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Qmarkets & Nestle at BEI 2015 in San Jose, California!

Taking place in the heart of the Silicon Valley, BEI 2015 united cross industry leaders who shared their challenges, lessons they’ve learned, best practices for commercializing new ideas and how to profitably execute an innovation strategy for going to market.

As a company which has a wealth of experience with helping organisations to achieve these results and tackle these challenges, Qmarkets was proud to be Gold Sponsor for this event, and sent along UK-based product experts Samuel Stilger and Tony Arnold to answer questions for attendees and demonstrate the value of idea management. The team was completed with the addition of Laszlo Gyorffy, a partner of Qmarkets from Enterprise Development Group.

The primary point of contact for our team was the Qmarkets booth space, which was bigger and better than ever before. To help convey the concept of idea management, we decided to also host an origami activity at our booth, where we would show visually how “ideas can be transformed into results”.

For this task we chose Ben Friesen, an origami artist from New York with over 20 years of experience. Ben specifically tailor made custom origami pieces for the BEI attendees which was a big success, also distributing over 200 Qmarkets DIY Origami packs in the process. This allowed attendees to continue to practice their innovative origami skills from home.



For our speaking opportunity at the event we were represented by Nick De Blasio, Global Innovation Product Manager from Nestlé. Nick presented a case study of Qmarkets’ Idea Management platform titled “How Nestlé has unleashed its inner genius – Engaging Employees Worldwide by Applying a Start-Up Mentality to Internal Innovation”.

This session was very popular among attendees, who were reportedly fascinated to discover some of the different ways that Qmarkets platform can be used, and how this has delivered measurable value to a leading global organisation such as Nestlé.

Qmarkets was also proud to sponsor a cocktail and poker event in the evening which was hosted by keynote speaker, screenwriter, and professional poker player; Caspar Berry. Caspar answered questions on innovation and Risk from Qmarkets’ senior manager Tony Arnold, before giving attendees a brief lesson in poker.

As our first show on the west coast this year, this event was a brilliant opportunity for us to show a whole new audience the value of idea management, and we learned a lot and met some brilliant people along the way. Take a look at a selection of pictures from the event by clicking on the thumbnails below!


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