From Idea to Implementation: Exploring Emerging Technologies | Webinar

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How do successful companies address challenges and capture new opportunities with innovation management? We're joined by Ariana Smetana, founder and CEO of AccelIQ Digital, and her team, to discuss the practicalities and best practices of each stage of the idea management process. We approach idea management through the prism of emerging technologies, to explore how enterprise companies can drive innovation in hot topic areas such as artificial intelligence.

What Will You Learn?

The Idea Management Process

We cover the process from end-to-end so that you'll gain a thorough understanding of idea generation, evaluation, and implementation, and how enterprise companies can establish the right process to convert the best ideas into impactful innovations.

Real-World Use Cases and Actionable Insights

Drawing on best practices from some of the world's most innovative companies, you'll receive a wealth of actionable advice to help you establish your own idea management process.

How to Leverage Technology

AccelIQ Digital and Qmarkets share insights drawn from their combined expertise of technology-fueled innovation to help you understand the capabilities of innovation technology and how it can benefit your company.

The Speakers

Steve Reed
Director, Innovation Solutions

Based out of Dallas, Steve helps companies develop, launch and scale innovation programs. He leads digital innovation solutions in North America at Qmarkets, the leading provider of enterprise innovation management software.

Ariana Smetana
CEO & Founder

Ariana is a global technology advisor, innovation strategist, and serial entrepreneur passionate about driving business transformation through emerging digital technologies. She has over 20+ years of corporate career leadership in PWC, London UK, Continental Airlines, and Shell Oil, Houston, USA.

Guilherme Rocha
Data Innovation (Brazil)

Guilherme builds innovative solutions to empower a meaningful corporate change with strategic know-how and by connecting the relevant innovation resources worldwide. He's a Certified Digital Transformation specialist from the KELLOGG School of Management, USA.

The Schedule

In this session we follow the journey of an idea from inception to implementation, providing tips, tricks, and insights for every step of the process.

Introduction & Agenda

An introduction to the topics we'll be covering over the course of the session.

Idea Generation

Qmarkets' Steve Reed will provide an overview of ideation and its importance, before diving into some techniques and tools to facilitate collaborative ideation.

Idea Validation

Ariana Smetana will show us how to validate ideas based on product management principles.

Idea Implementation

Ariana will then focus on how to implement ideas successfully before handing over to Steve who will share some insights and best practices.

Q&A Session

Steve and Ariana will answer a few questions from the audience as the session comes to a close.

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