Empowering Innovation Trend Management

Keep your place at the cutting edge. Build a collaborative trend knowledge base to pinpoint the innovations that can have an exponential impact on your company bottom-line.

Why Innovation Trend Management Software?

Stay at the Cutting Edge

Research strategic trend opportunities and ensure you never miss out on the next big thing 

Automate Trend Engagement

Share trends automatically with experts and stakeholders for evaluation and enrichment

Collaborative Knowledge Base

Crowdsource trends from your entire workforce or from a selected audience

Gather Innovation Inspiration

Use the trends you discover to fuel further innovation across your ecosystem

How Does it Work?

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Research for micro, macro, and megatrends, or enable employees to submit their own trends directly through a custom process.

  • Research a rich database of trends, patents, publications, and research through integrated & embedded offering from Wellspring & TRENDONE
  • Receive automatic updates about new trends and developments around topics you are interested in
  • Build a collaborative knowledge base of trends through a manual submission from employees or external stakeholders
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Monitor and assess emerging trends and discover how they can benefit your business. 

  • Use the clustering view to see a strategic overview of relevant trends, and pinpoint the ones that are most relevant for your needs
  • Easily collect & share information around the impact & potential application of different trends from internal stakeholders
  • Our trend sonar allows you to prioritize & break down the trends to align with your company goal


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Use dynamic evaluation methods to determine how new trends should be incorporated.

  • Gather expert insights through advanced voting tools, including score-cards, impact-assessment, & more
  • Facilitate strategic decision making by reporting on your user data, trend workflow, and tasks, with a fully customizable dashboard
  • Publish organization-wide or business unitspecific trend reports, automated weekly or curated on a monthly basis
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Create new campaigns or projects based on the most relevant trends that you have identified. 

  • The Kanban tool makes it easy to move trends from one stage of your workflow to the next
  • Invite internal stakeholders to adopt the trend or technology and report on feasibility
  • Integrate trend data into your idea management platform for further evaluation or launch a hackathon and invite start-ups to collaborate in relation to your chosen trend

Trend Management Tools At Your Fingertips

Alerts, Reminders, & Escalations

A variety of automated communication tools to notify users regarding any relevant action, update, or activity


Gather insights from a group of managers or experts using custom or pre-defined criteria

Advanced Permissions Control

Define which users or teams can access which content to a precise degree


Gain an overview of the themes and topics being raised either on a campaign or company-wide level


Create a custom scorecard to evaluate ideas according to your specific criteria


Gain a strategic overview of your portfolio and pinpoint the best opportunities with this dynamic visualization tool

Knowledge-Base Management

Easily find what you’re looking for across the entire platform, depending on your permission level


Assess the effectiveness of your process across teams and business units with custom KPIs

Competitive Landscape Tracking

Custom campaigns and reports to manage the solutions or initiatives of your competitors

What The

Experts Say…

61% of business are embracing open innovation to generate new ideas and deliver sustainable growth.

Open innovation is a successful, collaborative approach to innovation that can boost organizational performance in every phase of its innovation process.

The case for open innovation is clear: In today’s rapidly moving world, companies can ill afford to retain outmoded closed models of innovation management.

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