Qmarkets and SPARQ360 Announce Strategic Partnership

SPARQ360, an international consulting firm headquartered in Utrecht, The Netherlands, will deploy Qmarkets’ Innovation Management Solutions as part of its services to international corporate customers.

TEL AVIVFebruary 2nd, 2017 – Qmarkets, the leading provider of innovation management and collective intelligence solutions, has announced a strategic partnership with Sparq360, an international consulting firm with headquarters in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

SPARQ360 provides management consulting, supply chain management and process design, focusing on Idea Realization and Employee Engagement.

With a dedicated presence in Europe, USA and Asia, SPARQ360 will offer Qmarkets’ solution as part of their SPARQspace technology suite, which is designed to answer to a wide variety of corporate needs and challenges.

Qmarkets’ flagship Q-max idea and innovation management software will help SPARQ360 to support leadership in implementing a culture of Idea Realization within large multinational organizations. The Qmarkets platform provides a full suite of powerful evaluation tools, scoreboards and KPI’s with visual and technical flexibility that can be deployed across multiple countries and languages. 

SPARQ360 developed a unique 6 step Idea realization process that includes employee outreach based on transparency and commitment, and a streamlined employee engagement program that is especially potent for idea generation and sharing.

“The Qmarkets product fits very well within our SPARQspace technology suite and complements our services perfectly”, says  SPARQ360 founder Gert Askes and co-founder Arthur van Gerven, . “We focus on realizing the most important source of innovative ideas the company – its employees, and the Qmarkets platforms enables us to do this in the most efficient manner that promotes employee engagement and streamlines the idea management process even in very large corporations.”

“We are very happy to officially announce our partnership with SPARQ360”, says Qmarkets SVP Global Solutions, Michael Stilger. “The combination of their coaching acumen with our cutting-edge technology is going to be very effective, and we look forward to working with them on a variety of strategic customer projects throughout 2017.”

About Qmarkets

Qmarkets is the leading provider of collective intelligence solutions for enterprises from a wide range of business sectors and geographies. Inspired by the philosophy of “The wisdom of the crowds”, we generate value for organizations by allowing them to receive idea submissions from their employees, partners, or customers. This can be used to tackle a huge variety of different business challenges, from performance excellence, to innovation, to NPD.

Our unmatched configuration capabilities allow us to design each system to fulfil the exact visual and technical requirements of each of our customers. This along with our full suite of evaluation tools, and a global network of partners, enables us to maximize the success of every project we work on. In addition to our idea management software we offer tech-scouting platforms, live innovation workshops, a prediction markets module, and much more.


For press inquiries please Contact:

Mr. Elliott Wilkins

Marketing Communications Manager, Qmarkets


+44 7469171016

Mr. Gert Askes

Founder, SPARQ360


+31 652699292

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