A Special Offer, Tailored to Help Cities, Municipalities and Public Sector Departments Drive Civic Engagement

Launch a FREE Open Idea Challenge to Your Citizens or Public Community in Less than 2 Weeks!

Introducing Qmarkets' “Eureka" -
A Platform for Promoting Civic Engagement with Idea Challenges

The pandemic has already had a massive impact on the economy and people’s day-to-day lives. As countries and businesses around the world continue to adapt to the “new normal”, significant challenges arise that will demand the immediate attention of civic and community leaders. Public engagement is key.

At Qmarkets we know that the window for action is often short – at a time like this decisions and can not afford to be delayed. What’s more, we know that your citizen base – including local businesses and experts – hold the key to a successful future.

This is why we launched Eureka –
a dedicated platform that will allow you to launch an open idea challenge for your citizens or local businesses within 48 hours! 

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our civic engagement platform!

How Would It Work in My Community?

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& solutions in this example system
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challenges & solutions in this example system

Cool! But What's the Price?

Here’s the great news – Until August 15th, this offering is available 100% FREE OF CHARGE.

All you need to do is simply define your challenge, question, or topic. Then, upload a nice image, and you are ready to go!

So… what are you waiting for?

A Civic Engagement Offer 
Your City Can’t Afford to Miss

Quick and Easy,
Ready to Launch!


in 48 Hours



Full Customer
Success guidance

Free Challenge!

Until October 15th

Run Targeted Campaigns Against Your Urgent Dilemmas

civic engagement - devices

Leverage the collective wisdom of your citizens, local businesses, and communities to help overcome the obstacles imposed by the ongoing crisis and beyond…

What's Included?

5 simple gateway stages to help you drive your civic engagement initiatives


Invite your citizens & encourage them to contribute


Leverage gamification and incentive functionality to encourage participation


Involve external influencers, experts & decision makers to assess ideas


Determine which ideas can be most valuable for your community


Rollout successful ideas and keep your users updated with the process

Eureka Process
Want to find out more about the platform?

When leading public sector organizations need to tackle burning global challenges…

They choose Qmarkets!

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