Building a Business Case for Idea Management - FAQs

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Join us for an interactive session in which Joyce Oomen-Beeris of innovation consultancy Pimcy and Qmarkets director of innovation solutions Emma Adam Sendra answer some of questions they face most often from innovation leaders looking to build a business case for idea management. Topics will include the resources required for implementing and maintaining an idea management platform, setting up a workflow, benchmarks and KPIS, best practices, and more!


What Will You Learn?

Best Practices

Get advice on how to plan and implement an effective idea management program that consistently delivers against your organization's specific objectives.

Overcoming Obstacles

We'll explore the most common hurdles enterprises face in running an idea management program, and how to overcome them

The Qmarkets Platform

Emma will briefly showcase Qmarkets dedicated idea management software and the value it delivers for our enterprise customers

Webinar Speakers

Emma Adam Sendra
Director of Innovation Solutions

Emma is passionate about all things innovation and works closely with enterprises around the world to help them achieve their innovation goals.

Joyce Oomen-Beeris

Joyce is the founder of Pimcy, a Netherlands-based consultancy helping companies accelerate innovation, and specializing in lean innovation, product portfolio management and innovation skills training.

Webinar Schedule

All of our webinars are packed with actionable insights and best practices to help you deliver strategic innovation results for your company. Here is a breakdown of the key topics that were discussed in this session.

Introductions & Agenda
Tackling Common Questions about Idea Management
Dedicated Idea Management Software
Q&A Session

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