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Qmarkets & Intesa Sanpaolo Card: Tailoring Innovation in the Financial Sector

Intesa Sanpaolo Card

Intesa Sanpaolo Card is a provider of payment solutions, which was founded in 2009 as a member of one of the largest banking groups in Europe. The company is renowned for championing unique initiatives to drive innovation in the financial sector. With headquarters in Croatia and Slovenia, it services clients from the financial and banking sectors across Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. Intesa Sanpaolo Card maintains and manages different type of card-holder data for more than 5.6 million accounts, processing over 600 million transactions a year, 1.5 million a day and 87 transactions per second.

An Innovative Foundation

The foundation of Intesa Sanpaolo Card is based on complementary strengths of the two strongest and most innovative cards businesses within the Intesa Sanpaolo Group, Banka Koper and Privredna banka Zagreb, and their transition from local companies into a fully international organization.

Ideas are innovative when minds are sharp

Both of these companies had previously employed a strong culture that epitomized productive innovation in the financial sector by encouraging employees to submit ideas for new products and services, along with process improvements and general employee feedback. However at this point the innovation initiative was handled offline, with ideas being submitted either through email or a physical suggestion box.

After establishing Intesa Sanpaolo Card, it was seen as crucial to nurture this existing culture of innovation, and encourage collaboration between employees across the new locations and business units. They realized that innovation management software could be the solution to both of these issues, but identifying the right vendor would not be easy.

The team at Intesa Sanpaolo Card reached out to over 20 different idea and innovation management software providers to try and find the perfect solution. During a screening process which lasted several months, Intesa Sanpaolo Card filtered out the platforms which would not suit their needs.

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The Requirements:

1. Security

As a financial organization, information security was one of Intesa Sanpaolo Card’s highest priorities. They needed to find a solution with very high security credentials, and preferably the option to have the software deployed locally to their servers. In short, the system would need to be versatile, robust, and ideally suited to innovation in the financial sector.

Qmarkets was the clear winner here, with experience working on numerous highly sensitive projects, and passing security audits from military and government organizations. However most importantly, Qmarkets was more than happy to deploy their software directly to customer servers, rather than software as a service through the cloud.

2. Configuration

Many of the innovation software vendors on the current market offer a standardized out-of-the-box solution, which offers some very basic idea submission and collaboration functionality. These systems can sometimes be useful for very small audiences who want to experiment with idea submission, but for companies who want to actually foster engagement and generate repeatable results, it’s necessary to invest in a tailor-made platform.

Intesa Sanpaolo Card understood this, and wanted a platform which had the capacity to not just represent their company visually, but also technically. The ideal solution here was the Q-flex edition of Qmarkets’ main idea management product. Unlike Q-max, a top of the line package which includes all features, Q-flex allows companies to pick and choose the features that they require a-la-carte.

“Out of 20 Innovation management vendors, Qmarkets was the only software which adapted perfectly to our needs…”

3. Scalability

As a company with international offices and operations, it was important for Intesa Sanpaolo Card to find an innovation management solution which is not only capable of helping SMEs with only a few hundred users, but also enterprise-grade projects with tens of thousands of users. Qmarkets again topped the list of competitors in this area, with an offering that is designed to guide clients on a clear path to expansion, and an expansive portfolio of additional solutions.

4. Trust

Trust is a key pillar of all business relationships, but it is especially crucial when it comes to a software implementation project. It was important for Intesa Sanpaolo Card to choose a vendor who could deliver on their promises, and work with them on a continuous basis to ensure that they achieved their full potential.

This was never an issue with Qmarkets. From the first demonstration which they received from Qmarkets’ Commercial Director, Andrew Corbishley, they felt sure that they were in safe hands. This feeling extended to all employees which the client met, with one manager specifically citing how knowledgeable and accomodating the team were in helping them to launch their project. This, combined with Qmarkets extensive experience working with other financial organizations, left Intesa Sanpaolo Card very satisfied with their choice.

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Crowdsourcing Innovation

In 2016, Intesa Sanpaolo Card went from strength to strength as they continued to use Qmarkets’ software to support strategic objectives within the organization and pioneer innovation in the financial sector. The benefits which this customer has seen as a result of this project are numerous, from the innovative ideas which employees have contributed, to the collaboration and engagement which they’ve enjoyed just through participating in the system.

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