Dynamic Continuous Improvement Software

Operate at your maximum potential. Embed a streamlined process to continuously discover opportunities for improvement and operational excellence across your business.

Why Continuous Improvement Software?

Accumulative ROI

Continuously optimize your products, processes, and services to save bottom line revenue

Spread Best
Practice Adoption

Track, manage, and encourage cross department best-practice sharing

Create an AI Enhanced
Improvement Process

Save time through streamlined evaluation & implementation

Advanced Reporting
& Analytics

Increase efficiency by quantifying everything that can impact the performance of your program

How Does it Work?

Measure & Reward
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Launch an improvement challenge to gather suggestions around a strategic opportunity, question, or pain point.

  • Create an engaging landing page for your challenge containing all the information your audience needs to participate, including pictures, videos, challenge sponsors, and more
  • Invite any audience to join, and segment them however you like. Want to include customers or partners? No problem. The more the merrier!
  • Customize the submission form to ensure your users are focused on what matters. Feel free to use your own methodology or framework
  • Assign campaign managers to govern their campaign by setting specific moderation rules, defining the challenge timeframe, communicating with the campaign audience, analyzing performance and more.
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Your users submit their suggestions, collaborate, and vote for the ones they think are best.

  • Easily allow your users to submit suggestions to improve your company’s products, services, or processes
  • Suggestions are automatically scanned to identify duplicates before submission
  • You can use engaging collaboration methods, including crowd voting, gamification and social functions to build better ideas together


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Automatically progress suggestions to relevant experts to assess against predefined criteria and KPIs.

  • Ideas are automatically routed to the right evaluators through AI, or based on the idea’s category and your organizational structure
  • Experts evaluate custom criteria using advanced features including score cards, token voting, and much more
  • Our powerful sonar tool allows you to cross-reference dozens of data points and pinpoint the ideas with the highest potential
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Manage implementation of promising ideas through built-in project tracking or 3rd party integration.

  • Deliver your continuous improvement projects by creating tasks and assigning resources
  • Progress ideas through your workflow stages effortlessly using our Kanban functionality
  • Automate your implementation process by integrating with your PPLM tools of choice
  • Track the implementation of your continuous improvement initiatives using our specific ‘adoption’ feature
Measure & Reward
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Measure & Reward

Use powerful analytics to measure results and compensate idea owners accordingly.

  • Measure the ROI of each solution, and compare it across business units, functions, and categories
  • Use our rich analytics dashboards and reports to track all the important KPIs which will make your process a success
  • Automatically calculate the optional reward to be received by the solution owner and team where relevant

Optimization Features at Your Fingertips

My Hub

Allow users to view and manage open tasks or innovation solutions, all in one place

AI Expert Finder

Our smart AI recommends experts and team members based on previous experience and profile criteria

ROI Calculation

Compare implementation costs and revenue over time, and share with key stakeholders across the business

Alerts, Reminders, & Escalations

A variety of automated communication tools to notify users regarding any relevant action, update, or activity

Advanced Permissions Control

Define which users or teams can access which content to a precise degree

Token Voting

Distribute tokens among your users and allow them to vote for the solutions they like best

Best Practice Adoption

Track the impact of your solutions by allowing users to indicate once they have been implemented

Reward Calculation

Custom reports to automatically track the rewards earned by your users when relevant

Anonymous Submission

Reduce fear of failure by allowing users to make submissions without revealing their identity

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Based on our previous experience, we decided to implement Q-optimize. The modern, powerful SaaS architecture and, above all, the required flexibility, were the decisive factors.

We measured a realized Annual Operating Income Contribution to Date of $262 million, with an anticipated final (risk-weighted) outcome in excess of $577 million.

We’re seeing ROI in both savings and earnings, with ideas to improve processes, existing products and services, and even new businesses and markets.

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