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Managing innovation at a large company can sometimes seem impossible.

You have an endless list of stakeholders to engage, an infinite number of data points to consider, and a multitude of pitfalls and landmines to avoid…

But if you’re still determined to revolutionize your business, you need the right tools for the job. This is where we come in.

Our Innovation Management Ecosystem

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Idea Management
Continuous Improvement
Trend Management
Technology Scouting
Innovation Portfolio
Idea Management


Don’t just talk about innovation, make sure it happens. Nurture a culture of collaboration to gather, manage, and implement impactful ideas that deliver ongoing value for your organization.

  • Crowdsource and commercialize disruptive new products or services and generate new revenue streams
  • Solve strategic business dilemmas, customer pain points and market challenges
  • Nurture a culture of innovation and intrapreneurship at your company
Continuous Improvement


Operate at your maximum potential. Embed a streamlined process to continuously discover opportunities for improvement and operational excellence across your business.

  • Generate ongoing ROI through sustained optimization of your products, services, and processes
  • Incentivize a cross-department best-practice adoption process and track your impact
  • Let our AI-powered software save you time evaluating and implementing improvements
Trend Management


Keep your place at the cutting edge. Build a collaborative trend knowledge base to pinpoint the innovations that can have an exponential impact on your company bottom-line.

  • Identify the next big disruptive forces in your industry and use them to drive your own innovations
  • Develop a rich knowledge base where you can collaborate around trends with all stakeholders
  • Facilitate effortless collaboration with automated communication to relevant experts and stakeholders
Technology Scouting


Leverage unlimited innovation intel. Tap into a global network of endless growth opportunities and collaborate with key stakeholders to manage an intelligent deal-flow process involvingstart-ups, experts, academia, partners, and more.

  • Find and capitalize on solutions that can deliver outstanding ROI for your business
  • Manage an effective deal-flow process involving start-up owners, patent holders, partners, and other key decision makers
  • Stay on top of your pipeline and measure your efforts against scouting KPIs
Innovation Portfolio


Step into your personal innovation cockpit. Ensure your innovations translate into impact by tracking your whole innovation portfolio and measuring the value it delivers over time.

  • Bridge the gap between inspiration and innovation by transforming your solutions into real-life projects
  • Shape and execute an efficient POC or commercialization process with easy collaboration across teams and stakeholders
  • Use rich reporting features to analyze the impact and performance of your portfolio over time

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Innovation Leaders

The Qmarkets platform has helped us to generate over 15,000 ideas, with a forecasted value of over $9.5 million.

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We’re seeing ROI in both savings and earnings, with ideas to improve processes, existing products and services, and even new businesses and markets.

This platform provides a central backbone to the corporate strategic “FastForward” initiative I co-lead, contributing to the transformation of our company into a customer-centric obsessed, agile and entrepreneurial organization.

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Qmarkets allowed us to make incredible progress and gain meaningful input and insights from the public.

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The platform has a modern look and excellent features, but the main benefit for us was the SSO. I can automate whether an idea travels to the next stage of a campaign by defining the criteria we want it to meet, pre-select the review committee and get an expert review going easily, which saves me a lot time and manual effort.

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A single idea from the Qmarkets platform has resulted in almost $40 million of added value for the business.

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We are very satisfied with our experience of both the Qmarkets platform and the team behind it. The Qmarkets platform assisted us to streamline our innovation efforts and help materialize the important ones.

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We’re really happy to be using Qmarkets’ idea crowdsourcing tool to help drive innovation at the DOT. The platform is going to allow a whole new level of engagement and transparency.

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We wanted to give our teams a simple, accessible, and engaging way to submit their ideas. But it was also important for us to choose a system that could be reconfigured to match our established workflow format, and Qmarkets represented the right solution.

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Intuitiveness is the hallmark of Qmarkets’ idea management tool – we are pleasantly surprised to have not received a single support request from our end users since company-wide launch of the tool.

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Why Qmarkets

E2E Ecosystem

Dedicated products covering the full spectrum of enterprise innovation ecosystem use-cases

Expert Guidance

Let our global network of customer success managers and experienced partners help guide you to success

Seamless Integrations

Enhance your process by connecting with cutting-edge third-party tools and data-providers

Easily Scalable

Start small and gradually expand your innovation program across different audiences and innovation activities

Intelligent Automations

AI engine automate processes that save you precious time and helps you focus on the high-potential opportunities

Intuitively Engaging

Powerful gamification features and incentives make innovation addictive for your audience

Powerful Configuration

Our advanced self-admin empowers you to easily tailor the platform to fit your exact business needs

Advanced Analytics

Customizable dashboards and reports help you measure, track, and share your innovation pipeline and ROI with your stakeholders

We Go Above & Beyond

Enterprise innovation is difficult, but we’re committed to supporting you at every stage of your innovation journey. That’s why we offer a cutting-edge combination of customer success resources and activities to ensure the ROI of your project is maximized.

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What is Innovation Management?

Innovation management is the systematic process of introducing ‘something new’ to an organization – be it a product, workflow, or business model. While there are various frameworks for this process, they usually include idea management, creating a culture of innovation, managing the resources and process necessary for innovation, and defining an innovation strategy.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach when it comes to innovation management – objects will vary considerably from organization to organization. However, innovation management always entails establishing a process by which a company can continuously and effectively promote innovative activity.

What is the difference between Idea Management and Innovation Management?

Innovation management is a broad systematic concept, which often incorporates idea management. As the name suggests, idea management is the process of ensuring new ideas are organized efficiently to meet corporate goals. Typically, this involves ideas moving through the stages of collaboration, evaluation, implementation and monitoring.

Although idea management can be a key ingredient for achieving groundbreaking innovation, its full effectiveness as a methodology can only be realized when it’s combined with the other areas of innovation management.

What is an Innovation Ecosystem?

An innovation ecosystem is a suite of interconnected software solutions that together cover the full range of innovation management activities. Each solution focuses on a specific aspect of innovation management. For example, the Qmarkets innovation ecosystem consists of products for idea management, technology scouting, trend management, continuous improvement, and innovation portfolio management.

If you’re looking to bring innovation management software to your organization for the first time, the best approach is usually to start small with a single solution and scale up at your own pace. For example, you might want to set off on your idea management journey by using idea management software to crowdsource ideas from your employees or customers, before building on that by adding trend management or technology scouting to your ecosystem.

How much does Innovation/Idea Management Software cost?

The cost and pricing structure for idea management software will depend on how it’s deployed – either on-premises, or as Software as a Service (SaaS).

On-premise deployment means that the software is deployed directly to your servers and in full compliance with your IT department’s guidelines. It’s usually available for a fixed payment, and it’s a great option if you want increased control over your platform without having to worry about connectivity or security.

The most common way of implementing idea management is SaaS – hosted externally on a secured cloud. It’s usually available for an annual license fee, but some vendors are able to accommodate time-limited projects. The advantages of SaaS are that it can be installed rapidly, allows upgrades to be completed easily and regularly, and is often more affordable than on-premises deployment.

How many users do I need for a successful Innovation Management project?

It’s important to strike a balance between the number of idea contributors involved in your innovation project and your capacity for managing their ideas. Although it can be tempting to involve as many people as possible in your project, you might not be able to manage the influx of ideas that you receive. In most cases, we recommend inviting at least 100 users to participate in a single idea campaign, but an audience of 1,000-3,000 is most likely to generate the diversity of quality ideas you’ll be hoping to receive.

To maximize contributors and manage their ideas efficiently, it can be effective to use an innovation platform that allows multiple workspaces to be created. These spaces can each cater to different audiences, without losing a global reach.

Who should I involve in my Innovation Management project?

To ensure that your innovation management system is adopted by your employee base, it’s important to secure leadership buy-in. At least one member of senior staff should serve as an ambassador for your project. The ambassador will convey the importance of innovation management throughout the company, emphasizing that it is a practice that will empower them to have their say in the development of the company.

As well as involving internal and external stakeholders to contribute ideas to your campaign, it’s useful to involve designated experts. Enterprise-grade innovation management platforms will allow you to assign users with specific knowledge or skillsets an ‘Expert’ role, enabling them to contribute key insights on innovation initiatives.

The Qmarkets innovation management platform will automatically recommend users based on relevant criteria and experience with similar ideas or campaigns. Campaign managers can also manually assign users to expert status based on their experience.

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