Innovation and Engagement: Leveraging a Portfolio of Participation Mechanisms to Engage the Whole Organization

Join us as we host Anthony Mills, CEO of Legacy Innovation Group, who will reveal the 20 different ‘mechanisms of engagement’, that will allow you to maximize your innovation program’s level of engagement over time. 

What Will You Learn?

How to leverage a portfolio of different mechanisms and align to them to your innovation strategy

Awaken the inner intrapreneur in more and more of your people and keep your ‘engine of innovation’ running.

Deeper insights into exactly how to maximize the engagement in your program.


Webinar Schedule

Don’t miss out on finding out how to use the mechanisms of participation within your innovation strategy to maximize program engagement and deliver your goals.

  • Introduction
    Welcome and background information about the partnership between Qmarkets and The Legacy Innovation Group.
  • Innovation and Engagement: Leveraging Participation Mechanisms
    Anthony Mills will reveal the 20 different ‘mechanisms of engagement’.
  • Q&A Session
    Qmarkets and Legacy Innovation Group answer your burning questions
  • Webinar Ends

Webinar Speakers

Anthony Mills

Founder and CEO, Legacy Innovation Group

Anthony Mills is the Founder and CEO of Legacy Innovation Group, a strategic innovation consulting firm serving clients from all over the world. 

Steve Reed

Director of Innovation Solutions

Steve Reed is the Director of Innovation Solutions at Qmarkets, helping clients deliver successful innovation programs across the globe.

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