Why Creative Diversity Matters When Creating Teams

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The ‘wisdom of crowds’ is an incredibly powerful tool when it comes to corporate innovation. But transforming the crowd into effective teams is where companies find real value. A soccer team made up of only goalkeepers is never going to win the game. Creative diversity is essential to the success of teams and this webinar shares both the research and examples that prove it. 

What Will You Learn?

Why creative diversity matters when creating teams

How to unlock the creative potential of your employees

Teambuilding capabilities of the Qmarkets platform

Webinar Speakers

Lindsay Sutton, Ph.D.
CEO & Co-Founder

Lindsay is an innovation leader, venture builder, and business strategist who has been on all sides of the table. She helps large companies guard against disruption by developing new problem-solving methods that create meaningful innovative outcomes.

Steve Reed
VP of North American Innovation

Based out of Dallas, Steve helps companies develop, launch and scale innovation programs. He leads digital innovation solutions in North America at Qmarkets, the leading provider of enterprise innovation management software.

What’s on the Agenda?

This webinar outlines some the key features that facilitate and enhance teambuilding within the Qmarkets platform, before delving into some myths, research and facts about creativity, and why diversity is an essential characteristic of a successful team.

Overview of Speakers and Agenda
Teambuilding Capabilities of the Qmarkets Platform
Why Creative Diversity Matters when Creating Teams
Q&A Session

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