Introducing Q-start

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Ready. Set. Innovate!

Innovation Management software is usually the domain of large corporate organizations who have the resources to purchase and utilize complex and sometimes expensive solutions. However at Qmarkets we know that small and medium sized businesses can also benefit from our custom built ideation platforms, so we have designed an affordable but powerful system to meet their specific needs.

This product is called Q-Start, and we are offering a 15% discount on all Q-Start platforms when it launches this March.

Small to Medium Enterprises are well recognized as the backbone of western economies. In 2012 there were 83,423 companies with 100-499 employees in the USA, and only 18,219 with more than 500 employees. However the innovation management products currently on offer fail to cater for this large portion of the economy, with the focus instead on enterprise level customers.

Some vendors have tried to capitalize by shoehorning a product designed for enterprise companies into this gap in the market. However these solutions are never as successful as they could and should be. It is generally believed that the diminutive size of SMEs is a disadvantage when it comes to Innovation Management, when in actual fact it has many advantages.

First of all there is a higher percentage of employee engagement in SMEs, especially when compared to large corporations whose employees are spread across dozens of locations and business units. Large companies with a well-established corporate identity are often afraid to take risks, which prohibits disruptive innovations that could potentially be decisive, however the smaller an organization is the less of an issue this becomes. They also benefit from a comparatively flat hierarchy, which allows these companies to make quick decisions and respond to changing market conditions a lot more effectively.

Challenges faced by SMEs vary, however arguably the central goal across vertical markets is to achieve organizational legitimacy and economic sustainability. While Innovation Management might not seem like the most obvious answer to this issue, when our ideation campaigns are orchestrated correctly they offer a solution to any problem.

Q-Start has been designed purposively to allow small-medium size businesses to leverage their assets against their challenges, utilising a simple cost effective template based solution. Our development team has over 7 years of experience perfecting the innovation process and developing best practices from organisations across the globe, and we’ve compounded this expertise into the Q-Start System.

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