Qmarkets at the 12th Label Conference

When: 23rd March 2018

Where: Salzburg – Germany

At this prestigious event, Marthe Glonner, our Senior Commercial Manager, delivered a presentation on the different types of challenges facing the world of CPG, as well as how successful companies are dealing with incremental and disruptive innovation. The presentation also covered strategic innovation management, performance excellence, process improvement work, and how Qmarkets can support specific...

Frankfurt Finance Innovation Leader Tour

When: 28th November 2017

Where: Frankfurt – Germany

This gathering of innovation leaders and experts presented a rare opportunity to engage in discussions around the most important challenges faced by leaders at finance organizations, including sustaining a culture of innovation, identifying and combating disruptive trends and technologies, and transforming to meet evolving consumer needs and disruptive regulatory restrictions.

Texas Innovation Leader Tour 2017

When: 7th – 8th June 2017

Where: Austin, Dallas – Texas

Qmarkets and Point B would like to say thank you to everyone who joined us in June 2017, at the Texas Innovation Leader Tour. This gathering of senior innovation leaders and experts presented a rare opportunity to engage in high-level intimate discussions around topic of corporate innovation, scouting, and digital transformation in...

Paris Innovation Leader Breakfast Tour 2017

When: 25th – 26th April 2017

Where: Paris – France

At the end of April, Qmarkets & IFT were joined by innovation practitioners from leading French organizations for a rare opportunity to discover global innovation best practices in a local setting. These dynamic and interactive sessions were used to introduce participants to the combination of field-proven strategies and robust turnkey software solutions which...