Introducing Next-Gen AI-Enhanced Innovation Management

Webinar AI Best Practices Innovation Management

Qmarkets has always been at the forefront of AI. Now, we are injecting the full power of generative AI across our entire suite of innovation management tools. Catch up on our VP Product Management & Customer Success Sivan Leshem lifting the lid on these brand new AI features and demonstrating how they can be used to achieve unparalleled efficiency in your enterprise innovation program.

What Will You Learn?

Next-Gen AI Capabilities

Discover our brand new AI features and what they mean for your innovation program

Increased Efficiencies

Learn how much time and resources our new capabilities will save for your organization

AI Strategic Analysis

How to supercharge decision-making with analysis of all relevant contextual data

The Speakers

Sivan Leshem
VP Product Management & Customer Success

Sivan has spent 12 years with us at Qmarkets and heads up the product team ensuring that the Qmarkets platform is regularly updated with new capabilities that bring even greater value to our enterprise customers.

Yoel Ben Nesher
Product Specialist

Yoel is one of the most experienced members of the Qmarkets team having joined us in 2012 and has lead dozens of client implementations. Yoel has played a key role in the evolution of the Qmarkets platform and knows all the tips and tricks to achieve the best possible success.

The Schedule

Introduction & Agenda

An introduction to the Qmarkets platform what will be covered in the session

Qmarkets Legacy AI Features

Looking back at some of the AI features that Qmarkets clients have been benefitting from for many years

Qmarkets Next-Gen AI Capabilities

We dive into each of our new features and capabilities and the value they will bring to your innovation program

Roadmap Sneek-Peek

Taking a brief look at our product roadmap and exciting features that we will be adding in the near future.


Sivan & Yoel wrap up the session by taking questions from the audience

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