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Notre bibliothèque de contenu stratégique comprend des blogs, des exemples de réussite client, des webinaires et des rapports d’analystes. Toutes nos ressources sont conçues pour inspirer les responsables de l’innovation à soutenir un programme d’innovation d’entreprise réussi.

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In 2015, an overcrowded boat carrying a group of Syrian refugees capsized and sank off an island in Greece. At least 34 people, including...
5 min
« Innovate (verb): To Make changes in something established, especially by introducing new methods, ideas, or products.”  Just a...
5 min
This month’s newsletter contains three informative news articles, and one invitation to an exciting webinar that we will be hosting...
1 min
Qmarkets’ Global Solutions Team has just returned from a successful conference tour which included events across Western Europe and North...
2 min
A Major Update We are excited to release Qmarkets V6.3, a major upgrade to our core system which includes a sleek overhaul of our visual...
2 min
Article Best Practices
Up until the turn of millennium, the world of business was stuck in a vicious circle of homogenisation. There was a traditional way of...
3 min
Article Idea Management Innovation Management
It's one thing to realize that innovation is an integral part of the long-term viability of a business. It's quite another to know exactly...
by Eugene Ivanov
4 min
Article Innovation Management
Typically innovation management is seen as the domain of large organisations who can afford to invest a lot of time and effort into...
5 min
Lisburn, Northern Ireland – April 13th 2015 – Disability specialists Leckey and Firefly have worked with innovation software...
2 min

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