medium sized businesses can also benefit from our custom built ideation platforms, so we have designed an affordable but powerful system to meet their specific...
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