Swiss Innovation Leader Breakfast Tour

would like to thank all those who took part in this event.

This gathering of innovation leaders and experts presented a rare opportunity to engage in high-level intimate discussions around the topic of corporate innovation in Switzerland.

Due to popular demand, we will be organizing similar events like this across Europe and America in the near future. If you are interested in joining us please click below! 


CloudsNovember 1st

Using Global Best Practices to Create an Innovation Powerhouse

On the 35th floor of the renowned Prime Tower in downtown Zurich, Qmarkets’ SVP Global Solutions, Michael Stilger, shared best practices from over 240 innovation projects across the globe. His insights initiated a discussion on the issue of trust when it comes to the influence of crowdsourcing business decisions.

of the participants VP level or above


SkyloungeNovember 2nd

Transformative Idea and Innovation Management Methodologies

Innovation Manager Maria Tarcsay focused on the science of creativity, engaging the audience on the topic of thinking outside of the box, and looking at perspectives from a new angle. This was especially useful for audience members who already had an innovation management infrastructure in place, but wanted to boost the quantity and/or quality of idea submissions from their employees. 

industries represented at these events


SchweizerhofNovember 3rd

What is Swiss Innovation?

With delegates from transport, communications, healthcare, and engineering companies, the post-breakfast discussion allowed delegates to share cross-industry challenges and best practices. A central theme of these events was the specific culture of innovation within Switzerland, and how companies can align their innovation efforts with this culture for maximum effect.

of the companies present had over 1,000 employees

“I was personally very satisfied with the environment of enrichment that was created at these events, - the fascinating discussions and discoveries which we had, would not have been possible without the varied challenges, ideas, and perspectives offered by the different guests and presenters who joined us.”

Maria Tarcsay
Innovation Manager Koina

“Bringing together so many senior leaders from such a wide variety of renowned companies was a brilliant opportunity for everyone involved to share innovation best practices and show that innovation technology implementation does not have to be intimidating.”

Michael Stilger

Innovation in Action

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