Qmarkets Global Company Event Jerusalem

Marking 10 Years Of Delivering Successful Innovation

At the end of January, 2017, Qmarkets employees from the United States, Europe and Israel came together at the Qmarkets Annual Global Event. The event, celebrating Qmarkets’ 10th Anniversary, brought all of Qmarkets’ global employees together.

Held at the Ye’arim hotel overlooking the rolling hills leading up to Jerusalem, the Global Event was a great success, as Qmarkets looked back on 2016 in summary and forward to the challenges of 2017.

Innovation from Around the Globe

Looking Back on 2016

Looking forward to 2017's Challenges

Standing on the Shoulders of Giant Successes

Qmarkets’ top staff, heads of the R&D, Delivery, Finance, Marketing and Sales departments, looked back on 2016. CEO Noam Danon summarized Qmarkets’ achievements which included:
  • 27% increase in number of customers
  • 30% growth in overall number of users
  • 50% revenue growth
  • 65% recurring revenue growth
  • a staggering 100% growth in sales in the US market, double what it was in 2015
Looking forward to 2017, ambitious goals were set for all departments, and for the company together as a whole, to match and to exceed.
Setting New Goals to Achieve and New Records to Break

Looking Inwards

Discovering Groundbreaking Ideation Solutions

Finding New Ways to Help Our Customers Reach Innovation Success

Throughout the year, the Qmarkets team is focused on providing world leading and Fortune-500 companies with expert advice and help on how to create the perfect ideation and innovation process in order to leverage their company goals. Once a year, the employees take a break to channel their focus inwards, each with their own unique perspective and skill set, in order to find ways deliver new added value for our customers.

Employees were split up into numerous and diverse workgroups, combining their expertise to tackle some of the challenges facing Qmarkets, coming up with practical, real-time solutions.

Individual Departments - One Company

All Work and No Play?

Taking a Refreshing Break

Blending New and Old, Mixing Futuristic Thinking with Ancient History

The Qmarkets employees were taken on a weekend tour of Israel, visiting modern Tel Aviv, the ancient Port of Jaffa and the Arab village of Abu Gosh. The next day the entire company was treated to an authentic lunch in Jerusalem’s artesan quarter, after which they went on a tour of Jerusalem’s Old City, visiting the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the Western Wall Tunnels and the Muslim Quarter. In the evening, following dinner, Qmarkets employees enjoyed a show by famed Israeli mentalist Nimrod Harel.

Experiencing History

An Enriching Experience

"It’s unbelievable to me that Qmarkets has already been around for 10 years – it makes me proud to see that we have kept the "startup" spirit, but on the other hand "grew up" so much to become who we are today. Having everyone coming from so many places in order to be able to work together, face to face on our current and future challenges was a great experience!"

Sivan Leshem
Head of Delivery

This event was an amazing experience for me on so many levels, but most of all it was inspiring to see our team working together to tackle some of our toughest challenges during the workshop sessions on Monday. Hearing the ideas and solutions suggested by these guys has once again shown me how valuable crowdsourcing can be, not just to our customers but to us too… but then again, they are all experts on delivering innovation to leading companies! I’m sure we can all agree that this was the perfect way for us to celebrate Qmarkets’ 10 year anniversary!

Michael Stilger

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