Halloween Brunch & Learn Forum – Toronto 2019

Crowdsourcing Process Improvement: How to Harness the Wisdom of Your Employees

would like to thank everyone who took part in this event.

This gathering presented the opportunity to meet with top senior leaders to explore the challenges of business optimization at large organizations, including process innovation, performance excellence, waste reduction, LEAN & AGILE methodologies, and more. It featured an array of guest speakers and panellists from major companies, including Patty Watson – former Chief Information Officer (CIO). The speakers covered how they implemented successful process improvement programs in their organizations, some of which have generated upwards of 14X ROI!

With Qmarkets and Above + Beyond’s combined experience helping hundreds of companies deliver outstanding results, this session imparted invaluable insights on the power of crowdsourcing. It also gave attendees a chance to engage in peer-to-peer discussions around the topic at hand. 

Le Germain Hotel Toronto Mercer

WednesdayNovember 6th, 2019

Our Guest Speakers

Patty Watson

Former Chief Information Officer

Sebastian Apelt

Managing Partner

Andrew Levison

Founder & President

Steve Reed

VP of North American Sales

Business Innovation Brief

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