Qmarkets’ Spring 2015 Innovation Tour

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Qmarkets’ Global Solutions Team has just returned from a successful conference tour which included events across Western Europe and North America.

At some of these events we had the pleasure of being joined by our clients, who provided case studies and insights into our solution. As official sponsors of the Chief Innovation Officer Summit in London we were very proud to bring along Phillip Morris International as our guests. Their Head of Innovation (Vincent Ducret) gave a very informative presentation, and revealed that PMI are developing 5 new prototypes, 2 new business functions, and 1 new major affiliate as a result of ideas generated through Qmarkets’ platform.

At the Front end of Innovation conference, in Boston, Massachusetts, our global solutions team was joined by the Senior Idea and Innovation Manager from Swarovski, Martha Tanghe. Martha discussed best practices for managing an innovation initiative when there are over 25,000 users spread across 120 different countries. We were also official sponsors at this event and so it was brilliant that we were again able to provide a valuable and educational experience for those in attendance.

At the Innovation Excellence conference in Barcelona, Spain, our very own Senior Vice President, Michael Stilger, was the chairman on the second day. Michael was happy to fulfill the responsibilities of this role, and a wealth of discourse was facilitated under his leadership.

These events were an opportunity for us to meet many of you face-to-face for the first time, so this was a great experience. It also allowed us to answer many questions, provide insight into our solution, and identify trends and patterns on the innovation landscape.

Due to the success of these events, we will soon be announcing more conference dates for Q3 and Q4, with a focus on areas that we have never been before, alongside numerous localised events.

Finally, thank you to everybody who came and said hello to us on the exhibition floor at these events, and if you missed us, then keep an eye on our website to find out when we will be back!


Qmarkets’ Global Solutions Team

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