Innovation Portfolio Management Software

Step into your personal innovation cockpit. Ensure your innovations translate into impact by tracking your whole innovation portfolio and measuring the value it delivers over time.

Why Innovation Portfolio Management Software?

End-to-End Innovation Project

Efficiently manage a tailored process involving all relevant stakeholders

Collaborate Around Tasks, Resources and Risks

Use intuitive tools to manage every aspect of your innovation portfolio and track them across teams

Calculate Your
Bottom Line Impact

Measure and analyze your projects’ impact on revenue or savings, and track KPIs relating to your innovation ROI

Fully Integrated with Your Innovation Ecosystem

Projects are created from any combination of ideas, technologies and start-ups

How Does it Work?

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Easily create or initiate new projects to ensure your innovations come to life.

  • These can be stand-alone projects, or derived from one or more ideas, trends, technologies, or start-ups
  • Import projects from other sources/systems (Jira, Monday, Microsoft Project, etc.), and classify by domain, impact, category, and more
  • Use our APIs and integrations to import progress updates from other systems automatically (i.e. ‘a project managed in Jira has been completed’)
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Manage your pipeline to ensure it fits your corporate needs and collaborate around your projects.

  • Evaluate projects via a step-by-step process using our flexible evaluation workflow
  • Define different stakeholders for the different phases in your project lifecycle, and allow users to rate, discuss, and identify relevant experts to join the project team
  • Use Kanban boards to manage your tasks across all projects, and configure automatic reminders, escalations, and notifications of task completions and changing project statuses
  • Track and measure monthly/quarterly updates on project status or financial estimations, and find everything you need using our intelligent search features


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Identify and neutralize key risks and forecast the impact your innovation projects have on your company.

  • Mark and prioritize your risks per project and assign them to applicable owners
  • Easily view the status of key risks across your portfolio and measure/improve accordingly
  • Breakdown the impact of each project – positive and negative
  • Calculate the profitability of your projects and assess the overall impact of your innovation project – per topic, unit, product line, team etc.
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Review the final shortlist of innovation projects and use the insights at your fingertips to decide which ones to commercialize. 

  • Create tasks and assign resources to manage the implementation of your innovations companywide
  • Integrate with leading PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) tools of your choice to automate the process
  • Use our ‘adoption’ feature to encourage and track cross-company implementation of your innovations
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Use rich dashboards and reports to track your project portfolio and measure it against your KPIs.

  • Use our robust project Sonar tool to view your project portfolio across domains, teams and maturity levels
  • Use extensive built-in analytics to generate key metrics, KPI pages, ROI reports, and more
  • Perform deep dives into your project data to analyze your impacts across years, domains, teams, and more
  • Drill down into your data using rich interactive filters to find the insights you are looking for in terms of efficiency, productivity, and more

Tracking Features At Your Fingertips

Custom Workflow

Choose between our best-practice workflow templates or intuitive self-admin to tailor your unique innovation processes

Magic Quadrant

Cross-reference a variety of criteria to display a quadrant view of the most relevant solutions for your requirements

Agile Kanban Board

Intuitively progress solutions across different workflow stages with our agile Kanban board view

Innovation Funnel

Get a clear overview of your process and the innovations at each stage to identify bottlenecks and optimize your program

Project Management

Easily create tasks and assign a team or budget to help bring your innovations to life

Budget Control

Manage resource allocation both per-innovation and company-wide

Bulk Actions

Update and manage many innovations at once, including workflow state, ownership, categorization, and more

Portfolio Analysis

Prioritize and analyze projects and manage your portfolio over time

Risk Management

Facilitate and track expert analysis of risks associated with your innovations

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Innovation Leaders

Based on our previous experience, we decided to implement Q-optimize. The modern, powerful SaaS architecture and, above all, the required flexibility, were the decisive factors.

We measured a realized Annual Operating Income Contribution to Date of $262 million, with an anticipated final (risk-weighted) outcome in excess of $577 million.

We’re seeing ROI in both savings and earnings, with ideas to improve processes, existing products and services, and even new businesses and markets.

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